I'm 30, I'm a wife with 2Kids & IM READY!!!

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I've been on this site for about a month now I...

I've been on this site for about a month now I always had large breasts as I can remember I'm now a size 34 G and I suffer from Neck shoulder tension headaches and some back pain I have my consolation on April 14 with the PS three of my coworkers referred me to see Dr.niki she's a board-certified PS she examined me and took pictures of my breast to send to the insurance company. Well I don't have insurance through my job yet but I do have a il state medical card and on May 6 I received a call from her Cordinator and she told me I was approved for the surgery YES!!! & I don't half a co-pay it's 0$ I'm so thankful ???? and my pr-op is May 27 I'm a little nervous now that I have my day for the surgery but I know everything will be away I'm praying for everything to go ok & a speedy recovery I'm taking off 3weeks of work I'm a housekeeper at a hotel so hopefully I can heal and return to work I'll be back to update my pr-op than surgery!!

9 More DAYS!!!!!!!

The time is almost here I'm ready / nervous but I know everything will be alright! I'll see my PS on June 2!


Met with my plastic surgeon yesterday & she took another look at me told me what cut I would have & I received my prescriptions & I filled them today well June 9th is almost here I'll see talk to y'all once I'm on the other side pray for me:)

Another before picture

Tomorrow is the DAY!!!!!

I'm Cleaning doing Laundry my husband is BBQING I half to EAT Befor 12am have to be at the hospital at 5:30 AM & surgery @ 7:30am anxious nervous just ready to get it over with I'll update once I'm on the other side (pray) for me:) thanks

Today is the DAY!!!

I'm all checked in & waiting for the nurse to start my Iv a surgery at 7:30 a lil nervous! My mom & husband are here with me!

I Made it!!!

OR was @ 7:30 & I was recovering by 10:30 11am, not really in pain just burn a little got home about 3pm I didn't get nauseous from Anesthesia I'm laying on my couch right now watching tv only took 1pain pill sence I been home I half to go & see my ps 2morrow so guess I will see the girls than aw & I didn't need drains I'm thankful everything has been going good so far & I'm happy I found this sight u lady's ROCK:)

Sore throat!!

Has anyone else had a sore throat after surgery if so what to do for it or it will just go away?

Had my post op today

She said everything is looking good & I can shower tomorrow oh I love how there sitting up so high wish they won't drop too much

Healing healing

So far so good just sitting around the house taking it easy healing like I should:)


It's been 8days

Had my post op today she said everything is looking good took the str strips off & & a week I can start applying lotion or I might use coco butter other than that in feeling good little pains here & there lightly sleeping on my side & keep them in a supportive but not too tight sports bra she said do that as well because while there healing there foaming a shape & swelling is going down well that all I have for now & for any lady reading this that haven't had there OP yet don't be scared it's not bad at all!!


More pics!

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