Chicago, Here I Come! I Can't Wait!

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So, after many months of thinking about this...

So, after many months of thinking about this procedure and researching on this site, my husband and I decided it would be worth traveling out of town to get a REALLY good result from an excellent surgeon (with the best staff I've ever come into contact with!). Dr. Shifrin will be performing my surgery, which will include butt implants, liposuction and fat transfer (just to make the implants look a little more natural). I cannot wait! It's so exciting to look at his before and after pictures and realize I will have the shape I've dreamed of! (5'3 3/4, fluctuating between 116 and 121 lbs, which makes a big difference on someone my height!), so I'll let you know when he weighs me! Say some prayers for me :)

Flat gone...

I'll add more pics soon, so we can all remember just how flat it was! Lol! But, in all truth, it served me well, back pre-kids...pre-30's...pre-40's...ahhhh, what happens, Love, when one turns FORTY??? Why does everything seem to run south? Well, I shall fight gravity with all God gave Dr, Shifrin...his talents will defy Newton and I will say hello to a 30ish backside once again ;)

Only 3 weeks to go...nerves are settling in!

If anyone out there has any suggestions on how to deal with post surgical pain and swelling, I'd really appreciate it. I'm also really nervous about traveling, although my husband and I have already planned for me to be laying on my stomach the entire way home--I will NOT risk any issues with my new booty! We have a 5 hour drive the day after surgery, so he's going to set up a bed in our SUV, lol!

Also, since my pics, I've put on a little weight and was wondering what people thought of inner thigh lipo. I've heard mixed reviews (one doctor had said it looks strange to have thin legs with butt implants--I thought that didn't make much sense, but I guess I'm not a plastic surgeon ;)!

Thanks for your support!!

Driving to Chicago--surgery at 3:15 TODAY!!!

I am super excited to meet Dr. Shifrin, Donna, Blanca and the rest of the staff at the surgery center, but I'm MORE excited to actually get my butt implants and fat transfer! I can't even believe today is the day and will post some more before pics when we get to the hotel. I'm going to let Dr. Shifrin choose the size and shape of my implants based on my wish pics. I'll be honest that I'm just as excited for the lipo as the implants. How amazing that surgery can provide a new shape!! I've put on about 5-7 pounds since my previous pics which is a lot on someone who is 5'3-ish. I didn't do it on purpose (it's basically from being on vacation), but I'm glad I did, so there's more fat to transfer. I want a natural look, but I also want my butt lifted enough to help with the cellulite. I'm having the lipo on my stomach, flanks, and hopefully a little on my inner and outer thighs (or maybe the inside of my knees!).

A few more hours and we'll be there, so I'll post some pics then! Can't wait!!

Day before pics...and Day 2 update :)

My surgery with Dr. Shifrin well really well. Lots of news from the doc: 1) they were able to harvest a lot more fat than they thought they'd be able to (meaning they could round out the implants and make them look more natural) 2) this means that my tummy and flanks will be much slimmer! 3) I left the size and shape up to Dr. Shifrin, and he went with 340 round, since I'm looking for that bubble butt look.

Bad news is the pain...omg!! I've given birth to two daughters naturally and the pain from this surgery is close to that--even hurts more at times. Also, laying on my stomach and not being able to sit AT ALL is fairly tortuous.

I'll keep you all posted! Here are the day before pics :)

Oops! Forgot the pics!

Here they are :)

2 days post surgery (Dr. Shifrin, Chicago...awesome!!)

Hi again fellow real-selfers! Here are my 2 days post op pics. Please forgive the disgusting drains! Lol! I had lipo done on my flanks and upper/lower tummy. I love what iI'm seeing so far!!!

4 days post op...still a high degree of pain but gets significantly better every day!

So the hardest part for me has been sleeping even though I usually sleep on my stomach anyway. The pain has been waking me. A close second most difficult issue is not being able to sit, which has left me with a stiff neck and throbbing shoulders (I've had rotator cuff surgeries on both shoulders). Lastly, even with taking stool softeners, I haven't had a bowel movement in 4-5 days--and I don't know how I'll have one without sitting!! Urinating hasn't been too bad. My advise on that is to DEFINITELY buy the potable urinals from Amazon. They're super cheap and reduce the splashing significantly. I also face the toilet, so I basically look like a MAN peeing...freaked my husband right out! Lmao!

My pain advice is to set an alarm when you go to bed for the times you should take your medication; during the first night set it to go off every 4 hours, and then every 6 hours. It's better to maintain the level in your system and "stay ahead of the pain" then to try to get it under control again when you wake up.

More pics to come! Oh, and my profile pic is a wish pic, which I'm certain everyone figured out ;)

Kinda worried now, so I'll ask this question both here and to the docs: ow much swelling do I have and how much fat will I lose?

I had 360 rounds put into place and was looking for a "bubble butt" that would fit my small frame. I also had fat transferred to round out the edges. I told my surgeon that I didn't want a "crease" or to have anything added to my hips...all butt. Right now I feel like it looks HUGE! Like I might have to buy ALL new pants!! How much of it is swelling? How much fat will I lose and how long until my implants settle? Thanks!

10 days post op

I'm FINALLY adding some new pics! I just can't figure out a good way to take them of myself, so I wrangled my husband to take a couple. I'll definitely be taking more now that I've gotten the drains removed. I'm thrilled with the results so far and know my butt is only going to get better! It's incredible how much swelling you have in the first week, but I've been fortunate that my bruising was minimal. What you'll see in the photos are the bandages where the drains were, as well as on top of my incision. If anyone has any suggestions for prescription scar treatments, I'd appreciate those, as I want to treat my scar as soon as the incision heals.

Just Wanted to Change my Answer to "Was It Worth It?"

Because after only 2 weeks, it was soooo worth it!! I can't even believe the job Dr. Shifrin did on my butt and with the lipo! I will keep taking pics, so you all can track my progress! I'm more than happy to answer any questions, too. Check out my other updates--Dr. Shifrin personally answered a concern on here! Bottom line: I HAVE A NEW BOOTY--ACTUALLY, A WHOLE NEW BODY!!!
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Shifrin is an exceptional doctor and person. He is a truly professional and caring surgeon who listens to his patients. HE IS MY HERO! I can't say enough about him, as well as his staff. Donna answers any and all questions with lightning speed, and was so kind that I was able to view her as a friend to me throughout this whole process. Can't say enough good things...worth every penny and then some!

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