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Has anyone had butt implants with Dr. David...

Has anyone had butt implants with Dr. David Shifrin in Chicago, IL? I had a bad surgery once and had to have butt implants removed. I feel deformed, so insecure and sad! As time passes, i'm still healing, i feel the only way to correct this is to have this procedure again? Would like to know anyone's experience with this Dr.? I'd like to use the after care center they have also.

3 months of misery

So I'm on 3 months of misery from my butt implant removal! I have a hole down there, yes, the implant came thru. So now i'm dealing w/open wounds down there, about 2 of them.! I am trying so hard to look forward but i get depressed over my current state and how much time has gone and waisted! My last resort, i'm hoping, is Dr. Shifrin. I have to wait another 3 wks. to see him and i'm dying!!! I just need to hear that this can be fixed! I feel useless.... Haven't been able to be a mother to my kids, nor a wife/partner to my husband. And just me be me.... I know i'm depressed over this. I'm actually gonna start to talk to a counselor. I know this isn't life threatening, but the emotional scar i have is taking over right now. I thought i was going to start this great and it has been the worst times! I'm too embarrassed to post any pics of how my butt looks. just think of skinny, saggy and prune like. I'm hoping for something positive to happen....anything!!!! I'm not comfortable w/my Dr. anymore, i'm full of anger but i have to keep seeing him for stitches i have. This just really sucks right now!!!!!!

Nothing to do but wait!!!

Since my implants were removed I've been dealing w/an open wound since March. I started seeing an open wound specialist, even though my ps said "no, it's not necessary". I felt that he's not doing much about this open wound but letting it heal on it's own. I went with my gut and seen my family dr. and she recommended I do see an open wound specialist. I've only seen them 2 x's but already feel so much better knowing that this is their specialty area and they are doing something to promote healing. I"ve got about another 4-6 weeks but at least now i feel and know i'm on my way to recovery! Don't always believe what your ps says, do your own research, which is what i did and why i asked him about an open wound specialist. Take Care ladies!!!

It's really happening!!!

So I've been meaning to update for the past few wks. and have found myself busy trying to prepare for my surgery....tomorrow!!! Yes, I am finally seeing Dr. Shifrin tomorrow and am super excited, a bit nervous but excited! As some may know, I had a bad surgery before and this healing took me about 6 months! But I'm finally getting my revision surgery and am praying for amazing results! I will post pics before and after as soon as i have the after. :0)
To be continued....

3 days in

Hello - so just a quick update. Went in for my surgery on Tuesday and today, i feel good. The 1st day I was just tired so pretty much just laid down all day. But I have this rash, i think it's because of whatever they used to clean me up before surgery. So i'm dealing with this uncomfortable!! I'm taking Benadryl, hope it kicks in quick!!!
Wednesay - I feel good. The only thing that i'm hurting is the lipo areas, so sore!!!! Also sleeping, well, it's really not happening....I'm so sore from both my flanks and my back is killing me from being on my stomach!
Today Thursday, i feel fine. I'm just more uncomfortable than anything. I only took 2 norco yesterday and i plan on not taking anymore. Around my butt area, i feel no pain. But i do feel pain where the drains are.
I will post pics after my bandages are removed, which is next Wed.
Oh, i can't wait to get these drains out....hate them!!
This is definitely day and night from my last surgery.
I'll post next week again. So far so good! :-)

Drains finally out

So here are my before pics. Today is 1 week and 2 days since surgery. Rash has gone away. Just took Benadryl and iced a lot! Dr. Did not want to prescribe a steroid because it delays healing and I definitely didn't want that! Drains came out, hurt a bit but was quick...feel so relieved! I developed diarrhea for like 4 day,sorry tmi, but I just couldn't hold anything down so stopped taking everything and just drank lots of water, 7up and ate saltine crackers and soup. Other than that I'm good, walking fine, no just feels a bit tight and like a bruise. I feel them high up do can't wait for them to fall into pocket and fluff!

2 weeks today

So today marks my 2 weeks since surgery. Nothing really to report.....still babying my butt, taking it easy. Went to Walmart yesterday and was super tired after that. Still feels a bit numb and tight. Not really like a bruise anymore. I still have some bruising. I feel the left side high up still, more than the right. Every now and then i feel like an electric shock but i know its just my nerve endings on my butt. So not sure if i mentioned but i can't sit until I see the Dr. on 10/19. Just because of my previous situation, he doesn't want to take any chances and let them fully settle in w/out any pressure anywhere. I'm ok w/that! 1 month doesn't compare to the 6 months of misery i went thru! I will update next week.

Forgot 2week pics

Here are pics. It's bigger in person, I swear! Lol

3 weeks since surgery

Meant to post Yesterday, which was 3 weeks for me. I'm feeling great! I'd say I'm 80% back to normal. I feel I walk normal when I'm out but at home I tighten my cheeks up cause I'm paranoid that my incision will open! (I'm traumatized from my 1st experience) I still haven't sat down so I'm looking forward to that. I'm getting a bit of sensation back so that feels weird. Oh yeah, I started waist training so I took my measurements and will check them in about 2 weeks to see if it's working! Other than that, I thank God and Dr.Shifrin that this surgery went well! I just can't wait to see him on the 19th and hear that I'm cleared to sit so I can finally have a date night with my hubby! <3 He's been so supportive and loves my new butt! :)
I'll update again on week 4. Take care ladies!!

Worth Every Penny -New Booty

I can't think Dr. Shifrin enough for giving me my confidence back mentally & physically. Having gone through a bad surgery before, Dr. Shifrin was able to correct all the imperfections that remained and gave me a new butt w/out compromising my healing. His staff is also amazing and I'm so happy I picked him for this 2nd journey. It's been about 1 month since surgery and I know it's only gonna keep getting better!


5 week question

Ladies- I'm freaking out!! Do you remember how it felt when your implant(S) fell into pocket? Did they both settle at the same time or one then the next? Any feedback is appreciated!!
Thank you!!

One happy girl here-5 weeks

Hi Ladies! So there’s lots to tell this time! :-) Tuesday, the 18th was 5 weeks since surgery for me. I seen Dr. Shifrin on Wednesday the 19th and he
finally cleared me to sit! Yay!!!! He said my incision was healed and everything looked good. My concern with one implant being harder and fuller is
completely normal and it is a little lower than the other so i just have to give my left side some time to fall and catch up to my right. So I was relieved
to hear this from the Dr. I finally sat on Wednesday and it was fine. I kind of learned how to sit from the 1st time so I’m just doing the same. I sit on the
back of my legs, right under my butt cheeks and kind of hold myself with my legs so i’m not really on my butt. I have att’d a picture showing. And in my
car, i have a cushion that i use so it elevates me and i’m not sitting on my butt. I att’d a pic of that too. It’s smaller than a boppy, which i have, so i just
use that instead.
I tried sitting on my couch and that was pretty uncomfortable. I was almost laying on my back with a cushion supporting my back but that didn’t last long
and on to my stomach i went! lol
Like many girls, had to go shopping and yes so much fun! Everything looks so good with a curvy body. Upgraded my panties from medium to large and
my pants I vary from a 4 to 7, depending on the store. So not only was the surgery expensive the aftermath is too!!! $$$$ Bought lots of pants because
none of my old ones fit me! Big booty issues! lol
Finally made it to the gym Thursday and it felt great!!!! All i did was walk on the treadmill but i felt like running so bad!!!!! So, I went today to the gym and
went on the treadmill again and this time I tried running! That lasted for about 5 seconds! LOL Definitely couldn’t with the weight of the implants. I will see
how it feels again in a couple of months and if I have to, I will buy the butt bra! ha I love to run so it’s worth a try! ;-)
SEX….yes finally happened yesterday! My poor hubby…. lol It was interesting! Tried sideways, and doggy style, which i’m tall so that position for some
reason didn’t work cause i felt like i was spreading my cheeks too much! The best was either me on top or laying on my back with a pillow supporting my
back. But as i was laying on my back, i was holding my butt cheeks together to make sure they weren’t being spread! ha The paranoia kicked in. But, I
gotta say, it was good….no pain! :-)
I think that’s it for now. Any questions let me know! I will update on my 2 month. Still happy and still looking forward to the fluffing!

Cushion pic

Merrisuh- here's the cushion :)

2 Months Already

So time is really flying, it felt like forever till I was able to get to this point! My right side is still harder than my left. I had a little scare because
I kept getting this red circle like on my right side and it would hurt bad then go away and finally the 2nd time it came out I went
to see the Dr. and he just said it’s fat that was injected that still needs to break down. There spot is gone right now so i’m still waiting
for it to soften. My incision gets tender every now and then, like when i sit for a long time or during sex. (i freak out a bit). But its fully
closed and healed well. I think my left side is in pocket, but then again, how do i really know? Sitting on a couch is still challenging,
very uncomfortable. Feels like i’m sitting on 2 balls. So i stick to chairs.
Still very happy with my results!! Shopping is definitely way more fun, especially the tighter dresses which i would avoid before. My biggest challenge now is keeping the weight down on my belly so my waist continues to look small but not being able to run at gym and get a good sweat on really puts a damper on my workouts. The stair master is my go to for now but man I love food! Lol
Has anyone bought the butt bra?? Not just for lifting your butt but for actually running?? Would love to hear your experience with it.

Sitting in car

Shaee_Xfit- here you go

Butt Bra for Running

Ladies - has anyone purchased the butt bra for support to run? Not just for a lift to your bum but for actually working out? Would love to hear your experience? I miss running so much just not sure if that will actually help me?

11weeks- I ran also

I was trying to post a video but couldn't..will try again?
I was going to update at 3 months but had a few things to update and didn't want to forget to tell you ladiEs

My left side is still more relaxed and my right is still tighter. I can also sit on hard surfaces, some places are just more uncomfortable than others. I went on vacation and took the head/ neck rest as a cushion for my butt on the plane and that worked out perfect!! Couches are still very uncomfortable because you are sitting all the way back which pushes you to sit on the implant. On another note last week, 10 weeks, I tried running and was successful. It felt a bit weird at first like if I had weights back there but then once I got used to the feeling I was OK. Ran 3 miles and the next day was just sore as I would be from a workout. Now I just read some other girl with 600's I believe and she is three months and still can't run so keep in mind mine are 400s so I think the bigger implant may not make it possible to run or maybe you just have to wait a bit longer... time will tell for those with bigger implants?
I think those are my updates that I can think of. Still very happy with deciding to go with Dr. Shifrin! :)

11weeks pics

Here are some recent pics

4 Months

Hello ladies - So time sure flies once you're back to normal, which I feel I am. I do pretty much everything that I did in the past. I believe they're both settled but my right side settled in differently than my left. I think I did mention that before so that has not changed. It doesn't look deformed or anything just a little tighter than the left. I run at the gym like I used to and it doesn't bother me at all . I have not done squats because I don't want to yet. I'm a bit paranoid about putting all the pressure in that area ????. The incision does not bother me at all, I posted a picture of it. There is only one position during sex that makes me very aware of the incision, other than that, sex is back to normal. Every now and then I still feel my nerve endings give me a little shock. I definitely feel that it got a bit smaller than it was in the beginning due to all the swelling. I'm still very happy with it because it looks very natural on my body. Let me know if you have any questions! Happy new year!!!

5 months already

So there is pretty much nothing new to post but everything has healed great! I can do everything I used to do in the past. I'm not limited to anything. I have not done legs at the gym but I will eventually try, I just don't feel comfortable putting so much pressure on those specific muscles yet. I feel that the size was perfect for my body. Don't get me wrong, we all get booty greedy and I probably wouldn't mind a little more back there but from where I was to where I am now I am grateful!! :)
Any questions let me know!
Wishing everyone luck on your journeys and happy healing! XO
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Dr. Shifrin is an amazing surgeon. I would definitely recommend him.

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