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I have had my saline implants for 20 years. Other...

I have had my saline implants for 20 years. Other than a bit of hardening on one side, I haven't had any problems "specifically" related to them. I got them at a time in my life where they gave me some extra self confidence. I am tall and thin, and wanted a bustier look. Well, now I am over them, and tired of carrying around the extra weight! They don't tell you that normal bras don't fit you well because your implants weigh them down. Finding a good bra that was attractive always eluded me. I am now in my mid-40s and feel top heavy. After finding this forum, I realized I wasn't the only one out there!!

I found a surgeon from a physician's referral, and I am VERY comfortable with her. I am having a simple removal with a local anesthesia in October. I can hardly wait! I can't wait to wear simple bras again!

One more detail - I developed fibromyalgia in the years after my implants. Although it is managed with medication, I have always hoped that removing these things would help improve my condition. I would dearly like to get off all medication.

I don't regret getting implants. They served their purpose. It is now time to be rid of them! I have a wonderfully supportive husband who is a "leg man" anyway!

Here are my before pictures. Can't wait to post after pictures!!

Had Pre-Op Appt Today!

Today I had my pre-op appointment! Surgery is one month from today! The doctor was very patient and explained to me what to expect. She gave me all of the prescriptions that I would need to have filled prior to the surgery. She showed me where my incisions would be - just above the inframammary fold. I am having local anesthesia, so I will be awake during the procedure. She also said I would be wrapped in a bandage when I leave the hospital, and should keep myself wrapped for the first week. I can unwrap to shower, but rewrap after. After 1 week, I can wear a bra. She indicated that I didn't need a tight compression bra - the Genie bra I had on today (a smaller size) would be just fine. I see her the day after my procedure, so any questions that I have afterward, I can ask her then! I am very excited. No nerves. Hope the next month just flies by! Can't wait to post my new pictures. Thanks for all of your support!

4 more days!

Can't believe my day is coming up so quickly! Very excited to get my implants out. I am already looking at all the clothes in my closet that will fit me so much better! I'll keep you posted!

Implants Out!!!

Well, it was quite a day!!! I didn't have surgery until 2pm, so I was thankful to be able to eat breakfast. Since I wasn't having anesthesia (just a local), that wasn't a problem. We were 15 minutes late getting to the hospital - stressed me OUT. But once we got there I could relax.
The surgery nurses got me all ready. The doctor came in with a big smile on her face, and her wonderfully calm demeanor. She gave my hands a squeeze and made me feel so wonderful and taken care of. She asked the nurses to give me saline IV, and an antibiotic through the IV. I asked her about numbing cream, and they didn't have anything that would be strong enough. She said I shouldn't need it as the needle would be very small. Then she said see you in the OR!!

The surgical nurse came and wheeled me into the Operating Room. It was cold in there :). The doctor was there with her 3 nurses and they got me all set up so that I was SUPER comfortable. They put a drape in front of me so I couldn't see anything (probably not wanting me to freak out). One of the nurses stayed right at my side the whole time. The worst part was washing me with a COLD antibacterial wash - BRRR. The doctor was right, the needles were a big nothing. If you can get a flu shot, you can get a shot in your breast. After a few minutes, they were ready to go.

Being awake through surgery is definitely surreal. You hear your heart beating on the monitor, and feel things that aren't painful, just strange and uncomfortable. We chatted about our dogs during the surgery, and other topics. Almost a girl's night out, except having surgery...

The one thing that the doctor discovered was that my saline implants were "textured", and so they adhered like "velcro" to my tissue. She literally had to rip the velcro from the tissue, which felt very, very odd. Apparently, had they been smooth, they would have just slipped out. But no problem, they both came out intact. She promised to show them to me when we were done. I had some contraction in my right breast, and she removed some of it, but said oftentimes when you remove scar tissue, the body replaces it. Anyway, that smelled like burning hair...but again, no pain. Then, they flushed the cavity with wonderfully warm water (my favorite part) before they started stitching me up.

When they sat me up to put on the wrap, my doctor said I looked wonderful, very natural. I looked down and saw my stomach! No boobs in the way. She wrapped me in a gauze wrap and an ace bandage. The wrap is pretty tight. She showed me my 300cc implants. Wow! Other than having a bit of fleshy stuff on them, they looked absolutely pristine and BIG! I can't believe I put those things inside my body. I am so grateful that they are out. I go back to the doctor to see her tomorrow at 2pm for my Day 2 follow-up. She said she would take a picture of the implants with her iPhone for me. I will post it if I can.

Once we left the hospital, we detoured to get some lunch/dinner, since it was 3:30 and I was starving. I intended to take a pain pill with my lunch, but didn't have any pain, so didn't take it. I had a chicken salad and ice tea. Tasted wonderful. It is now 4 hours later and I still do not have any pain. So, no pills yet! I just had some jello made by my husband...my mom always made it when I was sick...and am watching baseball.

I feel wonderful! I can tell that I have plenty of tissue left, and it is a blessing to see a flatter chest!! I am so glad that I didn't have anesthesia. I feel that by being present during the explant, it was that much more meaningful, and I have a wonderful bond with my surgeon. Thanks for all your best wishes. I will definitely attach pictures and let you know how it goes tomorrow.

Post-Op and Unveiling on Day 2!

I saw my PS yesterday and she unwrapped me. I was thrilled at what I saw! Tiny little boobs - and they are so soft! I am so excited!! When I turned to show my husband I could see the fear in his eyes ( he is really squeamish) - but he smiled in relief that they looked so nice! I think he expected a bloody bruised mess. He couldn't see the incisions at all.

My PS was also pleased and said to keep myself wrapped tightly for 1 week and then I can wear a sports bra. I go for my next post op in 2 weeks.

I showered this morning (which felt great) and then my husband re-wrapped me. I feel very comfy with this tight wrap. As my PS said, the goal for niw is to prevent bleeding and rest. I definitely am much more comfortable lying down. I have no pain, which is wonderful!

I am so happy with my decision!! Little saggy light boobs are WAY better than big heavy saggy boobs - no more industrial strength bras!!

More photos

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Darn photos...

Okay, last one for now. Having posting problems - totally iPhone's fault!

One Week Post!

It has been one week since I got my implants out. I am now able to wear a sports bra! I went to Target and tried on tons of bras. I LOVE the one I found (pictured) and only $16.99. I got a black one as well. Extremely comfortable. I am a medium as I am very long waisted.

I see my PS next week for a second post-op.

I feel great and am absolutely thrilled! I wish I had done this years ago!!

8 Weeks Post

Wow - I can't believe that it has only been 8 weeks since my operation! It feels like I have been this way forever! I barely even think about my chest anymore!! I have gone from a 34DD to a 34C, and I expect changes will continue. I went and bought a "normal bra" at Target - I would never have thought I could wear such a "flimsy" bra again! No more titanium steel support required!

I have noticed that my skin is retracting, and my breasts have lifted about an inch since the surgery. I am so glad I didn't go for a lift. Less trauma, less drama.

Unfortunately, my fibromyalgia hasn't disappeared... But, I am certain that having the implants out was the right choice. I am working out, eating healthy, and doing all the things that hopefully will help with my FM. I go to a new rheumatologist next week, and am interested to hear what she says!

Here are a couple of pictures.

Almost 3 months Post

Sorry I haven't been posting much - it has been a busy last month! And really nothing new to report. I am still THRILLED with my explant results. I feel fantastic. I am working with a rheumatologist on my Fibromyalgia issues and I am managing it better on different meds. My breasts keep moving up little by little (no pun intended). I am completely happy with them and am SO thankful for this Forum giving me the courage to explant! Thanks everyone! Happy New Year!

Dr. Iliana Sweis - Northbrook, Illinois. (A close suburb of Chicago). Absolutely wonderful. Listened to what I wanted and didn't try to sell me on something else. Soothing bedside manner and impressive credentials. I wouldn't change a thing!!

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