Age 45 - SmartXide DOT for Acne Scars

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After reading some of the negative reviews on this...

After reading some of the negative reviews on this site, I was worried. But wanting to be rid of these (moderate) acne scars finally, at 45, I made myself go through with it. Otherwise I'd always wonder if it would have helped.

I took nothing prior (my doctor no longer prescribes anything for people with no history of cold sores) and found the process more painful than expected, despite the numbing cream. It hurt. Then my face was burning and they applied a cooling gel and Ice packs.

I went home and started the aftercare kit once the burning pain subsided (several hours later). The next day was spent applying the products every 4 hours. By day 3 my swelling was way down and the peeling had begun. Day 4 I looked almost normal again, with some peeling still and minimal swelling. Day 5, my face is no longer swollen, and my scars are still there. I'm hoping the promise of 3-6 months for those collagen benefits is true.

Now it's Day 6, and I have only a tiny bit of peeling left, but two new deep zits on my chin. Am hoping this breakout is both fleeting and minimal. I don't break out any more normally, and the thought of a procedure to remove scars creating new scars makes me angry. Fingers crossed it is short-lived and does no lasting harm. I see my doctor for follow-up tomorrow.

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So far, anyway. We'll see.

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