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All my life I have been a petite person, 5'2...

All my life I have been a petite person, 5'2 around 105lbs and 32A bra size. I have been self-conscious about my breast size for quite some time but I've never let it get in my way, I just make up for it in the push up department. However I am sick of taking of my VS Miraculous and having the sexy, feminine chest go with it, and also not being able to take it to the beach. My build is small, but my shoulders are on the broad side and I definitely have some hips. I feel getting the surgery will just complete what I feel on the inside and help me be more confident in my own skin, not to mention even out my proportions a little better.

I am traveling to Chicago (where my mom's fiance lives) for the surgery. Many people ask why...I have looked at many before and after photos of doctors in my area and have seen people/friends of mine with BA from local doctors and I just haven't seen the finished look that I want. I want them to look as natural as possible. I want to end with a large C small D but I don't want it to look like I shoved melons under my skin. I do have a fair amount of tissue on my chest so I don't feel worried that I am going to have that 'bones with two balls on my chest' type of look. This doctor seems to do the look that I am going for for almost all of his patients.

After doing a lot of searching on the internet, I have decided to go to Inverness, IL to see Dr. Chris Pelletiere on Wed March 20th for the consultation and having the surgery Thurs March 21st to be back in Buffalo Mon for work (a little nervous about that quick time but I hope it should be fine, he advised me I would be able to be back to work Monday after surgery on Thrusday as long as there is no heavy lifting, which there is not). The before and after photos were by far the best I had seen. Very nice looking and everyone looked even and natural in the end (even the ones that you would not think could be uneven, misshaped, bad nipples).

I am very nervous for the surgery because I have never had any type of surgery before besides getting my wisdom teeth out. The concerns I have are:

Will they look natural and even?
I don't want them to be too big or too small.
The fear if one gets damaged inside me.
And the general fear of surgery.
If anyone has any tips please share, I like to learn about these types of things so I know what to expect and to help calm my nerves. Very nervous but very excited and anxious. Will check back in when it gets closer. Flight is booked...eeeeek!

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