25 W/ Deflated and Saggy Boobs After Breastfeeding 2 Kids - Chicago, IL

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Hello everyone! I have wanted larger boobs forever...

Hello everyone! I have wanted larger boobs forever and have been waiting 5+ years. I'm finally finished having my babies and breastfeeding. My consultation is scheduled for the 26th of Sept w/ Dr. Weiner in Chicago. Mariah Longo has my dream boobs. I want to be a small D. I will upload pics later of my sad situation lol.

Here are pics of me now. My problem before...

Here are pics of me now. My problem before breastfeeding was the size and now my problem is the sag. My breasts have always been some what deflated. At least with more fullness at the bottom. I would like my implants to be larger, give fullness, and have a more natural look. I want the loose skin gone! I honestly don't know if I need a lift or not. I have seen some women with similar sag to mine get a lift and not get one. I guess I will see what the surgeon reccomends.

I just wanted to give some background on myself as...

I just wanted to give some background on myself as far as my body type for anyone that is similar to me and would like to compare. I wish we could search body type and measurements to compare what our results could be. I'm 114lbs 5ft 34-27-43. So you can imagine I'm a tiny girl with a small waist and wide hips. Right now the best word to describe my breasts are flat. I want my top to be proportionate to my bottom. I have a pear shape and would like a coke bottle. I don't know if I'm aiming for a C or D yet. I wish I could easily find someone else who is short with pear shape and thin to compare what looks best.

Consultation with Dr. Gregory Weiner

I really loved Dr. Weiner's after photos and felt like they were very similar to the result I wanted to achieve. I especially loved that he has been recognized by so many publications. The office was very nice and had beautiful artwork. I felt very comfortable and all of the staff was extremely nice. My husband and I waited about 20 minutes before we were moved to a room. The whole office had a very relaxing vibe. We then waited an hour and half to be seen by someone who was not Dr. Weiner. So that was strike one and two. I was on time after a two hour drive to Chicago and we had to wait so long and I never met the doctor who would perform my surgery. I met with his assistant nurse. She was was awesome. Very friendly and knowledgeable but I expected to meet him. She thought I was borderline for a lift so she quoted me a price without. I then got the pics taken for the 3D to show how the breast would look on my real body. It was cool but I had my hopes on trying on sizers and feeling them on my body. Ewa was so spunky and fun to be around. I almost want to go back just for her. His assistant informed me I would meet Dr. Weiner 2 weeks before my surgery and that he could def get the result I wanted. She reccomended 475cc for both. I really wanted Dr. Weiner to be my surgeon but for those reasons I'm back to square one.

Still no boobs

It's been almost a year and my breasts may be even more saggy than before. I've had a lot of medical problems and have been hospitalized twice since October. I do have Crohn's disease and I am not healthy enough for surgery. I still want larger breasts and I'm still looking for different doctors and figuring out exactly what I want. I have been going back and forth about going smaller than I originally thought. I have decided I want to stay local with my surgeon and I'm not willing to drive any more than an hour. I would prefer in town though. Here's a photo of my breasts now.

Getting healthy

Once I get my inflammation under control and gain a few pounds I will start going on consultations. I lost about 15 pounds when I was already small to begin with. I'm now 107 (not by choice) and want to be around 115 in muscle. I'm really excited to have found Dr.Tattini. His before/after photos were great because none of them look the same so I know he truly gives for body type and wants of the patient. I found a bunch of results similar to what I want and can't wait to me with him.

Is less really more?

I still really love Mariah Longo's breast but I'm not sure if there too big for me. I ultimately want fullness and a natural look. The size isn't most important. If I can get fullness with less cc, I would be happy. I'm currently obsessed with Kylie Jenner's boobs. They look so natural (I believe they have been augmented). They're not too round or have too much projection. I don't want crazy cleavage but I want to be able to achieve good cleavage with the right bra.
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I haven't chose a surgeon yet.

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