27 Years Old, No Kids, 5'6", 142 Lbs, Liposuction of Abdomen, Flanks, Inner & Outer Thighs, Fat Transfer to Breasts. Chicago, IL

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This journey started out originally with just...

This journey started out originally with just wanting liposuction of my lower abdomen underneath my belly button and flanks, as these have been problem areas my whole life. No matter how much weight I lost, how much I exercised, or how much I starved myself, including becoming anorexic at several points, they would never go away. I have thought about getting liposuction for about the past 10 years and only now that I have a stable job am I able to have the time/money to proceed with it. So I scheduled two consultations where I currently live for just liposuction. I wasn't happy with either consultation as the one woman was inexperienced with no before/after photos, and the other surgeon did not really communicate what kind of results he thought I could expect. I was considering with just going ahead with it when I stumbled upon fat grafting to breasts, which I had never even heard of before. I realized that if I was going to get liposuction either way I should consider adding on fat transfer to my breasts if possible at the same time.
My breasts have always been small, probably due to my eating disorder during puberty, but I have never disliked them. Sure, I always wished they were larger and that I could fit in cute bras and swimsuits, but I had never really seriously considered breast augmentation prior to this. As I am a physician I have seen the other side of breast implants, including all the complications and risks of infection and repeat surgeries, so I have never wanted implants. I also just don't like the idea of having a foreign object in my body, as it might feel uncomfortable. Fat grafting really sounded like the perfect solution: both liposuction AND breast augmentation at the same time!
So I drove to Chicago to meet with Dr. Placik. The experience was wonderful, the office staff were very nice and the nurses knew almost as much about the procedure as I did. When I initially scheduled the consultation I was worried because the receptionist said he only likes to do the procedure on women with BMIs from 25-35, and mine is more like 22-23, but I figured I would give it a shot. The whole appointment took close to 2.5 hours, as I had to fill out paperwork and then watch a DVD on breast augmentation with a quiz afterwards that he had made. In the consultation room there were 3 huge binders with before/after pictures, which I really appreciated. Dr. Placik was wonderful and explained that he has done about 50 fat transfers to breasts, but he's different from most in that he has injected up to 500 ccs per each breast, while most doctors only do about 250 ccs. He said I could expect to retain 50-80% of the fat transferred if I use to BRAVA system before and after surgery. I was surprised that when he examined my stomach he said I have a "beautiful" "feminine" stomach and there wasn't much he could do for it, actually recommended Zeltiq. He measured all the donor sites, which will include my lower stomach, flanks, and inner thighs. He did mention that 6/50 patients did have complications including fat cysts that required aspiration. I tried on the 250 cc insert, which he said I could expect my results to be, and for me it was a HUGE improvement.
I'm so excited for this procedure now, and I just hate that I have to wait until my vacation in May to do it. I don't have to visit Chicago again until the day of surgery. I will have to purchase the BRAVA system on my own through the website. He will need to see me again 3 days post-op and again 1-2 weeks later.
My concerns so far are just that the liposuction is just as important to me as the breast augmentation and I hope I emphasized that enough during the consultation. I'm not exactly sure how to get in touch with him with questions, so I've e-mailed the nursing coordinator and hopefully she will relay my questions to him. Right now I am ~141 lbs, 5'6". I would ideally like to weigh 135 lbs before my procedure to be at my ideal weight, but I also don't want to lose too much so that he can't harvest enough fat.

Update #1

Just wanted to post an update! About 1 week after scheduling my surgery date, Dr. Placik's coordinator e-mailed me to tell me he would actually be out of town that day so I had to reschedule, which was disappointing. At first I was really worried because I had chosen a Saturday because it would have been done at a different hospital with an anesthesia fee $1000 less expensive. I'm very grateful that Dr. Placik and his staff were able to reschedule my surgery for that Monday and were able to give me an additional discount to match the previously quoted price.
The office has been very prompt in responding to my questions and the few times I had questions for Dr. Placik his coordinator e-mailed me back his responses within a few days. They have sent out a large packet with all of my pre-op and post-op instructions. I had to sign a bunch of forms and send them back, including the consent form. I have to stop my birth control a whole month prior to surgery which won't be fun. I'm also not allowed to drink alcohol for 1 week before or after. I have to take a multivitamin every day and vitamin C twice daily for two weeks prior to surgery. The coordinator asked if I'd be able to come to Chicago before starting Brava to get before pictures taken but I doubt I'll have time, so she said I could take them on my own against a black background and send them.
The office also just sent out the black hand pump I'm supposed to use with the Brava system. I'm still not sure how I should use Brava, for example, how many hours/day, how to use the black hand pump, whether I need to wear it on the day of surgery, whether I need to wear it afterwards, etc. I plan on trying to find time to call Sherri the nurse to talk to her more about it. I will probably order Brava in the next few weeks and plan to start using it the beginning of April.
I'm definitely getting more nervous and excited about the surgery and I just hope everything turns out the way I'm expecting. I can't help but worry about what will happen if I get oil cysts or fat necrosis but so many people have achieved fantastic results and I know Dr. Placik will do the best job and I'll be safe in his hands.
Still trying to lose 3-5 lbs before surgery but I'm only down 0.5 lbs since my last post, although weight lifting more. I guess it's a good thing that my weight is stable but I'd still like to lose a few more pounds from other areas like my face and legs if possible, although overall I would be happy staying at this weight once the areas of excess fat on my hips are removed.
Will keep everyone updated as I order Brava and continue on this journey.

Starting brava

I received Brava in the mail several weeks ago. To my astonishment, my measurements qualified me for the XL domes, which are huge! The box arrived with everything including the two domes, the sport box, tubing, filters, skin wipes, skin wash, dome cleanser, and bra. Also an instructional DVD which was helpful and an instruction book. Unfortunately the sport set does not come with a dome holder; instead you just have to let them dry in two cardboard cut-outs sent with the system, which is kind of annoying. Before starting Brava yesterday I called the Brava couch Darlene to make an appointment. It took about 1 hour to go through everything, but she walked me through all the steps, from the skin prep, placing the domes, and removing and cleaning them. She was super nice and patient and answered all my questions. It was kind of strange though that when I called the hotline initially she refused to talk about the black hand pump because it's not FDA approved, but once she called me on her cell phone she did talk about it, probably because it wasn't being monitored.
Putting them on for the first time was overwhelming and I was paranoid that I wasn't placing them correctly. The domes are huge and there is probably like 4 inches of space to the front of the domes. Since I am starting the system about 1 week early (5 weeks before surgery) she said I should take my time starting out, and to only start with 6 hours for the first night and work my way up to 10 hours by adding 1 hour per day. She told me to add an additional squeeze of the hand pump after the sportbox reached pressure. For about the first 2-3 hours I barely felt anything, but once I was around 5-6 hours I started developing moderate pain around my right armpit where the dome was digging in. I had to remove them at that point. Today I have applied a small piece of Tegaderm I stole from work (lol) over that area, so we'll see if that helps the pain. I definitely hate wearing them, and I feel short of breath because of the negative pressure. I can barely do anything around the house because if you move your arms too far laterally or medially it can cause loss of suction.
After I am able to tolerate 10 hours/day for a few days I'm supposed to start cycling with the black hand pump. I'm not totally sure about how to do this yet, so I'll update once I've started. Darlene also said I should try to wear Brava 12-14 hours daily on weekends, and for 20 hours the 3 days prior to surgery. I'm even supposed to show up at the OR with the system on.
As far as other things I've purchased, I bought the Aloe Life gel off of amazon, which I have been using instead of the skin prep wipes. I also bought Aveeno moisturizer for after I take the domes off, and Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo for cleaning my skin before. Darlene also suggested moisturizing my skin afterwards with coconut oil. As I said before, I also have a bunch of Tegaderm from work as well as medical-grade skin moisturizer which I'll try.
I also spoke with Sherri today, who didn't have much else to add, but did say I should send pictures every week to keep them updated on my expansion, and emphasized the use of the black bulb. She said several patients recently have not been using the hand bulb and Dr. Placik has been frustrated by this because their expansion has been poor.
Well that's it for now. Can't believe surgery is coming so soon. My first payment is due in a few days, scary.

Brava end of week #1

Here is a picture of my results after 1 week of wearing Brava. I worked my way slowly up to 10 hours/day. The first day I only wore it for 6 hours, then 7, then 8, then 10. At first I only added half a pump of extra pressure. Now I am adding 2-3 pumps extra on top of the sport box. I have been periodically adding extra pumps for as long as I can tolerate. I do think I can see results immediately after removing Brava, and so does my husband. I now almost fill out my B-cup bra in the morning.
The only thing I'm stressed out about is the protocol for using the hand pump. I wasn't given detailed instructions on how to use the hand pump, just that I should pump until it feels uncomfortable. Darlene said I should cycle the hand pump to max. pressure for 3 minutes then rest for 15 seconds 2 times a day, each time for 90 minutes, but that I should contact my doctor's office for detailed instructions because she's not legally allowed to instruct use of the hand pump. So I'm not really sure what to do right now and I wish they gave me a pressure gauge so I could tell if I'm increasing my pressure daily. I'm thinking about having my husband go to a hardware store tomorrow to try to find one that would fit the tubing.
Darlene also said I shouldn't start cycling until 3 weeks out, so I guess for this week I'll just try to keep increasing the pressure slowly. When I did try cycling to max pressure yesterday it was exceedingly painful and it felt like my skin was going to burst open, so I don't think I'm ready for it yet.
I went out to Target to buy a spandex post-op bra and a big, baggy sweatshirt I could use to wear over Brava. I have to admit it's kind of depressing wearing Brava right now with the weather becoming so warm and all of my friends getting together after work and on weekends. I did find time to go out for a few hours on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon though. I just hope this is all worth it.

Brava week #2

Everything still going well, now wearing BRAVA 10-12 hours/day, and cycling for 3 hours toward the end of the week. No skin problems yet.

Brava week #3

Wore Brava 11-12 hours/day, cycling 3 hours daily and up to 5 hours at maximum pressure towards the end of the week.

Two more weeks left before surgery. This week I'm going to try to wear it for 13-14 hours daily and cycle for 5-7 hours. Just wish I had more time at home when I wasn't asleep to cycle. Maybe that's where the turbo pump would come in handy.

I can't believe surgery is only 2 weeks away. I'm trying to stay positive even after reading some of the negative updates on here recently. Even if I only love my liposuction results with minor breast results I'll still be happy with my choice. I figure I can always opt for breast implants later if I see myself immediately post-op and love it. I'm worried I will be disappointed as the swelling improves, like so many other women. Still you have to keep in mind where you started off at, and in comparison to that right now I'm probably double my initial size. I'm currently filling out my victoria's secret 34B bras entirely in the morning and they may be getting a tad small actually. It's so exciting to actually see cleavage in a push-up bra!

The surgery is finally all-paid for. I got my prescriptions in the mail today for antibiotics, pain killers, zofran, and ativan (lol). I have been taking a multivitamin for the past 2 weeks and have stopped taking my birth control pills. I'm definitely dreading getting my period without being able to use ibuprofen. I forgot that I'm supposed to take extra vitamin C in addition to the multivitamin so I'll pick a bottle up tonight. I still need to pick up the antibiotic soap I need to use before and after surgery.

I just hope this all is worth it. *fingers crossed*

Brava week #4

Wore brava on average 13.5 hours daily, cycling about 6 hours daily. It really has been difficult wearing the system at such high pressure. At times it feels like my nipple is going to explode, and my nipples have become very irritated because now they are starting to touch the inside of the domes. I'm going to wear BRAVA for 14 hours daily this week and after work on Friday will wear the domes continuously until my surgery on Monday morning, with short breaks for showers.

Brava problems

So for the past day or two my nipples have been touching the medial part of the dome. I've had success repositioning the domes by shifting them down about 1/2 inch to try to make my nipples more centered. Today however, no matter what they were still touching, and I basically starting freaking out. So I called Darlene's cell phone. I thought I had already had the largest size domes, but it turns out I actually only have wide/L. If I had known that I probably would have ordered the XL domes about a week ago but I thought I was already using the largest size! So now I ordered the XL domes in with overnight shipping, and they should get here on Thursday morning. That still gives me 4 full days (the most important ones, too), to use the new domes. I figure I'll probably also need the larger size after surgery when I'm so swollen, so I would have needed a second set anyways. This set is starting to break down under the pressure at this point. I had real difficulty keeping the right dome from caving under on the side near my armpit. Right now the only way to wear them at max pressure without my nipples touching is by laying on my back at all times, which is pretty uncomfortable. I can't wait to get my new set in so I can stop worrying. So stressed out right now. I just hope the old pair lasts through tomorrow!

Brava, new domes

I got my new wide,XL domes in the mail today, and I'm currently wearing them! They definitely have given me more room for expansion and my nipples are not yet touching although getting close. Since the new domes are a bit longer, the left one has been caving in pretty badly on the lateral side under maximum pressure, which didn't happen with the last set of domes. So to counter-act this, I had my husband squeeze the dome's plastic into a circle (new domes are oval-shaped) and place duct tape around it tightly to keep it in place. This has helped a lot. I've read that some people make "haloes" with metal around the rim, but I'm not sure how to do that, so I'll stick with duct tape for now. Man keeping expansion going under these high pressures just keeps getting more complicated! I can't wait to be done with the hand pump once at for all! I feel like I've just been cranky at home for the past couple of weeks and feel bad for my husband who has had to put up with this whole thing. It's also been SO hard this past few weeks, since a lot of my friends have been going out for happy hour after work and I haven't been able to join. Tomorrow after work I'll put on Brava and leave it on ALL weekend until I shower before surgery on Sunday night, after which I'll put it back on. I actually have to wear it into the surgery center on Monday morning. We are driving up to Chicago on Saturday afternoon. I have to get all of my prescriptions filled on Saturday. Because I'm out of a state they couldn't fill the narcotic and benzo prescription so have to wait until I'm in Illinois.
I've been contacted several times by Dr. Placik's office to go over pre-op instructions. I'm glad they have been so on the ball. I have been e-mailing back and forth with Shari, his nurse, to keep her updated on my expansion, and they seem very happy with my progress. Maybe Dr. Placik will be able to put even more than 500 cc in each breast! I guess we will see.

Brava domes caving in

Like I mentioned before, I had problems with the domes caving in on the sides today again under max pressure. My husband and I tried duct tape, which did help, but not totally. So he went out and bought some metal ring that's supposed to go over vacuum hose and tightened it with a screw driver. That has really helped to reinforce the dome, and it's currently no longer caving in. Whew.

1 day pre-op

So we finally arrived in the hotel in Chicago. It's a beautiful day here and definitely hard to stay in the hotel room on such a nice night. I'm now on hour #30 of continuous Brava wear, so halfway through! I have been cycling since 10 AM. I am in such severe pain right now, I can't even describe it. It's like a throbbing pain in my sternum and around the sides of the domes. I decided to take the domes off just to wash my skin because I was quite sweaty, and HOLY CRAP my breasts have never been so huge, they look like DDDs or something. Some white discharge is on my right nipple, not sure what that's about. As you can see, I have a whole lot of bruising now around the edges of the domes, and that's probably what's so painful right now. I'm going to let my skin rest for a few hours on just sportbox pressure and then cycle some more until bed time. I am so looking forward to a nice long shower tomorrow night before surgery. My mom has also flown in to help me out, and my husband is here too. They picked me up some turkey chili for dinner which was really nice. My husband also dropped off all my prescriptions tonight and will pick them up tomorrow.

<1 day pre-op

Freaking out, in a minor way. I was out all day with my husband and my mom driving around the city. We went to check out the new apartment where we are moving in 1 month, but I was too embarrassed to go inside, so just stayed in the care while my husband went inside to show my mom. I have been feeling nauseous all day today and yesterday and had some diarrhea today, which I think is due to the vitamin C pills I've been taking, so not pleasant. I'm just so uncomfortable and sweaty right now. My BRAVA smells nasty from wearing it so long without cleaning it, and I cannot wait to take a shower omg!!!
Then I started second-guessing myself, like, think about how easy it would have been to just get implants. No torture for 1 month before, no burden on my social life, no pain, no discomfort. Guaranteed results, in fact. Why am I putting myself through all this misery and humiliation? I guess I just want to avoid all of the complications that come along with implants; the last thing I would want is to have implants placed and then develop capsular contracture, or worse, rupture, and have repeat surgeries for years. I also just don't want a foreign object in my body and like the feel of real, natural tissue. Then I start worrying about the liposuction, if enough will be taken off, if I will be satisfied with my results, etc. It's scary placing your life in someone else's hands entirely, basically trusting a team of strangers to not only give you what you are paying for but hope they will do their absolute best to achieve perfection. There are so many thoughts going through my head right now. I'm also excited, though! I have been bogged down by my body image for so long. I am ready to be 100% happy with myself. I have waited for this for 10 years and now the time is finally here.
Anyways, my plan is to shower tonight with this nasty Hibiclens antiseptic soap, shave everything, and wash and blow-dry my hair. I'll clean the brava domes and then put them back on afterwards. I have my bag mostly packed with all of my medications, and I'll take 1 keflex and dramamine tonight. I also have in my bag the brava box to place the domes in once they are taken off, the brava cleanser, a large towel to cover the car seat, contact lens case with glasses, a change of underwear, and some dry cereal and water. They are supposed to provide me with the compression garments there after surgery.

Surgery day

Yesterday was my surgery day! I'm going to try to give a detailed description of how it all went.

We woke up at 4:45 AM. I got dressed in pajama pants and a zip-up sweatshirt which I wore over the Brava domes. We then drove out to the Arlington Heights office, which was about a 40 minute drive from downtown. We waited in the parking lot until 6:30 and then walked into Dr. Placik's office, which is on the 3rd floor of the Busse center of Northwest Community Hospital. As soon as we arrived in the office one of the nurses greeted me, very friendly and nice, and took us back to the same exam room that I was in for my pre-op appointment. I had to fill out a few forms with my information and medical history. Then she ran through my medications and had me take a bunch of pills with a small sip of water. Next I had to remove my clothes and put on a paper gown that opened in the front, knee-high socks, surgical booties, and a hair net (pictures below). We waited in the room for a while (my husband was in there with me, but my mom went out to the waiting room), maybe 10 minutes, until Dr. Placik came in!

Dr. Placik was quite impressed with my improvisation with the Brava domes and said he's never seen someone have to reinforce the domes like I had to. He was definitely happy with my expansion. He even mentioned that he was following my progress as I sent in weekly updates to his nurse Shari. Most people apparently do not use Brava as religiously as I did; he said I am one of his most compliant patients. He said the last person flew in from another state and had hardly used it at all, and he could tell because there was no bruising and the rims were not broken in at all, which I'm sure is very frustrating for him.

Then he had me take off the domes and started marking me up for surgery. We discussed all of my problem areas again. I was worried before that he would not be aggressive enough and just take out enough fat required for grafting, but he was very responsive to my suggestions. At the last appointment we agreed on liposuction of my flanks, lower abdomen, and inner thighs. This time however he suggested we also include my upper abdomen to help sculpt my stomach. He was concerned actually that he might not be able to harvest enough fat to inject 500 cc in each breast! I was really surprised because I could have sworn I gained a few pounds since January, but apparently not. He asked if we could also include my outer thighs, so of course I was like yes! Take out as much as you can! Lol. No seriously, I was like do whatever you have to do to get enough fat for grafting. He said I would have 7 incisions I believe. I also asked if he could create some cleavage and he said absolutely. So basically all of my worries about the liposuction were relieved at that time! Of course I didn't think at that time about all the pain that was going to be involved with the thigh liposuction, but oh well, it will be worth it.

Next after he marked me up he took a bunch of pictures from all sides, maybe 8 or so. Then that was it! He left the room and told me to put the Brava back on; I actually had to wear it into the OR. After a little while longer waiting it was time for me to go back. I was surprised that the OR was actually just across the hall from the exam room, but how convenient! I walked in and laid down on the OR table, at which time the anesthesiologist came in and put an IV in my left hand the first try. I was a little surprised that I did not meet the anesthesiologist beforehand as I had expected, but it wasn't a big deal I guess. Dr. Placik came in then and held my hand as I was put under anesthesia, which was really sweet, I really appreciated that. The anesthesiologist gave me some IV medications and put a mask over my face and next thing I knew I was totally out. I remember absolutely nothing about the surgery. The first time I recall returning to consciousness was in a recovery room sitting in a very uncomfortable chair. All I felt was severe pain everywhere. It was indescribable. I was shivering uncontrollably and moaning in pain, The worst part was in my thighs and hips, nothing else hurt besides my upper abdomen. Looking down, I noticed that I was dressed in a black compression garment that was fairly tight around my thighs and abdomen, and loose around the bra portion. Large pieces of foam were also inserted under the garment around the incisions. I remember Dr. Placik talking to me about how the surgery went but I was so out of it I hardly remember anything he said. And then apparently my husband almost passed out when he saw me!!!! He had to go sit down in the waiting room and eat some crackers and juice. I don't remember it happening but he said he couldn't bear the sight of me in such pain. I tried to get up but the pain my legs was so bad that I wasn't able to walk so they wheeled me out to the car in a wheelchair.

The car ride back to the hotel was probably one of the most painful experiences in my life. I really wanted to stretch out my legs but I couldn't. All I wanted to do was get back to the hotel room, but there was a lot of traffic, and I was really regretting staying downtown rather than somewhere in Arlington Heights. Every bump in the road hurt, and I was crying from the pain. I had NO idea that liposuction would hurt so bad. I of course expected some soreness but nothing like this. Then I realized that I had to pee REALLY bad but I was already in the car. The compression garment has a hole in the crotch and I was not wearing underwear so I finally had to stick the basin you would usually use for vomiting under me and I urinated into that. I had pretty good aim lol! I did get some urine on the car seat though, so it was a good thing we put a towel down under me. We had to dump the urine out the window LOL. I also got some urine inside of the compression garment, which I was really worried about, but the nurse we spoke to later said it wasn't a problem.

We finally got back to the hotel and they had a wheelchair there that we used to wheel me up to the room. Ahhh sweet relief to lay down in a king size comfy bed. The nurse called pretty shortly and said it was fine for me to take up to 3 Norco every 4 hours the first day if the pain is bad. So at first I took 3 Norco and that helped a lot. After that I started taking just 2. My shivering continued for about an hour even in bed with all the covers on, but this was apparently a common reaction from anesthesia. I took a valium, which relieved the shivering after a while. That night I didn't feel nauseous at all. I drank about 1 liter of gatorade as instructed by Dr. Placik (he actually wanted me to drink 2). The biggest lifesaver though was when my mom went out to buy me a sippy cup from Walgreens!! I cannot tell you how awesome the sippy cup is. I have a really hard time sitting up with all of the abdominal wall pain, so the only way I'm able to drink anything without spilling is with a toddler's sippy cup lol!!! I HIGHLY recommend it. The first thing I ate was a milano cookie my husband bought for me, it was SO good. Later on in the night I ate some chicken noodle soup and a chicken skewer. And finally my husband picked me up pinkberry chocolate hazelnut froyo which was the BEST.

To my surprise, Dr. Placik called my cell phone around 5 PM to check up on me. I really appreciated that and just further shows what a good, caring person he is. He told me about the surgery. I was in the OR for 5 hours and removed about 3L of fat, although some of it was just fluid so it could have been more like 2L of pure fat. While he was marking me up he didn't think he would be able to remove much fat from my abdomen because I looked pretty thin apparently (lol), but it turns out there was a lot in there, like 600 cc! He said he was really surprised and that I carried it well LOL. He also did lipo on my upper abdomen. He said there were a lot of "stubborn" fat pockets in that area that were very difficult to remove and that's why the surgery took longer. He had to make an extra incision below my breast crease to remove it all. He said he also sculpted my stomach along the rectus muscles to give the appearance of some muscular tone. I was really excited to hear this, especially when he said all the OR nurses were really jealous of my abs when he was done. He told my husband he was very proud of his work on my stomach. I'm SO happy that he really went above and beyond to give me a great result, because I'm sure it would have been so much easier to just suck out the fat needed for grafting and ignore the cosmetic result of the liposuction, which is what I was most afraid of. He took the most fat out of both of my sides/flanks, which is where most of my fat is. I think he removed 600 or 700 from each side! Wow. We didn't talk about this beforehand, but he let me know that after sculpting my stomach/sides I actually had some fatty deposits over my mons pubis, which no longer looked proportional, so he went ahead and removed fat there as well. Again, I feel like he went above and beyond and I'm so happy I chose Dr. Placik. He also performed liposuction over my outer and inner thighs, and removed about 200-250 cc in each area.
As far as my breasts, he injected 750 cc into my right breast and 650 cc into my left breast. He thought that from looking at my photos I had been sending in that my left breast was larger than my right, and that was definitely the case, although I had never noticed it before using Brava. I was thrilled!! He thought he might only get enough fat to inject 500 in each one before surgery, and I could barely believe it when he said 750!!! He thinks I will probably end up retaining about 350 cc. I saw his sheet which actually showed that he injected only 10 cc at a time, so he had a tally running for each breast, which shows just how meticulous he is. He said he also injected a lot on the medial aspect to create cleavage. I haven't really had a good look at them yet because I've been too tired/sore. I am planning on trying to put Brava on again tonight if I feel up to it, which would be about 30 hours out from surgery. Darlene recommends putting it back on within 48-72 hours and wearing it for 3 days.
Anyways I'm getting too tired to keep writing right now so will update more later.

Putting Brava back on

Put Brave back on (domes upside down) with just the sport box. Some leaking of fluid. It's still no fun.

POD #0, 1, 2

As i said before, liposuction is definitely the worst part of all of this. From other reviews I never really got the impression that it was too painful, maybe just a bit sore. I, on the other hand, have had a pretty rough time of it. It's been difficult to sit up from laying down because of pain in my abdominal area, so my husband has had to pull me up with my arms. The first day I could take maybe one step into the wheelchair and then my husband would wheel me over to the bathroom right next to the toilet. Sitting down on the toilet was excruciating because that's where the liposuction was done. Thank god for this crotchless compression garment, whoever thought of that was a genius. So basically the first night I just laid in bed except for getting up to pee about every 2 hours. The best part of that night though was that it was Monday and the season premiere of the Bachelorette was on!!! What a great way to spend my night laying in bed, I love that show wholeheartedly and shamelessly. Except I fell asleep halfway through.
The next day I woke up and had been feeling a little bit better, was able to walk maybe 2 or 3 steps, but still had to be wheeled around the hotel room to the bathroom. Still was in extreme pain trying to sit up in bed. The 1st post-op day was in some ways actually worse than the day or surgery, as I felt really nauseous all day. i was able to keep down some fruit and go lean crunch for breakfast. For lunch they brought me back a salad from Freshii and I ate the whole thing but soon after that I felt extremely nauseous. I wasn't really able to eat anything else the rest of the day even with taking 2 zofran. I could only take a few bites of my Pinkberry, and that's saying something. I was still taking 1-2 Norco every 4 hours around the clock as well as valium every 8 hours, and antibiotics twice daily. The valium made me really sleepy so I faded in and out of sleep all day, kind of in a haze. I have also been taking 2 gel capsules of docusate stool softener every day since Monday. I have been passing a lot of gas but still no BM yet. My husband just went out to buy me some milk of magnesia and mineral oil, which hopefully should help. Then yesterday around 5 PM I decided to put the Brava back on, which I was able to wear for about 8 hours. It was a bit painful to wear it again. I also leaked a bit of serous fluid out of the sides of the domes so had to lay on towels.
By the way, I should mention again how great the nurse has been. We have been texting her a lot the past few days. She even answered our text at 3 AM last night about the Brava. When I took Brava off, a lot of the steri strips underneath my breasts that were placed over the injection sites stuck to the Brava domes when I took them off. I kind of freaked out about that, and we put the strips back on as best as we could. I was also worried because it looked like the domes left a small impression over my sternum, which I worried might have been an indent in where the fat was injected. So we asked her if those things were ok/normal and she said yes, the indent will go away, and it's fine to leave the steri strips off if they fall off. Anyways I've been very impressed by how responsive they have been to all of our questions.
Today, POD #2, I have been doing much better. I have been able to walk all the way to the bathroom and back and pee on my own. I've been walking around the room a bit as well. I ate some scrambled eggs and cereal for breakfast and don't feel nauseous yet. I'm REALLY itchy because of the sponges in this compression garment and cannot wait to get it off tomorrow. Pretty soon I am going to get up to brush my teeth and wash my face. I'm planning to put Brava back on in a few hours as well after my mom leaves for the airport. I just took a cocktail of mineral oil and milk of magnesia so hopefully that will resolve the constipation issue. I'm no longer taking valium, but still taking 1 Norco every 4 hours. I have my post-op appointment tomorrow, after which I can shower. I was planning on driving home tomorrow but we might end up staying an extra day if I don't feel up to the 6.5 hour car ride.
I'm sure you all want to see pictures of my results but I'm so sleepy right now I can't even find the energy to look at the results myself. Plus I am so swollen everywhere, my thighs look like tree trunks-they are probably twice the size they normally are. Ok I'm drowsing off now will post more later.

POD # 2 Photos

POD # 3

Today I had my post-op appointment at Dr. Placik's office! Last night I worse Brava again at sport box pressure for 12 hours. When I woke up around 5:30 I was in a bit of pain around the right dome so I decided to just take them off. I'm glad I did because it turns out that for the first time I actually developed a small blister under the plastic seal. It wasn't a bad blister, and it hardly hurts, but I was just surprised that it happened now at the lowest pressure. Maybe it happened because my breast tissue is already so tight and expanded? As far as other events the day before, not much happened. I spent most of the day in bed. My husband washed my hair in the sink which felt amazing. I had a better appetite and drank a protein shake and ate a chipotle bowl for dinner. I also took 2 dulcolax and milk of magnesia with mineral oil twice. I watched the survivor finale, which was another good distraction. Still took 1 Norco every 4 hours, no longer taking valium or zofran.
My follow up appointment was at 9:30, so we left around 8. For anyone wondering what to wear to this appointment, it's a good idea to have something pretty loose and stretchy both around the waist and the legs. I wore one of my Bobeau maxi skirts http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/bobeau-asymmetric-knit-maxi-skirt-regular-petite/3184439 which worked really well to hide the bulky compression garment underneath. I also wore a cute pink plaid button-up shirt as my top. I still had to be wheeled down to the car from the hotel room, which was a little embarrassing, but less embarrassing than wearing the giant Brava domes.
When I walked into the office, there was another man in the waiting room, likely waiting for his wife/significant other to be done with surgery, as Thursday is one of Dr. Placik's OR days. I was shortly taken back into a different exam room I hadn't been in before. This one had a higher reclining chair, a sink, and other post-op supplies. His nurse helped me undress and removed the compression garment. I then had to lay back on the chair while she removed my stitches. I started to get light-headed and had a vasovagal reaction, broke out into a sweat, and felt nauseous. The nurse gave me a few ice packs on my chest and head and some water and crackers, which helped. It was definitely uncomfortable, and it felt odd when she showed me how to massage my sides, as they felt really numb but also painful at the same time. She then had me stand up to take some more post-op pictures, but I felt light-headed again so she said it was fine to sit down and they would just take more pictures next time.
She gave me a new compression garment. They only had larges in stock, which seemed a little loose on my thighs, so she said they would send me a medium once they received their new shipment. She answered all the rest of our questions including the following: I can start taking motrin 2 weeks post-op, birth control and alcohol 10 days post-op; I have to wear the surgical compression garment 24/7 except when showering for 2 weeks then it's fine to wear another kind such as spanx for 2 more weeks; if I don't have a BM in the next 2 days I should call as I may need to go to the ER to be disempacted; gave me a prescription for 40 tramadol, which is a step lighter compared to Norco and would make me less drowsy; she said it would be no problem to write a note excusing me from work for the next week if I decide I need it; I should come back in 1 month to take more pictures; I should try to massage the liposuction areas gently every day and eat a high protein diet.
And that was it! I got dressed and headed out. We are now on the road on the way back home. I'm not thrilled about going home to our apartment since we have pets and I'm worried about getting an infection, so I might stay in a local hotel for the next few nights.
As far as my results, I know it's still way to early to really judge how things are going to look. However, I can definitely tell a huge difference in my flanks, hips, and even thighs. I was pretty thrilled with how my stomach looks right now. I am concerned that the bulge beneath my belly button is still there, but I'm guessing most of this is due to swelling and it will subside with time. I love how he really carved a smooth silhouette, as you can see in the picture of me sitting. I used to hate how my hips bulged out at the sides, but now I have much more of an hourglass shape! My back is super bruised but I can already tell that most of the fat on my flanks has been removed. Now my butt looks a bit flat in comparison lol. As far as my breasts, it's hard to believe that 750 cc were injected! They just don't look that big to me. My husband says I'm crazy and that they look huge. They are pretty soft already and not sore at all. I haven't touched them much since I'm afraid to mess with them. I think if they stayed at this size I'd be ecstatic, but I know that they will shrink quite a lot. Time will tell.=!


When we arrived home last night we found a box waiting for us. We both looked at each other and were like did you order me something? Our anniversary is coming up so we were both a little hesitant to open it in case it was a present one of us had ordered. We opened it and to our surprise the box revealed a beautiful potted orchid plant, not yet in bloom. We were so confused, who would have sent us orchids??? Then we saw a little note from Dr. Placik's office. Wow! I wonder if he does that for all of his patients??? That was so nice and unexpected!!!
My breasts are actually starting to look larger than right after surgery, and more natural. Maybe it's just swelling. They are starting to settle into more of a teardrop shape (picture below).
As far as the blister, we texted Shari who said to stop wearing Brava until the blister is healed. They are going to call me in bactroban antibiotic ointment, which I have to apply to the blister twice a day on a Telfa pad. It's too bad this is keeping me from wearing Brava and I'm worried it will interfere with my final results. At least I fit in 2 nights of Brava immediately post-op, which I'm sure was a critical time. On the other hand I know a lot of surgeons don't recommend using Brava post-op anymore at all, so maybe it's not a big deal.


I finally have enough energy to check out my new boobs. Wow. I am SO in love with them. I never though that I would like having large breasts and that they would look too large on my body. But this procedure has changed everything. These pictures were taken with just the post-operative bra, no padding or anything, This makes me think about possibly proceeding with implants in the next few months if I lose a substantial amount of volume... which I know I will because it happens to everyone, I am no exception. Fingers crossed though!!!

POD #5

I took off the compression garment today for a shower and almost had a panic attack because the way the garment had been bunching up it left 2 indents on my right hip with a bulge in between. I almost started crying. We texted the nurse who said it's totally normal and I can change to Spanx if I want for smoother compression and massage the area. The indent was definitely not there a few days ago so I'm hoping it will just go away. My boobs are still looking fantastic. I wore Brava for about 5 hours last night, not really sure if I need to keep wearing it at this point or not. The rest of me is so bruised and swollen I feel like I look worse right now than when I started. My husband says I'm crazy. I just know this will be a long process.

POD #6

I woke up today feeling 50% better, almost a new person. I felt pretty thin today so I decided to try on one of my old dresses that used to make my belly look horrible. I LOVE how I look right now. I have never been so thin before, even when I starved myself down to 125 lbs before my wedding. I have never had such an incredible hourglass silhouette. My boobs looked so great today too. I went to Nordstrom rack just to try on some bras to get an idea where I am now, and I'm currently a FULL 34C/32D. The 34C were a bit too small, I was overflowing. Some of the 34 Ds were comfortable but one I didn't fill out completely. And one 32 D I was too big for. I'm prepared to lose quite a bit of volume over the next few months though. I am hoping to end up a medium 34 C, and if I do, I will be happy (was a 36A/34B before).
I do know what it's like though now when people say they have boob envy. I even caught myself thinking today that I could go a little larger, to DD, and look really fantastic. We'll see where I end up though, but for now I am having so much fun showing them off!!

POD #7

Felt worse than yesterday today. When I got up to take a shower I felt light-headed and had to keep leaning against the shower stall to support myself. I didn't feel up to doing much today. We did go to the dog park for an hour or two, mostly resting on the park bench. I think I will take off most of this week because I don't think I have the energy to be running all around the hospital. I know they all say you are ready to be back at work in 7 days, but in my case I had a lot of liposuction done, not just 1 or 2 small areas. It really does wipe you out, not something I was prepared for.
My breasts are looking more natural and less yellow. The most annoying thing right now is that I developed an itchy, hive-like rash on both of my inner thighs since Thursday, will post a picture later. I think it was caused by the adhesive along the inside of the compression garment. The nurse said to apply hydrocortisone cream and take benadryl, which has been helping a little bit, and also to leave the compression garment off of my legs. I'm a bit worried about leaving the CG off, but I'm still wearing the black bodysuit that compresses my abdomen, pelvis, and back.
As you can see, I still have a whole lot of bruising. Even my hand is bruised where the IV was inserted. My skin is so light and fine I think it takes longer for bruises to heal. My stomach and back still have a lot of swelling going on, I can feel the puffiness especially in my upper and lower abs, but I am starting to see some definition. My back is smoothing out more and I can tell a huge difference already in my flanks. No loose skin, indents, or deformities as of yet.

POD # 9

I can't help myself from updating again. I am SO in love with my liposuction results so far. Everywhere I go I have to look in the mirror, I just can't believe my figure right now. I went to Target and tried on some clothes, including the swimsuit below. I have never had such a beautiful, athletic tummy. Obviously not so pretty with all the bruising and stuff. Still swollen. Even if my boobs shrink back to normal if I can maintain this figure the whole thing will be worth it. The other two pictures are both WITHOUT any bra on. SO HAPPY! Very happy with Dr. Placik's work so far. I am so motivated to keep this figure and can't wait to start exercising again. I'm still watching all my calories and have been eating around 1300-1400 daily to maintain my weight. I am definitely not giving myself free reign because I had liposuction.
I weighed myself today and I was 138 lbs, down from 143 prior to surgery. I'm surprised I went down so much given that almost half was re-injected. I think my breasts have lost a little volume so far, but they are also looking more natural. I have still been wearing Brava every night but haven't been able to tolerate it for as long as before surgery. It's been more painful and itchy so I usually can't last the whole night in it.
As far as liposuction, I have noticed a few small hard lumps on both of my hips but they aren't visible, only palpable. There is a lump to the side of my belly button as well. I e-mailed the office, and the nurse told me to just keep massaging the areas twice daily. Honestly I'm not too bothered by them. I'm still wearing compression garments, but have been alternating between a spanx bodysuit with an open breast area and a strapless one that goes up to my bra line. I think I will keep wearing them until the swelling is completely gone.

POD # 12

Almost 2-weeks post-op! I have been having emotional highs and lows the past week. I went back to work on Thursday, post-op day # 10, but I don't think I was fully ready yet. I worked from 8:15 AM - 5:00 PM, a lot of standing on my feet during rounds, walking around the hospital, not much sitting. I was definitely experiencing discomfort, especially with back pain due to bruising and spasms. By the end of the day I was exhausted and swollen and just rested on the couch the rest of the night.
I have been riding a rollercoaster of emotions. It seems like the liposuction lumps/bumps come and go every day in different places. The lumps over my hips have gotten much smaller with massage, but now I've noticed quite a few lumps over my abdomen. If you look at the pictures you can see some irregularities. There are two visible lumps on either side of my belly button. There is another quite large lump above my left hip, also visible. There are also other scattered small palpable lumps on my abdomen but you can't see them yet. My plan is to start massaging the new lumps as much as possible. As far as my overall contour, I think it continues to improve. My flanks/back look a lot smoother and the hourglass shape is emerging. This area however is the most numb and still quite bruised and swollen. My stomach is quite flat and I am still very happy with the contouring of my rectus muscles. I hope my stomach continues to flatten out as the swelling diminishes, as i was hoping for a really flat lower abdomen. As far as my thighs, the inner thighs are probably the most bruised part of my body and still tender. However, I think they look fantastic, no contour irregularities or bumps yet.
As far as my breasts, I'm reserving judgement for now. They seem to be pretty stable but smaller in volume compared to last week. They are a lot softer overall, but still some large, firm areas. I haven't been massaging my breasts as I was told to just let them heal. I took off the tape over most of the injection sites except for 2 of them which appear more irritated, 1 had been sutured. I have left the tape in place over all of the liposuction cannula sites. My main concern with my breasts right now is that two small lumps have developed in the middle of my chest, below the syringe marks, on either side of my sternum (can see the shadow of the indents in the close-up picture). There is some swelling above the lumps that has sort of created the appearance of a uniboob there, without an indentation to separate the breasts. When I saw this the other morning I freaked out and started bawling and felt really depressed. I am worried especially about this area because it's definitely visible and I wouldn't want to show this off in a bikini or anything. It would probably be very difficult to fix if it persists. I'm not really sure if I should massage those lumps since they may be part of my fat graft; the nurse said just leave it alone. I started thinking about how what I've done is essentially irreversible. If something goes wrong I can't remove the fat graft like I could remove an implant, that is really scary. I also sometimes think I notice what looks like a small a "bottoming out" deformity under my nipples. I'm not too concerned about that right now but I am keeping an eye on it. I am still only wearing the surgical bras given to me by my surgeon. Not sure if I need something with more support, I may ask the office about it if it starts to look any worse.
Basically, after this surgery, you have to be prepared to experience all these emotions. You have to be patient while you are healing and not freak out over every little imperfection. You have to have hope that time will correct the imperfections. I am overall very optimistic but naturally have concerns right now. But again, overall, quite happy with my body contouring so far.

~3 weeks post-op

I have been feeling much better since my last post. Overall my body is much less sore and at this point the visible bruising is almost all gone. I still have swelling occasionally. The weirdest thing that happened last week was that my skin started feeling really tight all of a sudden, almost like it was starting to adhere to the tissues underneath. It was really uncomfortable and I had to stretch all day to try to break up the adhesions. I spoke to Shari on the phone, and she reassured me that this feeling is totally normal around 2 weeks post op as fibrosis starts to occur. She answered a bunch of my questions and said it's normal to have lumps and bumps right now, she knows from experience. As far as the "uniboob" she said it was just swelling and that other women have had the same problem, which resolved on its own after a few months. She also suggested that because I was having an issue with my compression garment folding at my belly button to roll it down when I'm sitting or place and abdominal pad at that area.
I definitely have more energy now. I really want to start back at the gym but I feel like it would be really weird 1) wearing a full-body compression garment 2) not being able to wear a sports bra yet. Also Shari said I can't start weight lifting again until 3 weeks post-op, and that's what I really like to do. So I can't wait to start getting active again.
I'm still SOOOOO happy with my liposuction. I still have lumps and bumps, the worst area is around my belly button, where I have probably 3 of them. They aren't bothering me as much probably because I'm working now so don't have time to dwell on them. But I think they maybe are a bit softer/less noticeable. I've been massaging them every night. Still waiting for them to go away hopefully.
I love how I look in clothes. I love that I can just throw on anything I own and look great, even skimpy t-shirts. My butt looks SO NICE in jeans now, no overhang or saddle bags. My boobs look soooo much sexier now even in this stupid surgical bra. It's such a strange sensation to feel them jiggle when we drive over bumps. My husband says they are "perfect" and he is enthralled lol. They have gotten much softer and feel just like regular breast tissue now, the hard lumpy areas have basically gone away. I am so thankful so far that I don't have any complications like oil cysts or fat necrosis especially given how much fat was injected. I feel like my breasts keep losing volume, however, which is making me sad. I really miss how big they were a week or two ago, even though they were all swollen and hard. The scale says I've lost more weight and now am at 136.8 lbs, which worries me that maybe I'm losing the fat in my breasts. Maybe I need to increase my calories a bit.
I have my 1-month follow up appointment with Dr. Placik in about 2 weeks. I'm really excited to see him again and see what he says about how I'm healing so far. I'm planning on asking him about the possibility of breast implants, since I realized now what I really want. I don't think I would want to go too much bigger, but hopefully now after fat grafting I'll have more tissue to work with and hide the implant better to make them look/feel even more natural. I'm guessing he would want to wait at least 3-6 months though before doing it. I just know that I'm still early in recovery and I've already lost a lot of volume, and I really won't be happy if I lose any more. I think I would go with silicone, but am interested in the cohesive gel Sientra anatomic implants as well. The one thing I love about them though is how Dr. Placik gave me cleavage by injecting extra fat on the upper pole and medial areas, turned out really great; I hope this part stays!
Some of the steri strips have fallen off my incisions. the incisions look fantastic, no indents or defects. There is a small scar that's visible but hardly, and will fade away with time.
We are going on vacation tomorrow. I'm definitely worried about eating out/calories since this is my first vacation since liposuction. I don't want to gain any weight on vacation, which I know will be really hard! But I am counting calories religiously so I will continue to do that except for maybe 1 or 2 nice dinners.

4 weeks post-op

So not much has changed since last week. Going on vacation was difficult emotionally because I put a lot more stress on my body than I had been. We walked miles every day, and even rented bikes. I have also started back at the gym lifting weights. All of this has contributed to increased swelling, which is frustrating. By the end of the day on vacation my belly and pubic area would swell up like a balloon! You can see a picture of this. I really watched my calories though and I ended up actually losing weight despite a few cheats here and there, I was 136.2 lbs when I got back. I was averaging about 1400 calories daily. So again it's interesting trying to figure out what my new maintenance calorie allowance will be. I'm going to go up to 1400-1450 this week with weightlifting 3x/week and see if I continue to lose.
Again, there are days when I wake up in the morning and I feel like a million bucks. My stomach looks flat, I feel hot, and I'm on top of the world. But by the end of the day I feel like a pregnant lady. So even though I can technically stop wearing Spanx now, I think I'll continue to wear it until the night-time swelling subsides. Also I tried going without it a few times but the feeling of clothes against my numb abdomen feels too uncomfortable right now.
So yes, my abdomen is still fairly numb, as are my flanks and my back. The bruising is all but gone. I still have pain sometimes when I lay on my side, but it's much better than it had been. My thighs look perfect, no visible lumps. I still have palpable and visible lumps in my upper abdomen, which is the worst area for me. I feel a lot of fibrous tissue in that area. The lumps around my belly button are starting to soften and become less visible. All the steri strips have fallen off, and the incisions are healing beautifully, he did a great job with them, no indentations or anything (picture attached). Again, when I'm wearing my compression garment, I feel so hot and confident, like a totally different person. In that way, the surgery has definitely been worth it. I'm worried about how I'll feel in clothes after I stop wearing Spanx though, and I'm just hoping I'll feel the same way!
My breasts feel 100% natural. They are a part of my body, they are my body. They jiggle when I run, so much so that I can't even do cardio right now because it's basically impossible not being able to wear a sports bra. I've been wearing a soft bra, basically like a surgical bra but with a clasp in the back, that I bought from Target. The old tan surgical bra given to me is now too small, but the black one still fits and I wear it sometimes. I am unable to feel any lumps in my breasts right now. There is very minimal pain, but sometimes they start to ache, and it's still hard to lay on my side to sleep at night. I don't think they have changed in volume in the past several weeks, but some of the residual swelling on the upper outer portions has gone down.
My main concerns right now are the following, and I plan to address them next week at my follow up appointment.
1) The two lumps in the middle of my chest that developed about 2-3 weeks ago. They feel like the other lumps from liposuction but I don't think liposuction was done in that area, probably more fat grafting. I hate the way they look and I'm embarassed to be naked because of them. The swelling above them still gives me a uniboob there. I know they may just go away and to give it time but I hope Dr. Placik has some advice on it, and I hope he'd be able to fix it if needed.
2) The uneven area on my left back (picture). This has also been here since like week 1, and I presume it's just uneven swelling, but not sure. Again hopefully it will go away on its own.
3) The hard, fibrous tissue in my upper abdomen that sometimes gives me a "muffin top." Sometimes I can almost feel a big lump of fluid, and I want to make sure nothing needs drained. I hope both my upper and lower abs will continue to flatten.
Again, still extremely happy with my results!

6 weeks post-op

Not too much has changed. I saw Dr. Placik last week and he said it's fine now to wear any kind of bra and that the fat graft should be vascularized and "part of me" at this point. So I went to Victoria's Secret right after the appointment and they actually sized me as a 32DD (used to be small 34B)!!! Really hard to believe. There's a picture of me in the push-up bra I bought, and for the first time in my life I actually have cleavage. So pleased!!
As far as the liposuction, everyone at the office including Dr. Placik thought I looked amazing. He said that if the lumps in my upper abdomen do persistent he could inject steroids in a few months but expects them to go away. If the irregularity on my back is still there in a few months we could potentially do a minor fat graft procedure to that area.
Looking at my before and after pictures there is definitely a huge change. Again, I am still strongly considering going larger but there is no way I'd wear Brava again. Dr. Placik said he could definitely do implants after fat grafting. Only one other patient has requested it though lol. He said that if we did proceed with implants at least they would look/potentially feel a lot more natural with extra tissue coverage so that would be a huge plus. He wants me to wait at least 6 months for all the swelling to go away, but said I can try on sizers at my next appointment in 6 weeks. So if I went ahead with it I'd probably be looking at around Christmas time.
Weight is still stable at 134 lbs, at one point the scale said I was at 133, but I think it went up this weekend after I had a few slices of pizza with friends from out of town lol. So it seems like my weight has stabilized at this weight and this is where I'd like to keep it for good.
Will update again with more pictures later.

6 months post-op

So a lot has happened since my last post! As I said before I think I have lost most of the fat that was injected :(. I am now wearing the same size bra I wore pre-operatively, 34B, however I do fill the bra out now so I think in the end I went up 1/2 cup. My husband thinks they are amazing. I do have some small amount of cleavage in VS push-up bra. I am disappointed for sure and I am still planning on going ahead with implants in the next 6 months once my schedule allows it.
As far as complications, most of the lumps and bumps I described before have resolved. I occasionally have a few shooting pains where the liposuction was done. I have regained sensation over my back and stomach 100%, which is great. Originally I was completely numb in those areas, it took several months to recover.
The lump between my breasts I previously described did get larger and more painful especially when wearing an underwire bra. I had my 6-month follow-up today with Dr. Placik and I was RELIEVED when he aspirated it and fluid came out. He also found another cyst on my abdomen he aspirated. He also injected some steroids into my upper abdomen in the area where I developed a lot of fibrous scar tissue (you can see the white swollen marks on the pictures). He said the fluid will likely come back and he can aspirate it again in a few months. Thank god I have not had any hard lumps persist in my breasts. There is only one small palpable lump in my right breast that I can't even feel, my husband found it when he was actively trying, but otherwise neither of us can feel it, and I'm guessing that will also go away with time.
Overall I am still extremely happy with the liposuction results. I have put back all the weight I lost after surgery and am now back at the same weight I was at before surgery. I have been weight lifting 3-4 x/week for the past 6 months though and I think that's one big benefit to this whole thing. I feel a lot more confident now and I can wear basically whatever I want. I feel honestly like a big weight has been lifted from me and I can finally enjoy life without obsessing over my love handles and belly. I am satisfied with my body other than my breasts lol and I'm at a place where I am working out, eating healthy but not starving myself before, and just really at a good place. So from that standpoint yes the surgery was worth it. But for the breasts alone? No, I should have gotten implants in the first place. Would I do it again? I would get liposuction again 100%. I would not get fat grafting to the breast unless major advances in the field come along or after I have kids.
I sold my BRAVA system for $800 on ebay lol.

6 months post-op

Oh I forgot to mention that I lost 5-7 lbs after surgery. After gaining it back, it seems to have distributed more to my butt and thighs than previously. I think some has deposited on my stomach and back but much less. I don't think I can tell a difference in the breasts. So yes fat does redistribute after the procedure and I'm super happy my butt has gotten bigger now too. Although I'm also doing squats 3x/week!
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I met with Dr. Placik during my first consultation. He was very friendly and professional. He made sure I understood everything about the procedure and wrote everything out as he was talking. He answered all of my questions thoroughly. I liked that all the before and after pictures were available in the exam room. I also liked that he had developed a DVD about breast augmentation I had to watch prior to the consultation. His nursing staff was extremely knowledgeable about the procedures as well and were able to answer most of my questions. As far as his surgical skills, he was very meticulous with great attention to detail, definitely a perfectionist. He went above and beyond to create the best aesthetic result, including adding on extra liposuction areas the day of surgery that were not included in the original quote. He had a wonderful bedside manner; I appreciated that he held my hand during anesthesia and called to check up on me the night of the surgery. His office was prompt with answering questions and keeping in contact with me before surgery. After surgery his nurses were available 24/7 and responded to text messages even at 3 in the AM. As far as feedback, It would have been nice to have seen him in person at my post-op appointment, but I understand he was busy in the OR. He did spend a good deal of time with me at my second post-op appointment at 1 month. It also would have been nice to be able to communicate directly with him with questions rather than through office staff, however all of my questions were answered thoroughly and promptly even on weekends and in the middle of the night. Overall he was fantastic and I have already recommended him to my mother! I would go back to him again for procedures in the future and am already considering additional ones.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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