21 Years Old Wanting Breast Implants Out! - Chicago, IL

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Two years ago when I was 19 I was in a really...

Two years ago when I was 19 I was in a really different place then I am in now. When I look back I definitely had some body issues and obsessions. All I wanted was to be perfect. I placed so much of who I was towards my outer appearance. Growing up my whole life guys would comment about my body or my physical attributes mainly my butt and I thought thats all I was and that getting implants would just make me even better, so I decided to take my perky little Bs and make them into full Ds. In the last two years I have learned so much. Ive grown as a person mainly through painful experiences love hardships but most importantly loss. I loss someone in my immediate family and it made me reflect on the meaning of life. What matters in life is your heart, helping others and just being a kind person. I want to be noticed for my inward beauty.. my soul not my body. I took up yoga and working out and it turned into my medicine. As I continue to grow as a person I know these implants don't serve me anymore. I miss my natural body, my soft body, my REAL body. Yoga has made me love who I am mistakes and all. I don't want implants to interfere with my practice, It Bothers me when I do postures and feel suffocated by my implants. The thought of eventually going on a run without implants again make my heart smile. I feel like all I do is hide them so there is no point in having them anymore. Personally, having fake boobs make me feel like a fake person and I can't shake that feeling but with that being said of course I would NEVER judge someone else that had them. I know we all get implants for different reasons but for my life journey something inside me is telling me to take them out. Im going through all this alone and its scary. My friends can't relate because they dont have them, I dont have a significant other so its just me and realself. Reading other peoples stories has given me more confidence in my decision but with all that being said sometimes I do still doubt myself. I didn't get small implants (480cc) and although I'm ready to love myself and what I had before I don't know if I will go back to what I was before. Im scared my breast will be stretched to my bellybutton for all I know. Im stronger as a person but will I still be able to feel okay if I look distorted? My implants are under my pec muscle will that be damaged forever?Sometimes I think I should just get 200cc saline small implants put in instead even thought thats not what I really want because I'm scared I won't be able to emotionally handle a very bad result. Im still young and like to go to the beach with friends.. will I ever be able to wear a bathing suit again? ANYWAY I'm sorry for rambling. I have my consultation with Dr Mussat and I'm hoping she will offer me some clarity and helpful guidance.

Current picture of me with 480cc

9 days until consultation

I went through with it

I am three days post op. Feedback appreciated

3 days post op removal

Does it get better?

Can't believe these were inside me.

So unnatural and wrong to have OBJECTS in your body. I am shocked I lived two years with this in my body. It is a new beginning now and I promise to never intentionally harm my body again out of vanity. . It is no wonder I had trouble sleeping, shortness of breath, and anxiety... on the road to recovery and praying that god forgives me for messing with his perfect design. We are all perfect the way we are made. Lesson learned.

Imperfection is beauty

The difference is shocking! One week post op implant removal. I know I will never have exact same boobs as I did before my augmentation. I will always have an incision scar, and won't be as perky. My real boobs aren't perfect but they are mine and I am sure happy to be healing up and moving on with my life. I'm mainly posting this because this sight helped me when I was considering taking them out& I would like to help others! Good luck to everyone :)
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