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I have always hated my profile. I never, ever...

I have always hated my profile. I never, ever wear my hair up or back. I decided that a chin implant w/ some neck and chin lipo might be the way to go. I'm not overweight, I just have the luck of having a weak profile.

I met with Dr. Anil Shah at the beginning of March 2016. I had consulted with one other doctor in February 2016, but I didn't really didn't feel comfortable that this particular facial procedure was something he did all that often. I found Dr. Shah after reading reviews from people on RS who had similar procedures done by Dr. Shah and decided that might be the way to go--I liked the fact that he only does facial and neck procedures.

Upon arriving at my appointment, I was greeted by friendly staff and was handed a tablet to fill out a questionnaire. I found the office to be very clean, nicely appointed, and up-to-date with technology and communication methods. I was then taken to a room where they took a bunch of photos (front view, side views, angled views.) I then met with one of the staff to discuss my questionnaire answers at greater length. I was then told that Dr. Shah was ready to meet and was ushered into a very comfortable meeting room, complete with a large flatscreen monitor on the wall that had my (eek!) profile photo on the screen.

Dr. Shah introduced himself to me and my husband, who was with me for the appointment. I found Dr. Shah to be kind, soft-spoken, and professional. He examined my chin and neck area. He noticed the scar under my chin right away and asked me about it. I told him I had lipo in that area about 11 years ago, and that I was unhappy with the jagged, one-inch scar that I was left with. Dr. Shah told me he makes a much smaller incision, and while he didn't "bash" the previous doctor, I could tell he thought the scar was not the result of the nicest incision/suturing work he had seen. He told me that he would try to neaten that up a bit during the procedure so that it didn't pucker as much.

Dr. Shah then sat down with a tablet and began making adjustments to my profile image that was on the screen. He told me that he thought a small chin implant would be best, as my chin projection is actually not very far off from where it should be. He commented that what is probably making me feel most self-conscious is the fat under the chin and my lack of a defined jawline. He indicated that the small chin implant would help, as it wraps around a bit. He also indicated that he would remove some fat under the chin--some of that deeper fat, as well as some fat along the sides/jawline. He showed me on the screen what this would do for my profile. He did tell me that he more conservative with the chin implants in women, as he doesn't want to give women the look of a masculine chin. He also asked me what sort of a result I was expecting. I told him that I wasn't expecting miracles and that I just want to be able to wear my hair up without feeling self conscious and have photos taken without so much concern about the angle. I know I'm never going to have the defined Angelina Jolie type of profile/jawline. My biggest concern was about having loose skin after lipo. I'm 43, so I expressed some concern about my skin retracting and being smooth after sucking the fat out. Dr. Shah felt that I still had enough elasticity in my skin. He also told me that to help with appearance and collagen production that he would laser the under chin and neck areas approximately 6 weeks after the procedure. I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who has had laser done in the neck area.

I never felt rushed at any time during my appointment. After meeting w/ Dr. Shah, they did give me a proposal for the work I wanted done. I agreed to move forward and paid the deposit/scheduled the procedure before leaving that day. It will be done outpatient under local anesthetic.

I am a bit nervous about the pain meds. I have a very bad reaction (nausea/vomiting, chills, dizziness) from meds like vicodin or codeine. I have a pretty high pain tolerance, so I am hoping to possible get by with Extra Strength Tylenol. Thoughts, anyone?

Anyway, I am looking forward to the procedure and am nervous at the same time. I will post pics after I have it done. Please feel free to share any of your results/info/advice with me if you have had something similar!

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I found Dr. Shah to be kind, very knowledgeable, and informative during my initial consultation. His office staff was very friendly. I also liked that Dr. Shah's office was very up-to-date with the latest technology. I will add to my review after my procedure.

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