375cc HP Saline Implants! - Chicago, IL

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Hey girls :) I'm only a few days away from getting...

Hey girls :) I'm only a few days away from getting the implants I've wanted for so long! Other blogs have helped me SO much I decided to make one to track recovery and thoughts/feelings along the way. I am currently a small 34B and am hoping to be a D or DD. I've been unhappy with my boobs since I stopped developing and have worn supppper padded bras (the kind that give you two more cup sizes) everyday since then. I feel disproportionate without them. I'm comfortable and confident with the rest of my body so I thought, if I'm so unhappy with a part of my body and can change it, then I should. So my journey began!

I researched for about a year to find the right surgeon and am very confident in my decision and trust my doc completely! Since the first consult I knew I wanted him to perform my surgery. I want saline because I feel they are safer and won't need to get scans all of the time. We decided on HP because I want to have upper fullness and he said I could go 300-400cc. After trying on the sizers I chose to go with the 375cc.

Now I'm only days away and feel I've over prepared but am not prepared enough at the same time..lol. Anyways here are the things I've done to prepare: filled all prescriptions, bought front close sports bras, been taking vitamin C and drinking carrot/beet juice to help detox liver, pillows, did all of the laundry, picked up spray deodorant, freshening wipes, drinking lottttts of water, payed all bills, and ran all errands I thought I might end up needing to be done (grocery shopping, etc.).

These past two weeks since my pre-op app have been dragging by. I've been thinking so many different things! I'm mostly worried about peoples reactions since I'm pretty young. I've told my parents, siblings, and closest friends, but am worried to go back to work and potential gossip. BUT that being said, it's not really a huge concern because I'm doing this for me and nobody else! Luckily my parents have been super supportive and I'm so thankful for that :)

AH anyways I just can't wait to feel good in my own skin and finally be confident with my whole body! I haven't gone to a pool in probably 3 years because I hate how my boobs look in a bathing suit, so I can't wait! Through all of the over thinking I've lost the nerves, now I'm just excited!! A few more days!!

Stats and before pics

Forgot to mention my stats! I'm 5'3 and 130lbs. Also before pics :) SO EXCITED only two sleeps away! AH!

Surgery went great!

So surgery was this morning! Last night and yesterday I was nervous and excited, but mostly excited. The only thing I was nervous about was size. Went from small 34B and was getting saline 375cc HP under the muscle (he ended up putting in 380cc HP). I was scared they'd turn out too big for my small figure since I'm only 5'3. I originally picked 350cc but since I was getting unders and would lose some volume and didn't want to have boobie greed, I figured going up a tiny bit wouldn't hurt! Anyways as much as I freaked out yesterday I kept reminding myself I trust my doc completely and knew they'd turn out great.

This morning I arrived at 7am. I met the amazing nurse who would be with me before and after surgery, got dressed in the lovely gown/hairnet/surgical socks, and took a pregnancy test (every woman has to take one before surgery there). Dr came in and marked me up, took some last before pics, went over what I was going for one last time, then said we were ready to go! It was so weird feeling the anesthesia kick in for the few seconds I was awake, I felt super drugged lol since I was. It felt like I was asleep for 10 minutes. When I woke up I was still in the OR and had to move onto the recovery bed to be wheeled into recovery. The first second I ran my hand across my chest and the nurse was like "YES!! you have boobies!!" lol that made me laugh a little because I was still so confused. Was in lots of pain in recovery, so they gave me 2 of my oxy. That helped. The doc checked on me multiple times which made me feel very good, the bedside manner is great. He also went and talked to my mom in the waiting area, which she appreciated tons since she's a worrier.

The car ride home was rough, you can feel every single bump/turn. But the pain had subsided from the meds and it just felt pressured. Like an elephant standing on my chest! Seriously it was a little hard to breath, but kept taking slow deep breaths and that helped. For only a few hours out of surgery I feel MUCH better than I thought I would. I can get up on my own, but still have my mom to help me because I get kind of light headed when I'm up. They are swollen and high but still look beautiful!! Not too square like some are right out of surgery. I was SO so lucky to have no nausea as many people do. I've been able to eat and drink since right out of surgery.

Overall I love them so far and think I made a great decision. I think once the swelling goes down they will be the perfect size! I wanted a D/DD, for them to be full and big, but still natural looking. Something that won't be extremely obvious I got them done but can look great with no bra (hate wearing bras). Anyways I am so glad I did this and the pain will be worth it, I just know it already!!

I will post pics later on tonight when I get up to change/freshen up! Thanks for all support :)

more before pics

I decided to upload a few more pre-op pictures before I start uploading post-op since I only had a few

swollen boobies!

I'm 1 day post-op and my boobs are SOO swollen and rock hard as expected. I'm really bloated as well yikes. My boobs are so high, like up to my collar bones! I woke up this morning in tons of pain :/ my pain pills make me very dizzy so I requested trying different ones which Dr was very willing to call in for me. Hopefully those will help more. I know it's good to walk around to avoid blood clots but I get so light headed then nervous I'll pass out and hurt myself or the new girls. Anyways here are some pics I took yesterday so the day of surgery. Not the best pics, but again yesterday was pretty rough for me. Staying positive though and can't wait to see how they turn out :)

Feeling so much better can't wait for swelling to go down!

I'm feeling SO much better today. Dr switched me from oxycodone to hydrocodone for the pain killers since the oxy was making me super light headed. That helped more than I can put into words! I'm now able to get up and walk around, in fact I've gone for a walk around the block today and yesterday. Walking helps so much mentally and physically, things aren't so tight and I don't feel so trapped on the couch. I mentioned before how walking when I was on the oxy scared me because I got light headed and was scared I would pass out/get hurt. So I'm so glad I switched! Luckily neither of the pain meds have made me feel nauseas so eating and drinking has not been a problem. MORNING BOOB IS A BITCH. Sorry for the language, but omg. I knew it would come but man does everything hurt like crazy when I wake up. Once I start moving though, everything feels much better. Dr. Szczerba called to check on me night of surgery and said to text/call his cell at any time with concerns or questions. Such an incredible doctor, he's the best.

First post-op app today yay!!! So excited to hear how everything is going. I'm going to ask him about applying lotion and when/if I can start wearing a sports bra. (Left surgery wearing nothing and haven't been able to wear any kind of bra). I did try on a sport bra to see how they looked and took a few pics that I'll post here! Can't wait to take a shower tonight but a little nervous!

I'm SO in love already, I just know they will be the perfect size and couldn't be happier with my decision. The pain is really only bad the first day or two but super manageable with the meds. I can't wait for the swelling and bloating to go down so I can start showing them off!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE my new boobs already and everyday they get better! :)

Good luck to everyone with upcoming surgeries! :)

Pre-Op Preparation Tips!

I mentioned before that I obsessed over getting thing ready and preparing so figured I'd share some of the things I did to give other people ideas :) by no means do you need to do all of these or any of them, just ideas because I know how much I researched before surgery and tried to prepare as much as possible.

some lists that helped me:



Diet wise:
-No processed foods, ate a wholesome/natural diet
-Avoid sodium filled foods (sodium makes you retain water and swelling. less bloating with this one!!)
-Doc told me not to raise my heart rate for 2 weeks prior to surgery so listened to that
-Follow all doctors orders in terms of medications to stop taking or to take
-Cut back on caffeine to restore liver
-Drank carrot and beet juice every day because these detox/restore the liver. anesthesia has a huge impact on the liver which causes nausea.
-Ate fish and flaxseed to load up on omega 3
-Fresh pineapple before and after surgery to prevent bruising (not one bruise :)
-Drank tons of water before and after surgery…counted glasses and had at least 10 per day.
-Took vitamin C

Things I bought:
-ice packs
-went to goodwill and bought mens button up dress shirts (BEST IDEA EVER)…they're like 2$ each, soooo comfy, and long enough you don't need to wear pants. pants are hard to pull up and down after surgery.
-freshen up wipes
-heating pad
-spray deodorant
-throat drops (breathing tube soreness)
-moisturizer with vitamin E (I used this every day 2 weeks prior to surgery as well)
-Dial antibacterial shower soap
-back scratcher
-ginger ale, crackers, bananas, (easy food), frozen fruit to make smoothies
-yogurt (probiotics since will be on antibiotics)
-circle neck pillow
-front close bras
-light laxative
-spray dry shampoo (life saver since you can't shower for 3 days it takes away all grease/helps feel freshened up)

Things to do:
-set up area with TONS of pillows…different sizes and shapes
-keep an area close with some snacks, drinks, chargers for computer/phone, freshening wipes, chapstick, kleenex
-put all necessities on the counter (out of drawers/cabinets)
-get out a bunch of front button/zip shirts and stretchy pants and socks so you won't need to look around for them.
-organize meds (set reoccurring alarms on phone for antibiotic…don't want to risk infection and you doze off frequently)
-Shave everything
-do all laundry
-clean house/room
-wash all blankets, sheets, pillow cases! So nice to come back to a fresh area
-BRING A PILLOW TO SURGERY. leave it in the car but when you come out you're very sore. the seatbelt over the lap is fine but the one that goes across the chest is unbearable…bring a pillow to put in-between the seatbelt and your chest.

Most importantly, try not to stress too much! Be excited :) Hope this helps

So exhausted

Recovery has been going well, the new girls are really swollen (going down a little bit) but other than that seem to be looking great :) can't wait to be able to shower tomorrow. I was allowed to today but my mom wouldn't be home to help and I was worried to not have any help incase I got light headed or something. Tomorrow my mom will be home to help me so I can't wait for the morning!! I'm telling you…dry shampoo is a MUST for recovery. Although I'm feeling okay and there really isn't any pain anymore, I need to remind myself to take it easy. I'm soooo exhausted all the time. I went out for a couple hours today and was falling asleep sitting up by the end. I need to remember that although I'm feeling better my body is still working really hard to heal. Tomorrow I'm gonna try to have a more relaxing day and I hopefully won't need to take the pain meds any more! They're dropping little by little and can't wait to be able to get out and show them off! :)

5 days post-op

Everything is still very tender at this point, but there isn't really any 'pain'. A lot of swelling is going down which I'm happy about, but the implants are SO HIGH. omg. I still have frankenboobs…they are sitting so high they almost look like cones because my nipples are pointed down lol. Sleeping sitting up is getting really old too. I see the doc again next week and he'll be teaching me how to massage them. I'm hoping this will loosen things up and help them drop because they are still rock hard and high.

The blues are a real thing…. Now that I'm feeling okay physically I just want to look good and feel confident with my new boobies, but i know everything takes time and I need to be patient. I've also been feeling kind of depressed about the recovery itself. To be completely honest I feel really fat and gross. I eat reaaaally healthy and completely processed free (i.e. no bread, crackers, basically anything packaged), but during recovery I had no appetite to munch on veggies. I ate pretty well but I did have some things I normally wouldn't eat. I'm realistic, I know that a few things here and there aren't bad but the fact that I'm SOOOO bloated that I look pregnant just makes it all worse. Plus I'm very active so sitting around so much makes me insane. I keep reminding myself that this will all pass and it's totally common haha I'm just being impatient with wanting them to look beautiful. Hopefully soon!

Positive thoughts during these blues

So as I mentioned I've been hit by the post-op blues. I can tell that I will love the size as soon as they drop and fluff, but they are still so high and frankenboob right now. I got 375cc HP saline unders. I found a progression picture of another girl who got 375cc and started off with about the same size as me (A/B). This picture lifted my spirits soooo much because I realized how many more changes are still to come. I'm going to post this pic to help any others feeling down during their recovery, but again THIS PHOTO IS NOT ME.

Feeling much better :)

A couple of days ago I was feeling really down and my mom was going to my lake house for the weekend. I figured why not go with and get away, get a change of scenery! So I brought everything and relaxed/recovered there instead. (So weird to not pack any bras!) It was such a breath of fresh air to not be trapped in the house though!!! Anyways I'm completely off the pain pills thus far, but sometimes need the muscle relaxants to help with muscle spasms. I'm not going back to work for another week because it's a pretty physical job, but am feeling almost back to normal! My boobs look good in shirts and aren't super swollen anymore, but now i'm just waiting on the dropping/fluffing which takes a long time. My nipples are supppppper sensitive omg. Like they burn a little bit with contact to my clothes, but not too bad. Morning boob sucks SO badly, the second I wake up I go for at least a 20 minute walk without even combing my hair or anything because that's how tight/sore everything is. I'm feeling really great other than those minor things and can't wait to see the doctor in a few days to get the update on them and learn how to massage. One other thing, it is kind of weird to see people for the first time who know you've had the surgery….they totally look down right when they see you! HA whatever I'm so happy with them I don't even care. Hope everyone is doing well and will post pics in a couple of days at the 10 day mark! :)

Mall today..Temptations eeek

Hi girls :) Every day at this point I feel more like myself, almost have to stop myself from over doing it because I feel great. Not much has changed except the sensitivity on my skin all over my boobs and my nipples are the worst. But I keep applying a great lotion I got from my dermatologist so hopefully it won't last too long. Going to the mall today and it's the semi-annual sale at VS….ugh OMG way too soon to buy any bras, but hopefully I can find a cute bralette or something!!! Promised pics here they are :) I think they are dropping at different rates

Skin burning/sensitivity HELP!

Girls who have been through this recovery period please help!!! It started as my nipples being super sensitive about 2 days ago, but now the entire skin area of my boobs are so uncomfortable…like a slight burning feeling. I've been using great high moisture lotion since 1 day post op as I'm sure it's due to the stretching out of my skin. 2 days of this now…..Anybody know how long this lasts??? It's so irritating and uncomfortable! Thanks for any help on this :)

Back to work! 2 weeks post op

Today was my first day back to work! I have a very physical job, I stand the entire time and am lifting things. I got a doctors note to tell my manager I could not lift more than 5 lbs at least until my next doctors app (they knew I was out for surgery, but didn't know what the surgery was for). Anyways everyone was really supportive, but it was awkward when some of my shift managers asked "omg what did you get surgery for?" lol whatever i handled it well and just said it's kind of personal… But it was definitely hard. I only worked for 5 hours and was having horrible muscle spasms towards the end. One of my managers that I've known for years had a breast reduction when she was my age…not quite the same…but I confided in her and she was really amazing and said she knows how painful things can get and let her know if I needed to take an extra break or anything. So grateful for her.

I saw the doctor and have been doing the massages, they are so weird but I can tell they are making things less tight! I can hear the saline guzzling now and know what people were talking about. My skin burning has subsided, now my nipples are just really sensitive but not horrible.

Girls I'm really feeling 80% back to myself and every single day gets better! The only med I need is the muscle relaxant occasionally if the spasms get bad, and morning boob gets a little easier every day. Anyways, 2 weeks flew by, I can't believe how quickly surgery came and went. I feel amazing and feel SO much more confident in myself!!! Overall so so so happy with my decision. Will be posting pics soon :)

Some pictures! More to come!

So far they've dropped a lot, I'm having the slightest bit of boob greed but as soon as I look back at my pre-op pics that all goes away. I'm loving them I think they are perfect for my size. Also, in the past 6 months I've made a lifestyle change to eat healthy and no processed junk. I'm down 25 lbs from where I started! My current weight is about 122. I've never felt better about my body and it's such an amazing feeling to actually want to go to the pool..I haven't been to a pool in 3 years because I was always so self conscious. It's amazing to hear people I haven't seen in awhile say wow you look great! But mostly I'm just happy to feel so good in my own skin finally. This surgery was seriously the best decision I've ever made!! I'm going to see my man in about 2 weeks who hasn't seen me since before my surgery AHHH but I know he will love them. He's so judgement free. Such an exciting time in my life! I got sized a 34DD at VS and did buy a few bras because semi-annual sale and SO CHEAP ugh. Sorry for the delay in updates, once I went back to work things really got busy! Cannot wait to get the okay to start working out from PS. Hope everyone is doing well :)

after pics :) sorry for the lighting (I can't get it right)

I love my new boobs but have certain days where I wish i went a little bigger! haha but then I look at my before pics and realize these are exactly what I wanted. It's just so much money that I'm like ahhh should I have just gone a tiny bit bigger?? I think once I'm able to wear a normal bra I feel much better. anyways I love them so much, I think they look great and now my body is so proportionate especially the nipple to boob ratio is much more proportionate lol :)

My incisions


so I had a few doubts about size but i'm over it and i'm soooo happy with my new girls it's crazy! I went to visit some friends this weekend who hadn't seen me since before surgery and I got such amazing feedback. I did get some nice attention when we went out that night too. I feel amazing and my lifestyle is healthier than ever. My implants make me feel so sexy which is a new kind of confidence! I always had a positive self image but with the weight loss and my new curves I just feel amazing and wouldn't change a thing. So so so glad I finally feel happy in my skin and with my entire body. Absolutely worth it :)

I had a great experience with Dr. Szczerba. At my consultations I came in with a long list of questions and he took his time to answer every single one. He explained things so in depth which really reassured me and he was never in a rush. At the first consultation he gave me all of the info and told me to sleep on all of the info and call whenever if I wanted to schedule surgery…I never felt pressured to schedule surgery/make a decision. He checked on me multiple times during recovery and even called me the night after surgery to check on me (on a saturday night!). The bedside manner of the entire staff was amazing and made me feel so comfortable. He has much experience in the field and his work is great! I would recommend him to anybody.

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