20 Years Old, 32DDD/E to 32 B/C, College Student - Chicago, IL

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Since I was ten years old I had always been...

Since I was ten years old I had always been extremely chesty, especially for my small frame. This past summer it became unbearable and I could no longer fit into bras sold at normal stores. I went to get a consultation just on a whim and found out that my insurance would cover the whole surgery. I chose a date and was able to get it done over my winter break home from school. I am thrilled with the results and am so happy I decided to get it done!

One Week Post-Op!

I was a little nervous before getting this surgery because I felt like I wasn't "big enough" to benefit, but I am SO glad I still did it! I went from a 32DDD/E cup to (what I'm thinking will be) 32B/C cup. My chest already feels so much lighter, I had no idea I would feel such a difference! I also had reservations because I'm so young, but after reading other young girls reviews I felt like I could do it too! That's the main reason I'm writing this review, because I want younger girls to see that you can get this surgery done and benefit from it too! I'm so glad I got it done now to save myself years of back pain- but also because now I can enjoy my small perkier boobs for even longer!

My surgeon was absolutely amazing! I spoke with him before my surgery and showed him pictures of what size I'd like to be to ensure that he knew what I wanted. I also emphasized that I didn't just want to have a smaller chest, but I wanted to be small-chested. My biggest fear was coming out of the surgery and still being a DD cup or something. I am thrilled with the size I think I'll be at! He did a phenomenal job lifting my breasts as well, they're very full on top and perky- exactly how I'd asked them to be!

I never really experienced much intense pain, I was very fortunate that my insurance covered everything and I was able to stay overnight in the hospital which was great. Because I stayed overnight in the hospital, I estimated the price of my surgery very high. At the hospital they gave me morphine through the IV so I mostly slept and was pretty comfortable considering I'd just had major surgery.

However, it was really really hard to move much, my chest was mostly numb, but underneath my arms/along the side of my back was extremely sore. The area was very bruised and it was really hard to move around in the bed or get up since I could use my back/arms at all. This made it really hard to get up while I was at the hospital to go to the bathroom. I also really struggled to urinate after surgery (one of the side effects of anesthesia). I couldn't urinate by the time deadline so they tried to catheterize me (which they also were unable to do), but a few hours later I finally urinated. This was the most uncomfortable part, because I really had to pee! I just couldn't, and was really frustrated. But overall the pain wasn't too bad.

Going home I was a little fussy just because I was uncomfortable and frustrated that I didn't have the same range of motion I usually do. I took pain pills from Saturday to Monday which helped take the edge off my discomfort. I highly recommend asking your doctor to prescribe anti-nausea medication with the pain pills if you often get sick with pain medication! It was a life-saver for me. About 90% of my pain was really just the deep tissue bruising on the side of my back under my arms, the incisions on my chest never really caused me any pain. Because of the deep bruising, for the last week I haven't been able to move my arms in certain ways. I can lift things up, but I can't pull anything down, and it can be a bit hard to pull myself up from laying down.

Mostly, I just wish the bruising/pain would go away because I can't lift my arms all the way over my head! Which makes it really difficult to put clothes on, and I'm dying to wear all the cute shirts/bralettes I could never fit into before surgery! I also had my mom help me shower the first few days (especially washing my hair) because I didn't have much range of motion with my arms.

Another hard part has been waiting to sleep on my stomach! Apparently it can take weeks before the doctor even allows it, but I'm really more of a stomach sleeper which is making it hard for me to stay asleep! Beside the difficulty urinating (which lasted about 5 days) I was also extremely constipated after my surgery. If you know you constipate easily, I highly recommend starting stool softeners a few days before the surgery and taking MiraLAX afterwards before the constipation gets really bad (like it did for me)!

Overall I am thrilled that I got this surgery done, the nurse at my consultation told me it would change my life, and honestly she was right. I'll be able to fit into normal bra sizes, find dresses/clothes easier, have better back health, and I just love being able to jump up and down without having my boobs go all over the place! I can't wait for the bruising to heal even more so that I can try on cute clothes and bras- I'm so excited!!!

Below I've attached photos from my one week post-op. One side looks considerably worse because the doctor said it blistered a little bit, but I've been putting cream on it and it's getting better each day! Some of the tape covering my stitches hasn't fallen off yet as well. For being one week out though I've had great energy levels and I feel great! After I stopped taking the pain medication I definitely felt more myself. Just waiting for the bruising to heal so I can put my arms over my head haha :)

Feel free to comment/ask me any questions! I'd love to help anyone out!

Before Pictures

Here are my before pictures! I'm about 5'3" and 115-120 pounds, and in these pictures I could barely fit into a 32DDD or 34DD.

8 Days Post-Op Photos

It's a little confusing because I'm now about 10 days post-op, but here are pictures I took earlier that I couldn't post until now! The ones that show the bruising are at a really weird angle, but it's just under my arm! I'm hoping to post some photos later where I'm wearing shirts/bras too.

I feel like every day I wake up I feel better and better! The bruising is still sore and I can't raise my arms all the way up still, but it's getting easier. Since the 8th day I've been in a lot less pain too. Before, when I'd walk around without a sports bra or cotton bra over my breasts, it'd kinda hurt because they would move around and pull a little on the stitches and bruising. But I haven't had that problem the last two days!

The incisions are closing up really nicely, although on one side my doctor said it blistered a little, so it looks worse. He said it's not bad though, it's normal. But he gave me some cream for it and it's going away!

I've had sensation in my nipples since I woke up from surgery, but the underside skin on my breasts is still numb. I'm going to ask my doctor today when I can expect to get that back, but as long as I can feel my nipples I feel like that's the most important!

I haven't felt tired at all ever since I stopped taking the pain medication, so I've had plenty of energy to do all the things I normally do which is great! The only thing that's stopping me is my limited range of motion, which is frustrating but I hope that by two weeks it won't be a problem. A day after I stopped taking the pain medicine I started driving, not super far distances, but just to do errands. I was a little sore but didn't really have any problem at all. I've also gone out with friends, cooked, cleaned, etc. so that's been great! I'm not very good at laying low, haha!

I also went to the gym for the first time 8 days post-op and felt great! All I could do was lower body workouts, so I sat on one of those bikes with the reclined seat. As long as I didn't use my arms I wasn't in any pain, so that was great! I've been a few times since to bike and haven't had any problems.

It's still been a little hard for me to sleep just on my back, but I found that if I prop myself up with an extra pillow it's a lot easier. It keeps me from trying to turn over in my sleep! But I am so excited to be able to sleep on my stomach again, or at least my side. I'll have to wait a few weeks for that, though.

As always, feel free to ask me any questions!

About 2 Weeks Post-Op!

I'm now two weeks post-op! The bruising is definitely becoming less painful and the area is less tender which is great! Sometimes the incisions sort of burn a little bit, but I think this is just because they're healing! I can tell that they're still really swollen because the skin is very taught and shiny though.

It's getting much easier to put clothes on, so I've finally been able to wear things besides my loose t-shirts and pajamas which is has been awesome! I usually wear a soft sports bra or cotton bralette during the day if I go out, and the rest of the time I don't wear any bra, I try to just let them get air to help with the healing.

The one side still has a blood bruise along the stitches which looks really scary, but it's not painful at all! I hope it goes away soon because the other side looks so much better and the incision seems to be healing faster.

I'm on my period, and previously my breasts would get extremely swollen and sore for over 10 days beforehand and throughout my period. But this time I haven't noticed any tenderness or swelling, but I figure this might be just because I'm still healing and don't have all the sensation back yet. My doctor said that I could get back the sensation tomorrow or in a few months and that both sides are different, which I expected. My nipples are still hyper-sensitive, and I'm hoping that dies down a little bit because it's a little uncomfortable!

I am so happy with my decision to do this, it's insane how much lighter my chest feels! I can wear so many more clothes now because they fit me better, and even just wearing a little bralette I can run around and feel completely comfortable! I was walking all around the city this weekend and couldn't get over how much easier it was just to move around! I had no idea my bigger breasts had been weighing me down that much. Plus I love how perky they are, my breasts used to sag down a lot and sit on my stomach, but now they look so great even when they're not supported! I absolutely love it, they turned out so much better than I ever could have imagined. The excitement just never wears off!

I have an appointment to get the stitches taken out in three days which will be great because the thick floss is kind of annoying. I think it'll be much more comfortable when it's removed!

About 3 Weeks Post-Op!

About 3 Weeks Post-Op!

I posted the photos for this update above! I wish I'd posted more often this past week, but I actually went back to school on Wednesday so I've been super busy! It wasn't difficult at all to transition back to school, I haven't been in pain or felt fatigued, so that's been great!

The bruising/pain on the sides of my back is almost all gone and I can almost reach my arms all the way above my head now. A week ago I had the stitches taken out that were underneath my arm so I think that helped. The stitches all along the bottom of my breasts were left in though, because my doctor didn't want to take them out that early. I'll probably go back home from college for a weekend and have them taken out! He said if he took them out too early they would scar worse, so I didn't mind leaving them in.

I still can't hug people super tight, but if I'm wearing a winter coat I can barely even tell that my breasts are a little sore! The only time they feel bruised is just if I try to lay on my stomach or something (which I'm not supposed to do, but sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night because I'm trying to turn onto my stomach haha! I've always slept on my stomach, so it's hard sleeping on my back).

Nobody at school has said anything about my breasts looking smaller which is good, because I don't know what I would say! And I told all my close friends about it, so that wasn't an issue. They were all so shocked at how much smaller they were! Everyone was very supportive and complimented me :) I'll try to find some pictures from before where I'm wearing clothes, because the difference is insane! It's hard for me to post pictures at school though because I'm so busy and I don't have the right computer for it.

Overall my recovery has been great! I go to the gym and bike (I just don't do anything with my arms or lift any weights) and carrying around a backpack, walking to class etc has been totally fine! I'm excited for the remaining soreness to go away and to be able to use my arms again because I miss doing yoga. I'm also hoping to be able to lay on my stomach soon, but I think it'll be a while before I can do that. I'm never in pain though unless I reach too far or am bumped really hard in the breast. I'm the most sensitive person in the world though, so I think most of the time I'm just psyching myself out haha!

I am so so SO happy with all the clothes I'm able to wear now! The light blue fleece I'm wearing in the pictures above is something I NEVER could have worn before, my boobs never would've fit in it! But now I can wear it and look so much more normal and proportionate :) I honestly just feel so much lighter, it's crazy!

I'll try to keep posting updates, but as school ramps up I'm not sure how much I'll be on here! Please feel free to ask any questions though, I'll get to them as soon as I can!

Approximately One Year Update!

It's hard to believe it has already been over a year since I had my breast reduction in December of 2015! Here are some (unfortunately) low quality photos I took to give an update! I'm about 5'4" and 115 pounds in these photos. They've healed really well, I have sensation in both except for a little at the bottom near the scars. The one side looks irritated because I just had a scar revision this fall (covered by my insurance luckily!) which is still healing! I'm so glad I did the revision though because the scar looks sooooo much better now! If anyone had any questions about that whole process I'd be happy to answer!

My breasts naturally hang low and are not super perky, and you can see in the photos that they have definitely dropped a bit- but i don't mind! I can wear either a 32C or 34B cup but I usually just wear bralettes or sometimes nothing if I'm layering sweaters in the winter! I'm not crazy about bras with underwire (I never have been) and I love not having to wear one now that my breasts are so much smaller!!! Literally not a day goes by where I don't think about how glad I am that I got this done. It sounds dramatic, but every morning I'm getting dressed it is such a relief to feel comfortable in my body :) Please let me know if anyone has any questions! I know this was brief haha!
Evanston Plastic Surgeon

My doctor was extremely good, I am so happy with my results. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone.

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