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Hi ladies, After a few months of doing my research...

Hi ladies, After a few months of doing my research on here I decided to go with Dr. David Shifrin for my butt implants (I will also be getting lipo of back and abdominal with fat grafting to my butt) I already had breast implants done by a different Doctor 2 years ago (500cc silicone). Now all I'm missing is my perfect butt to match :-). I'm very athletic and workout 5-6 days a week. I work legs twice a week which includes: squats, lunges, etc. I just can't get the roundness and projection that I desire so butt implants it is. My surgery date is Monday August 29th. I am exactly 1 week away and I'm so excited. Dr. Shifrin has performed amazing work so I'm very confident in him. Wish me luck I will keep you guys updated.

Wish pic

Another before pic I took this morning

Headed to Chicago, it's about a 4 hour drive for me. Getting more and more excited. My big day is tomorrow morning, I will definitely update with you guys after surgery. :-)

Day 2 Post op appt. Dr. Shifrin Please excuse the ugly tape markings

Hi ladies! It's day 2 for me. Sorry I didn't update you guys yesterday. I was really out of it and heavy on my pain meds. Today I feel a lot better I'm walking more and I'm not heavy on my pain meds today. I had my post op appt. today with Dr. Shifrin and everything is going well which is really good to hear. He said I will be getting my drains taking out on Friday I'm excited about that. These drains are so uncomfortable :(
I also took my first shower today which feels good. I haven't been able to take a poop yet, hopefully I do real soon I'm taking my stool softener so that will help. Today is a pretty good day for me :)

Day 2 post op pic

Day 5 Post op

Hey ladies, just checking in with you all. I got my drains removed yesterday I was very happy about, although when the nurse were removing them it felt very weird and uncomfortable but I was ok with it I'm just glad there out now. Anyway feeling good today I'm still a little bruise I've been using Arnicare Gel and let me tell you it really works. The swelling is going down I've been icing a lot which really helps.

Leaving Chicago today going back to my hometown. This experience was definitely worth it although I do miss home.
Have a good Labor Day weekend ladies :-)

2 weeks post op

Left before/ Right is 2 weeks post op

2 week Post op

Hi ladies, I am exactly 2 weeks post op. I'm feeling really good. I'm completely off of my pain meds. I get a little discomfort when I do certain movements like hopping out the bed to quick or try and bend over to far but for the most part I'm healing really well. I would say I'm about 80% back to normal. To me that's great to only be 2 weeks post op. I feel it has a lot to do with my healthy eating and just living a overall healthy lifestyle because that's very important. Please ladies don't take this as if I'm bragging because I'm not I'm just very happy at how well I'm healing :-)

So this morning I went to the gym for the first time in 2 weeks and it felt great. I promise I didn't over do it. I walked on the treadmill for 15 minutes and then weight lifted for 30 min. I only did upper body though (arms, shoulders, and back) Obviously I can't do legs for another 4 weeks or so which I'm totally ok with I don't want to injure my investment. Overall today is a good day for me. Most of u all know by now that I love working out and the fact that I was able to workout this morning just made my whole week :-) Have a good Monday ladies! :-)

6 weeks and a day Post op

Hi ladies, it's been a while just thought I update u guys on my progress! I'm 6 weeks post op booty is starting to soften a little bit. I'm still a little tender in my Lipo areas but over all feeling great. I'm still in love with my results. :-)

3 month post op

Hi ladies! Just wanna update you all on my results. I'm pretty much back to normal with my workouts. Im also able to do squats now which I was so excited about. Today I ran 3 miles, I will say it felt a little weird at first but after a while it felt normal. I notice that my butt is definitely dropping and fluffing. Happy healing ladies!
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