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Has anyone had butt implants with Dr. David...

Has anyone had butt implants with Dr. David Shifrin in Chicago, IL? I had a bad surgery once and had to have butt implants removed. I feel deformed, so insecure and sad! As time passes, i'm still healing, i feel the only way to correct this is to have this procedure again? Would like to know anyone's experience with this Dr.? I'd like to use the after care center they have also.

3 months of misery

So I'm on 3 months of misery from my butt implant removal! I have a hole down there, yes, the implant came thru. So now i'm dealing w/open wounds down there, about 2 of them.! I am trying so hard to look forward but i get depressed over my current state and how much time has gone and waisted! My last resort, i'm hoping, is Dr. Shifrin. I have to wait another 3 wks. to see him and i'm dying!!! I just need to hear that this can be fixed! I feel useless.... Haven't been able to be a mother to my kids, nor a wife/partner to my husband. And just me be me.... I know i'm depressed over this. I'm actually gonna start to talk to a counselor. I know this isn't life threatening, but the emotional scar i have is taking over right now. I thought i was going to start this great and it has been the worst times! I'm too embarrassed to post any pics of how my butt looks. just think of skinny, saggy and prune like. I'm hoping for something positive to happen....anything!!!! I'm not comfortable w/my Dr. anymore, i'm full of anger but i have to keep seeing him for stitches i have. This just really sucks right now!!!!!!

Nothing to do but wait!!!

Since my implants were removed I've been dealing w/an open wound since March. I started seeing an open wound specialist, even though my ps said "no, it's not necessary". I felt that he's not doing much about this open wound but letting it heal on it's own. I went with my gut and seen my family dr. and she recommended I do see an open wound specialist. I've only seen them 2 x's but already feel so much better knowing that this is their specialty area and they are doing something to promote healing. I"ve got about another 4-6 weeks but at least now i feel and know i'm on my way to recovery! Don't always believe what your ps says, do your own research, which is what i did and why i asked him about an open wound specialist. Take Care ladies!!!

It's really happening!!!

So I've been meaning to update for the past few wks. and have found myself busy trying to prepare for my surgery....tomorrow!!! Yes, I am finally seeing Dr. Shifrin tomorrow and am super excited, a bit nervous but excited! As some may know, I had a bad surgery before and this healing took me about 6 months! But I'm finally getting my revision surgery and am praying for amazing results! I will post pics before and after as soon as i have the after. :0)
To be continued....

3 days in

Hello - so just a quick update. Went in for my surgery on Tuesday and today, i feel good. The 1st day I was just tired so pretty much just laid down all day. But I have this rash, i think it's because of whatever they used to clean me up before surgery. So i'm dealing with this uncomfortable!! I'm taking Benadryl, hope it kicks in quick!!!
Wednesay - I feel good. The only thing that i'm hurting is the lipo areas, so sore!!!! Also sleeping, well, it's really not happening....I'm so sore from both my flanks and my back is killing me from being on my stomach!
Today Thursday, i feel fine. I'm just more uncomfortable than anything. I only took 2 norco yesterday and i plan on not taking anymore. Around my butt area, i feel no pain. But i do feel pain where the drains are.
I will post pics after my bandages are removed, which is next Wed.
Oh, i can't wait to get these drains out....hate them!!
This is definitely day and night from my last surgery.
I'll post next week again. So far so good! :-)

Drains finally out

So here are my before pics. Today is 1 week and 2 days since surgery. Rash has gone away. Just took Benadryl and iced a lot! Dr. Did not want to prescribe a steroid because it delays healing and I definitely didn't want that! Drains came out, hurt a bit but was quick...feel so relieved! I developed diarrhea for like 4 day,sorry tmi, but I just couldn't hold anything down so stopped taking everything and just drank lots of water, 7up and ate saltine crackers and soup. Other than that I'm good, walking fine, no just feels a bit tight and like a bruise. I feel them high up do can't wait for them to fall into pocket and fluff!
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