Mtm Clear Aligners Review - Chicago, IL

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I previously wore braces when I was younger. Due...

I previously wore braces when I was younger. Due to not wearing my retainer as I'm sure many of you can relate to, my top teeth have shifted. It came to the point where I was getting and feeling insecure about my teeth that I had to find a solution. I began looking into Invisalign and found out that they are pretty costly. I talked to my dentist and he introduced me to mtm clear aligners which costs half of the price. Although I have been hearing mixed reviews. Some say they work great as others say won't correct your teeth completely. So I've decided to give it a shot. What bothers me is that there are about 0 reviews about mtm clear aligners. So I will be the first to explain my progress after every tray phase. Just so other people can be informed and maybe help then determine their decision.
Today is my second day wearing mtm clear aligners. It is fairly easy to put on but to take out is a little bit tough. But that could be a good thing knowing they are nicely fitted. Intructions are when eating and drinking you must take them off. Then I preferably like to brush my teeth, rinse the aligners out then put them back in. Besides that, You must keep them on all day and throughout the night. What I have noticed is that it does make you salivate a lot and the sides of my tongue has become a bit sore. No other pain. Maybe a minor bit of pressure but nothing major. It is a little difficult to speak without a tiny lipst. So hopefully I'll get use to that, if not, it's not permanent so I will just have to deal. Positive thinking all the way!
I will follow up with my progress in three weeks. I will then have my 2nd tray and let everyone know if I noticed any progress so far! Wish me luck! ??????

MTM Clear aligner update

Hello All! I just completed my first tray and I just received my 2nd one! What I have learned is that if your aligner is making your tongue sore, let your dentist know! They will buff the corners down which makes a huge difference. Also, as the weeks go by, the aligner should be easier to take out (hence teeth are shifting properly). With my second tray, teeth are again feeling sore, a little tough to remove, but I have been following the same routine. I now have to keep these in for another three weeks. So far not a major notice in my teeth yet. I will update more pictures once my third trays are complete!

My Clear aligned update Tray 3

I just completed my 2nd tray and received my third tray yesterday! So far with the second tray small shifting. Not too noticeable. The first two trays I was told were to align my teeth. Now the third tray I received will start to rotate what ever teeth that needs to be. The third tray I would say have the most pain so far. There's a lot of pressure and my teeth are super super sore and feel weak when I take them off to eat or brush my teeth.. They are suppose to be fitted tightly so it's a good thing! By the third week, my dentist stated that I would start to see and notice major shifting now. So I'm excited! This is an updated picture of my completed 2nd trays. I will update another picture once my third trays are completed. Stay tuned!! ??
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