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I have chosen Dr. Shifrin as my PS and have...

I have chosen Dr. Shifrin as my PS and have already done my consultation with him. He's very personable and realistic. I plan on having my surgery May 26th 2016 so I'm extremely excited and very ready! I'm 5'9 and weigh 155 lbs for those that are wondering. Before and after pics are coming soon ????

New date

Sooo I found out that I was pregnant the day of surgery ???? I had a D&C because of the early status of my relationship so I will be having my surgery officially on July 14th. Before pics as promised!


3 days before surgery

My surgery day is approaching and I'm getting a little nervous. I wasn't nervous on my previous operation day but I guess time kicked in. I'm mostly afraid to be in pain whilst waking up but I remind myself that I will have pain meds throughout my journey. I'll check back in with you all once I feel up to it after surgery. Wish me luck!

Post op

I just got home from surgery and let me tell you that this procedure is difficult! Even after I received pain meds my cheeks still hurt. Not horribly but enough to make you uncomfortable and on top of that, every time I stood up I felt like I we going to pass out so that's not a good feeling. The staff at the surgery center was wonderful however and I do not regret my decision at all. The only thing that I didn't like was being forced to sit on my new bum while being taken to my car in a wheelchair. Despite that, the location on Michigan Ave was beautiful and Dr Shifrin was very comforting and a joy to be around (of course!) pictures will be up when I can stand without fainting and the bruising from the lipo has gone down. Thank you to everyone who wished me well and made me feel better despite being extremely nervous <3

1 Dat Post-op

I feel pretty good until I stand up for too long like I mentioned in the previous post. I threw up from it today :( on the bright side even when my pain meds start to wear off, the pain is mostly from my lipo spots and is very tolerable. My cheeks are very firm and numb but here a a few tips:
1) have someone else empty and record your drainage! The lipo makes it too hard to twist
2) tale the drains to the sides of your leg and wear the robe the surgery center gives you (if you get one) and clip them to the inside of it
3) ice the hell out of your lipo spots and cheeks or off and on again until the bags melt
4) eat a light snack with your pain meds b/c you might throw up a full meal like I did
5) get a female urinal b/c squatting is dangerous at this stage
6) walk around for about 5 minutes every time you get up to pee

These are the things that have helped me the most so far but I will keep updating my situation. Here are some pics

It looks worse than how it feels

Drains out tomorrow :)

I can't wait to get my drains out and wear leggings but as usual I'm scared it will hurt when my Dr takes them out. Did it hurt any of you guys when you got yours removed? Pics tomorrow!

No drains :D

1 week + 2 days

Better angle

1 month Update!

The swelling has gone down significantly with the exception of my lipo areas, I've been sitting down for a week now (mostly on my thighs) and am getting more flexible by the day. As you can see the dissolvable stitches have fallen off and my incision is healing very nicely. The doctors expect there to be no scar at all once I'm completely healed but I'm extremely happy with my results. My butt is big but doesn't look exaggerated and fake so I definitely recommend Dr David Shifrin of Chicago if you're interested in this procedure. I forgot to mention that I am in no pain anymore my butt is sore however when you touch it and if I sit or stand for very long periods of time I get minor discomfort. For me the recovery wasn't all that painful and I can honestly say that I would do it all over again if I had to. I will check back in with you all to post my 2 month update <3

6 month update

My implants have dropped into their final position and I'm happier than ever. I don't like the scar but it's not that bad; I plan on getting a butterfly over the incision. Nothing hurts anymore and if I lay or sit directly on them they still feel like two wallets lol I don't know if that will ever go away but it looks great. The dark spots from the lipo on my sides is almost completely gone so overall I'm a happy camper!
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Great at answering questions and doesn't sugar coat much of anything

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