I have surgery for bbl in a few days from now - great

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Hi. I have surgery for bbl in a few days from now....

Hi. I have surgery for bbl in a few days from now..I'm nervous but yet excited! Any one every had a bbl with Dr. Irvin M. Wiesman,MD? I really want a big bubble booty I'm kinda guess if he ever dealt with larger transfer to buttlock... Anyone Knows about him?

I am 5.7 weigh about 230 pounds.. So I have more then enough fat to be transfer to give me the butt I want..But my thing is..could Dr.Irvin really make that happen for me!! To be honest I'm coming out a lot of money(12000) and I only wanna make I get the results that I need and want most of all ensure the fact that I'm more then satisfied with what I paid for.

I have a lot of questions that I didn't ask at my first app... Which should've been ask but at that time I couldn't think at all. I'm a pretty big girl so I should be able to get as much fat as possible.

Hi. I'm love. I recently had a fat transfer to...

Posted 1 Jun 2013

Hi. I'm love. I recently had a fat transfer to buttlocks area about 2 months ago. I paid 12,000 . My first meeting with the surgeon we discussed pricing and went over in details about my Brazilian lift. He said he would lip my whole abdominal, flanks and back and transfer 1000 cc in my buttlocks area. So. The day OF surgery he tells me.it's a certain amount of fat he could only take out. Which I fount it odd, When we just went over the whole thing at the first appointment" why didn't you stay that then instead of giving me the pricing on it. What am I paying 12,000 for? If u not gonna lipo my full abdominal back and flanks??! I feel like I gotten played out my money! Then to top it off. I have no results what's so ever ! My booty still looks the same! My stomach is still the same flanks & back. I feel as if he didn't no how to operate on a bigger girl. I'm 57 200 pounds! I had more then enough fat to graft! So I talk to him about the situation, he said it didn't graft with me & I would need 2 more session to achieve the butt I actually want. Which doesn't sound too true to believe. When I actually saw other surgeon work & it only took 1 session. I don't know what to do at this point! I feel played! He's an BORED Certified surgeon. 15 years. Downtown Chicago. Can SOMEONE PLZ TELL ME WHAT SHOULD I DO IN THE SITUATION PLZ????

love it

Love it!
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