52 Year Old, 3 Adult Children, 40h Long Overdue for Reduction. Chicago, IL

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My boobs have been large since they first...

My boobs have been large since they first developed that was around 5th grade. The kids would always stare. Boys made nasty, mannish comments. I often wore jackets or sweaters trying to hide my chest. My mom bought bras that seemed to make me look bigger. She didn't understand.

My boobs have just continued to increase with aging, weight gain, and childbirth. Its hard finding good bras that will hoist these babies up. Its quite uncomfortable carrying this load. I have horrible back and neck pain and rashes underneath my boobs.

Bras are quite pricey in my size too. I decided in January to go for a consult to find out if I was a candidate for reduction. PRAISE GOD I am and my insurance will cover. My surgery is scheduled for April 27th. I'm not at all nervous, just excited. Well actually nervous about how big my stomach will look without the big boobs to hide behind. Cant wait to be on the smaller side.

post op pics

Dr. Kim

Dr. Kim and his staff are GREAT!!! I never thought I'd have great boobs again THANK YOU!!!!

6 weeks post op

Chicago Plastic Surgeon

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