45 Getting BBL-Make Me HOTT Dr. Shifrin!!!

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I can't begin to say enough about the staff. Dr...

I will be completely honest. After having a twin miscarriage, and finally giving birth to my son, my stomach needed some help. Plus with age, gravity has started to take over, and my rear has decided to go south. In comes the BBL!!! While I shopped around with other doctors, I was NOT willing to do general anesthesia at all. No one really gave me that "comfort" feeling. However, my husband suggested that since I'm determined to do this, find the best possible doctor. So I did. I reviewed realself, yelp, and so many others in search of the best doctor. When I came to Dr. David Shifrin's name, I was intrigued. I saw his before and after photos on his site, along with many others and was sold. I made my initial appointment. 

When I came in for the initial consultation, honestly my wait was 1hr and 45min. BUT I didn't mind that at all. His waiting room was literally PACKED!!! Now, like I said before, I have shopped around. I was use to going into an office and being either the only one there or sitting with maybe two or three ladies. Trust me, this is a good sign, and I DIDN'T mind AT ALL!!! Holly was at the front desk, and she was so sweet. Finally I was taken back, and to save time, I got naked immediately (LOL). Of course I put on a robe, but because I was really sure, I knew that this was my doctor. Because there was a long wait, another doctor (Dr.Paul West) came in to check on me, and sat to answer any and all of my questions. He was extremely knowledgeable and very polite. He took a great deal of time with me, and answered ALL of my questions. A few minutes later, in walked Dr. Shifrin. I can not begin to say enough. Because I had done so much research, and read so many amazing things, it was almost like meeting a celebrity. LOL. I found myself hoping that he would take me on as a client (yet I'm about to pay this man $10k)... LOL... I felt like the lucky one... Everything that I had read was true, and I joked that he was a BUTTOLOGIST. He laughed, and again asked me if I had any issues/concerns, and what my goals were. I explained to him that I had had a twin miscarriage after years of fertility, and as I broke down to cry, he asked his nurse to go grab a tissue. I collected myself, and explained that after finally giving birth, I wanted to do something for me. I couldn't believe the compassion and empathy that he showed. We weren't talking $$$, we weren't talking surgery, we were talking real talk. I explained that I was really nervous about the anesthesia and asked if I could do the BBL awake. He explained that in order to get the results that I was looking for, he needed to use general. But reassured me that he has great professionals working for him, and no need to worry. Dr. Shifrin is truly great and I KNOW and am EXCITED to have my surgery in the morning!!!

Back to my story. I then had the pleasure of meeting Donna. If you've read up about Dr. Shifrin, you've read something by now about Donna. When I spoke w/her on the phone, I told her that I couldn't wait to meet her, and there I was. She was truly as wonderful as everyone said she was. After paying for my surgery in full, I was then ready to talk w/Blanca. I can't begin to say enough about how kind and terrific Blanca is. We chatted several times about locations and times as to where/when the surgery would take place, and each and every time she was fantastic. 

Again, I can't say enough about this Doctor and his entire staff!!! While I am nervous about going in tomorrow, I know that God will protect me, and he has two great angels (Dr. Paul West, and Dr. David Shifrin) taking care of me. Since my surgery is on Monday (9/26/2016), I will update you (this site) on 9/27. I might not feel up to typing tomorrow. OK... Here I go. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers!!! Can't wait to share my before and after!!!

Update with photos... The swelling is REAL!!!

On Monday, my swelling was horrible. Thank God Holly called me!!! As she was simply calling to see if I was ok, I explained that the swelling was horrible, and it was hard and painful for me to walk. I also noticed that the back of my leg began to feel hot. She asked me to take some photos and send them so she could show Dr. Shifrin-so I did. However, I began feeling so horrible, that I wanted to make sure everything was ok, and decided to go to Rush Hospital's ER Dept to make sure I wasn't experiencing a clot. When I arrived, the doctor was aware that I'd had the BBL w/Lipo and due to the touch, warmth, and look of my leg, they did a doppler to make sure there was no clot. From 2:30 to 8pm, I stayed, but was completely checked-out. Thank God no clots!!! Holly was great and called me several times to check and see what the doctors were saying. Tuesday morning Holly called to get an update and confirm my Wednesday appointment. Wednesday I went in and saw Dr. Paul West. He was very pleased with the results, and explained that there would be swelling. After all, I was only a week and a half out of surgery. He explained that it will take 4-6 months before everything will be completely healed, but I needed to give it time. I can say that the swelling is starting to calm down, but I have also added beet juice to my diet, and I am very aware of not eating sodium rich foods, but the beet juice really is helping me with the inflammation. There is still swelling, don't get me wrong. I continue to use ice, but by the end of the day (especially) it's hard for me to bend my knee back 90 degrees. But I am certainly on the road to healing, and this too shall pass. :)

It's Not You, It's Me...

Wanted to let everyone know, that IF you are looking for a fantastic doctor and staff that will make you completely comfortable in their abilities to provide great service, DR SHIFRIN AND STAFF are the absolute best. I think that my issues are simply my body healing, but every interaction with the staff, from start to current time has been stellar!!!

I haven't posted any actual pics yet, and I know you are interested in seeing them, but I am a little shy. I definitely have a butt!!! I wear my own waist cincher daily, but have started wearing the compression wear (Stage One SC-290 Brazilian Above The Knee Body Shaper-Small) that was given to me by the doctor. However it is very scratchy. I definitely don't sleep on my side or back, as a side sleeper, I ONLY sleep on my stomach. Nor have I sat on my butt, and plan to not do so for 4 weeks. I was told 3 weeks, but I want to really make sure, so I figured an extra week would be good. Let's see how far I get with that...

BBL Words of Wisdom!!!

Good Morning Everyone!!! So here's my biggest nugget of wisdom. For ALL those going in for a BBL, please KNOW that the booty you see initially, probably WON'T be what you are left with. After having my BBL, I was so excited, and as the swelling went down (week 4, week 5, and so on) I was super excited. Then it didn't seem to stop!!! While I have a much better shape than when I started, just know that ALL that junk in your trunk won't be there... I read that your body will expel about 30-40% of it. For me I think it had to be higher. FYI, I have been very careful with my butt. I bought a BBL pillow ( from https://bblpillow.com/ ) and use it ALL the time. I have yet to actually sit on my butt. I don't!!! Nor have I slept on it. I've been babying this little thing as much as I can. I just hope it has settled now and I won't lose anymore.

Regardless, I am glad that I did it because Dr. Shifrin "snatched" my waist, and I do look and feel sexier than before. My husband has become a horney thing and while he said I was perfect just the way I was, he compliments me every time he's in the same room. So ladies, I say that to say, don't listen to him. If you want to get it done, do it for you!!! I really do feel better!!!

I didn't want the complete "mommy makeover", not because of cost, but because I didn't want the added pain or downtime. Dr. Shifrin was honest with me and told me that I would have some hanging skin, but I didn't care. LOL I didn't want the extra cut and trauma to my body. However, I will show you the photo's because I am now noticing that I have some uneven areas. Apparently the good thing about Dr. Shifrin is that he's good about fixing or touching up after the swelling has gone down. So IF this doesn't go down, I'm hoping he'll make the necessary corrections. I seem to have areas that were not as targeted during the liposuction process, and it is leaving me with lumps and bumps. BUT again, I'm not concerned since it hasn't been 3 months. I only had the surgery Sept 26, 2016. So I will give it 'til 12/26. Again, I really can't say enough about Dr. Shifrin and his team, and if this turns out well, and I'm pleased with my flatter tummy, it will help with my lack of butt deflation. LOL

Dr. Shifrin gave me peace of mind!!!

So, here's the absolute truth!!! I have noticed a little unevenness regarding my stomach area, and as the swelling is going down, it seemed to be getting more noticeable. I called the office and spoke with Holly. As always, she and Carla are terrific. She calmed me and advised that if I was concerned, come in and see Dr. Shifrin -so I did. The night before I read a disturbing review that lead me to believe Dr. Shifrin might not stand behind his work and I would have to pay to get any adjustments. Needless to say, I couldn't sleep. Thursday night I was so concerned and confused because this review didn't seem like the doctor or staff I have gotten to know over the past few months.

Friday came, and I found myself in the doctors office waiting to see what he would say. Dr Shifrin was really busy, and due to time concerns Holly graciously allowed me to wait in back. She's really the best!!! As I waited, Dr. Paul West came by and Donna explained that I had a long drive and traffic etc.. so Dr. West took a look at me. He could see my concerns and was very comforting. He explained that after the 3 months, they would be able to correct any issues but needed the swelling to completely go down, and I had a month to go.

I then shared with Dr. West the fear that I had because of the review, and he assured me that all was well, and they would completely take care of me. I gave him a hug and began to walk out, back into the waiting room. Just then, Dr. Shifrin emerged from a patient room and Dr. West called my name telling me to come back. With Dr. West sharing my concern, Dr. Shifrin completely agreed that I had nothing to worry about and he would definitely correct any issues after the 3 months. I hugged Dr. Shifrin and thanked them both and left feeling so much better.

I'm sharing this with you, because this is so important. Sometimes you read reviews and they can terrify you. The review I read just didn't sound like the awesome staff that I'd gotten to know. I'm including updated pics and hope this helps someone. But if you are looking for a great doctor and team, you truly can't go wrong with this office. Hands down, I would do it again!!! They made me feel comfortable and truly cared for, and the care has continued!!! Love this team!!!

Also, here's a helpful hint. Sometimes when looking at someone's pictures you might not realize you are look at their "wish" pictures. This isn't them, it is what they HOPE to look like. The best thing to do is to look at someone several months out, after their swelling goes down, so see the actual results. Unfortunately, sometimes as people move on, they might not give you those updated photos. Just an FYI that I have learned on this journey. Again, hope it can help someone. Happy BBL!!!
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I can't begin to say enough about the staff. Dr Shifrin of course is the absolute sweetest. He's extremely knowledgeable and was extremely honest. He gave me a real sense of comfort, because I am TERRIFIED of having general anesthesia. But Dr. Shifrin has reassured me that all will be well. Super Excited

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