BL No Implants - Chicago, IL

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I am starting my review after my pre op today. I...

I am starting my review after my pre op today. I had a breast reduction in my early 20s and after two kids wanted to be able to go braless, feel more comfortable in a bathing suit and just feel lighter. I decided to go without an implant because I have enough tissue and don't want to be larger at all. I know I'll have stretch marks and no upper pole fullness but I don't like the idea of being even a tiny bit bigger. I'll keep you all posted on how it goes. I am now a 34 D or 36 C and hoping to be a perky largish B when I am done.

One week to go

I am not too nervous. Just talking a few more pics to remember what I looked like and what to compare it to. I'll take some with clothing also.

All done!

Can't write now but it went well! I'll give the whole report soon.

Before and after pic,

I know it is so early. Day went fine, easy. I was in a fair amount of pain this morning but not too bad now at all. I told ps smaller is better and to make them a large B if possible.

Day 2 after surgery

I am really tired and feel itchy and uncomfortable. I was told no Advil and I don't want to take hydrocordone so I am just on Tylenol. I am hoping tomorrow will be a better day. I also think they are small and I know that is what I asked for but hoping when I lose weight they will look better. I am up 7 lbs from my normal weight.

More pics, healing well,

I am feeling pretty much back to normal except for wishing I had a good solution for a wireless bra. Most so far are a little uncomfortable. Tips would be great, my skin is sensitive. I can go without but like to have something. Otherwise, I will get stitches out in 3 days so I am curious how they will look without the steri strips, take care all!

Very happy with results

It is about 2 months post op and scars are more pronounced than the picture shows but I am really happy with them!
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