Can't Decide if Implants Are Right for Me -SCARED! - Chicago, IL

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Hello, I am a 22yr old with 2 daughters and I need...

Hello, I am a 22yr old with 2 daughters and I need some real advice on whether or not getting the girlies done is worth it. My biggest fear is going through it and later regretting I ever went plastic. I also watched something on TV about how patients have had their bodies reject the implants and it physically affected their health. Granted, I watched that probably 4yrs ago; but the thought is still lingering. I am currently 5"4 and 108lbs. I used to be a full and perky 34B..but those days were gone after I had my first daughter at 18. Now, I currently wear a 34A..a sagging 34A. I enjoy working out and staying fit so right now I'm leaning towards wanting the implants put over the muscle because the idea of them jumping around on my chest everytime my pectorals flex just doesn't sound appealing. My ultimate goal would be to get a lift and fill my boobies back to the 34B I once was!

So, I need some help ladies! It would crush me if I go through with this surgery with unrealistic expectations and then wonder why I later regretted it. I need to know the good, the bad, and the ugly. I am totally that girl who will end up standing in the bathroom mirror trying to decide if my nipples are even or lopsided, or any other crazy little detail.. I want to know the facts on the recovery. What to expect with the scarring and the swelling. Wantt to know everything, basically! Also, definately want to know if they even feel like boobies!

The real reason as to why I am considering this surgery? I guess it's like most. I just want to feel beautiful and sexy. As most of you would say, my husband thinks I am perfect the way I am. And even though it does mean a lot to me that he can say that I am doesn't change what I see and what I feel. We've decided 2 girls is enough and I guess I'm being kind of selfish, but at 22yrs old, I want to have my 18yr old boobies back! Why hangout with little ol' A's the rest of my life. I want to be able to not only have more confidence; but be able to feel sexy. Life is all about taking chances..

Btw, I'll post pictures soon.

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