5'3 138 lbs 32b or 32 d vs size 400cc silicon under muscle

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I am 24, 5'3 and I wear a 32 B Bra. I have gained...

I am 24, 5'3 and I wear a 32 B Bra. I have gained and lost 20 pounds or so the last 6 years. I reached my goal weight and body type and was finally happy with myself until people started to tell me I had no boobs. I was originally a 32 D and went down to a 32 B. Naturally I freaked out and gained weight back because breast implants weren't an option EVER in my mind at that time. I wish I felt how I do now. I am still pushing to reach my goal body fat percentage of at least 20% by March (my 25th birthday!) with new boobs! I had some consultations and let me just say it was not the best experience. I thought it would be easy to find a surgeon but if you are just starting to research this and maybe know when you want to have it done by (like I WANT to have it don't no later than February so I'm ready for my vacation in April) I would start looking into consults like 6 months prior to event if you know how your financing or a year if you don't. I honestly thought I would get approved for credit for this but to my surprise I ended up having to dispute some things on my credit and am really crossing my fingers I can get my score up so I can do this.

My first consult was a recommendation from one of my clients. I do not want to list his name because who knows he could be a great surgeon we just did not click AT ALL. It's already enough I am hard on myself and I am at your office because I know I need your help. I did not need to hear that you think my boobs look like they are 10 years older than they are and I need a lift (I am still researching a Dr. who thinks I can do implants without a lift because I personally don't feel like I need one at all.). Having an expert critique me was hard. He did not like the position of my nipples or size of my aeriola. Guess what? The placement of my nipples and yeah maybe my aeriolas are on a larger side... they have never bothered me ever. I never even considered changing them. EVER. My only issue is the size and fullness. So now I am feeling deformed because apparently my nipples and aeriola are not right and my boobs look like I am 34..... I literally cried in the office when I was brought to talk about cost, I cried walking to the parking garage, I cried in my car, I cried all the way to work, and cried at work. I was distraught. I wanted to see a female Dr. and maybe she can understand me. By the way he quoted me a little over $10,000.

The next day I went to see a female Dr. She was nice and didn't make me cry. Told me she thought my skin tissue was a big lose because I had stretch marks and had lost weight and positioning making my aeriola smaller and my nipple up higher will give me a more youthful look. She did not wan me to go over 375 cc because of my skin tissue. The previous @**hole Dr. had put me at 425cc. But still said I need a lolli pop lift. I am almost certain I will no do the lift.

I feel like I will probably have kids in the next 6 years or so I would more than likely need one then. I did multiple tests where you put a pen under you boob where your underwire on your bra would be and if your nipple not aeriola is at or under the pen (so at your crease) you would need a lift. My nipple to above my crease and like I said before the placement and size of them arnt an issue to ME. I am going to make another consult on a Dr. I found on here who has done implants with no lift and guess what? They look pretty damn good. I also am going to post YouTube videos along with my reviews. I want to help as many people as possible wo are going through this process. If you have any questions you would like me to answer or ask the Dr. on my next consult please let me know. I am here to share my story and help you!

3rd Consultation Made

YouTube Video
I just made another consult for January 20th. I really think I might like this Dr. It felt good to know he was booked 3 weeks out. Means he is a busy guy and has a good following.

Breast Aug with Dr. Shifrin

I had my consult a day my pre op. Dr. Shifrin is great. I had 3 prior consults with different plastic surgeons who had a cookie cutter ideas and would not perform a breast Aug without a lift and without reducing my nipple size. Dr. Shifrin told me who are people to tell you how you should look. He makes people look how THEY want to look. He said if u decided I wanted a lift later on we can do that. I didn't want to do a lift and get the scaring right now. He made me feel so comfortable and he even stayed after to answer more questions I had before I was going to walk out the door to leave.

Day before surgery

I have my bendy straws, ice packs, med and hopefully my bf can handle the rest. He is thinking this is going to be a breeze and on day 3 he can just leave me all day while at work then to the gym then to a car meet..... I don't what I'll be like day 3! Thought he would be more supportive! I am thinking of doing 400cc and he under the muscle. We will see what the dr. Thinks. I don't want to be bigger then a d or dd!

Night before surgery

I'm lying in bed wondering if I need this. Are my boons that bad? No they can't be....then I look at my pictures and I'm like "yeah they could be done." I am more nervous about being at the hospital, getting drawn on, and getting an IV put in. It's the whole hospital experience I guess. I never had good times in one. My surgery is at 2:15! I will write back when I'm on the other side!

Same day post op

Today I got to the surgery center at 1:15 and they took me back at 3. They had me change into a gown, a hair net, and hospital socks which were really comphy. I sat in a reclining chair and they had me take a urine sample while changing and they did a blood pressure test and a pulse test. I sat there until around 5:15 and they put in my IV. I was super nervous about this but it didn't hurt. It was like getting your blood drawn
I went through a whole litter of IV fluid. They took me back around 5:30 to 6 for surgery. Even though I was here for a while I liked it that way so I can let the nerves settle. The room was cold and it looked like a room where aliens would come and run test on me. The bed was comfortable actually and I had to lay my arms out. The strapped me down and covered me with actually warmed up blankets (I also got this while waiting and was nice. The whole staff was super funny and so nice. They were at my beck and call. Before I went in to the sugery room Dr. Shifrin came in drew on my chest and went over everything. He had two very major surgeries before me that's why he was running late. But I didn't mind and I liked it. That means he's a perfectionist. They ran the sleep med though my IV and they said it might burn but I didn't feel it. They were asking me about my vacation in April and asked me to picture a cute guy brining me shots on a beach! That was the last thing I remebered. I woke up in a recovery room with graham crackers water and my choice of apple or cranberry juice. My chest felt like my skin was stretching but no pain on boobs. Just in between them felt heavy like someone took a metal kettle ball and placed it there. That I would say was the worse. I woke up with a 8 out of 10 pain. And they gave me more med by the time I got home a 45 min drive I felt no pain. I got home at 9pm had Chipotle and it's now 11 and I've been icing and watching the movie burnt. I still feel good. Sitting up by myself I the hardest thing right now. I will right back tomorrow. P.s. my boobs look great!! So happy!

Morning 1 post op 14 hours later

I slept great! My dr. Said sleeping on my back was good and inclined my self on an slight angle. Pain is 0. Disscomfort is all I feel. I don't have that sort of pain pain. Not like pain from subbing ur toe, or smashing your finger or I guess just getting hurt or hurting yourself. My discomfort on a 1 to 10 is like a 3. Mainly my sides of my bobs feel tight near my arm pits and in between my chest I talked to you about feels slightly tender if I press on it on or move in a way breasts would "squish" together. I say "squish" because there a little stiff and can't so that actually could be way as well its tender. Dr. Shifrin did say that I would think he was drunk when I saw my implants because they would be up to my collar or really high on my chest but honestly they are not. My real breastfeeding tissue like around my nipped can jiggle like normal and my breastfeeding don't feel like bowling balls or rocks actually they just feel very very firm and like normal chest or breast where if you press down it actually presses and when u let go the skin bounces back. I really expected them to be so hard they couldn't move but it's only been a few hours after surgery.

Pictures post op day one

Days 2-4 Pain, Gurgles, & Swelling

Hello All! I have been so busy recording videos to post I forgot to update on here!

Pain has been a 0. I feel like for having a foreign object placed under my chest muscles I should be having pain but I haven't. I haven't felt nautious. I have only had tightness on my chest. Not like I did a bunch of chest work outs but just stiffness. I have been sleeping pretty good . The past two days I woke up at like 4 am with a muscle spasm in my right boob. It felt like a Charlie horse and was so uncomfortable I couldn't move and wanted to scream. I do have the boob gurgles. When your stomach is hungry and it makes noise is how my boobs sound when I move them in certain ways.

I don't think I have much swelling at all. I have been very lucky with no bloating I'm my stomach. Since I had surgery I only pass a bowel movement twice. I have been taking stool softners.

I feel like when I take my Narcos sometimes I feel like I'm buzzed. I feel like I can't pay attention to what some people are saying to me. Tomorrow I start back at work and will post how that went for me!

8 months post op

Totally in love! I still can not feel in my right nipple but my surgeon was excellent and I had the best recovery. They were worth every penny and should of done it along time ago! My boobs sit a little diffrent than eachother but they are sisters not twins and everyone asks of they are real no one can tell they are fake. I am in a 32 did or 34 dd in vs in that bra. Usually I am a dd outside of vs or a d.

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