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Things have seem to move so quickly these last few...

Things have seem to move so quickly these last few weeks. I swear I just had my consultation yesterday and now I have 13 days to go until surgery : / I have been stressing and stressing over what size I should go. So far I have at least 2 sizes in mind (before it was like 5!). The sizes I am debating are between 375cc and 400cc. I know it's not a huge difference but hear me out...

Only plan on getting an axillary incision and using silicone. From what I have researched over the past year, I'm sure you're saying "400cc using axillary?!" Well, I found an AWESOME MD that uses axillary incisions on over 80% of his BAs and he really "wrote the book" on using this procedure. He is world renowned and an expert on wound healing and scarring. So I definitely trust he will do a great job, plus all his reviews and patients have nothing but praise for him and love his work. So, back to my dilemma, the problem is that 1. I have asymmetry issues. My right breast is about 50cc smaller than the left. So, if I want 400cc I have to go at least 425cc on the right one. Problem 2. He has only done a few procedures using 400cc through an axillary incision (like 3). This concerns me. But, he says it shouldn't be a problem... Problem 3. What about the 425cc?! He said to me he can do it but I will have to have a longer incision in then arm pit. This I don't mind because he said normally it's about 2in long and he will have to go 2 1/2in.

(SMH) So, I am still torn on sizes mainly because he hasn't had much experience on the size I want (but I trust him!) and also, what I haven't mentioned, is that my body type may not go too well with a 400cc. I am 5'2" and weigh 108lbs. I am a runner too so THAT also worries me... But I KNOW I want some D's! : )

I have a few more days to decide, I would love some feedback... So happy I found this site. It's been a great resource.

I finally have settled on a size and am now...

I finally have settled on a size and am now excited... Eeek! 10 days till surgery day. After reading so much this past weekend and looking at all of these boobs and making myself sick over it, I am done. I actually finally decided to do what my PO recommended for me to do. I filled up some nylon stockings and after looking at a few conversion charts, I figured out how much rice to put inside of them to equal out 400cc/425cc and it felt and looked perfect. My goal bra size is 34D and after squeezing and squishing my rice filled nylons, I got them to sit 'normally' and they looked good :) I am officially excited and can't wait to get surgery day over with.

Countdown is now at 9. I am really putting deep...

Countdown is now at 9. I am really putting deep thoughts into my running aspirations (trying to qualify for Boston 2015) and I think I need more advice or comments on runners with bigger implants. I love running. What sort of calms my mind is that I know I have pretty strong back muscles. I've always had impeccable posture (hardly ever slouch) and I feel this is a good trait to have in preparation for a larger chest. Also, I have a very wide back. I say this because as I've been reading and reading more and more stories/comments, I see this is going to make a difference too on how 'big' they're going to look.

I would love any feedback you might have...

I have less than 7 days left until surgery day. I...

I have less than 7 days left until surgery day. I really have been doing a lot of thinking about how I will never be the same ever again. It makes me sad to think about this… I know I am not having second thoughts but I am not fond of change. I have had to go through so many personal life changes in the past two years that were so mentally painful but in the end everything came out to be better than before. That’s what I am hoping this will do for me… I am going to miss the old me… but I am sentimental like that. I am not sure if this is a normal feeling to have though right beforehand…sadness. Maybe I’m about to get my period?! (Actually I think I am :-/ )

So far I haven’t started prepping. I really don’t have time to though and will probably do so the night before. I really want to get a body pillow.

In regards to settling on a size, I am completely happy with my decision. I am going with my gut and my initial feeling of getting the 400cc.

Boy I hope I can run with my new chest size! I think this is my biggest concern, I have to qualify for Boston! Today I am going to start working more on my back muscles and do some “superman” exercises. It’s going to be Jillian Michaels workout day today (I love her)!

Hope to update you with some new thoughts tomorrow :-)

Wow, what a mixed feeling of emotions I’ve been...

Wow, what a mixed feeling of emotions I’ve been having. One moment I’m pumped and psyched, the next I am sad and depressed. Today though has been good. I have 2 days left and I am feeling overwhelmed but overall, pretty excited to just be OVER with it already. I just don’t look forward to deciding on what kind of anesthesia to go with. My paperwork had MAC checked off, now my Doctor says he prefers LMA… either way, I am not looking forward to this decision. By the way, I am a total baby when it comes to needles and I have never had an IV inserted and so I am FREAKING out just thinking about it right now. Hence why I try to just not think about anything except for running.

Today I have to run for at least 2 hours since it will be my last long run for a while. It’s going to be over 80 degrees outside today so wish me luck that I don’t pass out!

I will leave on a good note, I look forward to updating you after surgery on Thursday.

Tomorrow is the day! Oh boy! Don't exactly know...

Tomorrow is the day! Oh boy! Don't exactly know what I'm Feeling right now.

I just confirmed that I will go ahead with MAC and the RN comforted me over the phone about it and assured me that I would be asleep. Also, they are going to put a topical numbing ointment before inserting my IV! That's a relief.

What sucks is that my OR time is set for 3 p.m. I am gng to be too anxious in the morning. Looking forward to tomorrow and updating everyone with my results.

It's Over!

So happy right now :) it's over and I am doing pretty good. This is incredible, really. I built up so much anxiety before going to the OR and now that it's done, I can only wish I had not done that to myself.

Where to begin...

I arrived exactly at 1:30 p.m., with a growling stomach, and taken back right away to get my gown on. From there, I warned the RN about my severe anxiety with needles and she couldn't have been any sweeter about it. She didn't recommend I go with the topical ointment but rather a small injection into my vein that was a numbing agent. She said it would only feel like a small prick and that the needle was smaller than a baby needle. Se was right. I got through it! Next, the anesthesiologist came in, which the RN made happen since she wanted to ensure I only get pricked once and not feel anything, When the M.D. came in she comforted me, told me everything I needed to hear to ease my mind and POOF! The IV was inserted and I got through perfectly! I absolutely loved all the medical staff and doctors there :) next, my OR time was delayed a bit but when I finally had to be wheeled to the OR, I remember feeling the room was cold, I saw the bed they were going to transfer me to and then BAM... Lights went out and the next thing you know I woke up and the surgery was complete. It was great.

Overall, I felt pretty good, no nausea, no headache, as a matter of fact I was hungry! So far, I've been eating (rice, 1 twix, water and a sorbet smoothie). The meds have not made me nauseous so far and I feel as good as someone can be after this type surgery. My only pain is in my chest, it jus feels like a lot of pressure and my back is aching too. Nothing I can't handle.

I feel quite blessed so far with my recovery, I do feel a lot of this is because of my amazing surgeon. I do have a pain pum that I can press every 2 minutes so that really helps.

In regards to my new me look, I Love it! I will post pics now...

Thank you to everyone's well wishes btw :-)

Post-OP PICS!!!

Day 2 PO Pictures

Still Waiting to ...

Still Waiting to use the bathroom, here on day 3 :-/ I just finished taking some meds for it... I've gained 10 lbs so far! I really can't handle this part, it sucks. I am definitely eating well, I just need to get it out! The worst part of it is that today was the first day of the National Restaurant Association food show here in Chicago, which I attended today and stuffed myself silly! I love food and I loved all the samples I had today. I plan on going tomorrow too, so I really need to force myself to go #2 (I know, TMI!). Just want to be honest here. Oh, and my whole abdomen looks super swollen! It's awful. Other than that, I've been off my pain pump since yesterday and only taking ibuprofen. My chest only hurts when I don't take my pain meds. Going back to the pain pump, that was a nightmare to take out! My BF had the hardest time removing the one on my right side... It seemed to never end! Oh, and when they finally did come out, all I could feel was fluid running down my sides and saw the blood that splattered on the bathroom floor. It was gross. And awful.

Another downer, I get backaches at night when I lay down. I do elevate myself, so that may be a factor to it hurting so much. What I miss is sleeping on my stomach :-( This is my preferred way to sleep.

Any ideas to help me get de-bloated and go number #2, I'd greatly appreciate it :)

Bloated Pics on Day 3

1 Week Post-OP!!

I am so happy to update that today was the first day I felt somewhat back to normal. The last 5 days were very hard for me. On day 3 I had CRAZY constipation and my stomach looked like I had something growing in it (TMI!). I gained 10 lbs that day and didn't actually 'go' until day 5. I tried laxatives, stool softners, prunes, prune juice and NOTHING was working for me. I took out my pain pump on day 2 because my left arm was going entirely numb and for 3 days I could feel my first 3 digits on my hand. I also made the mistake of not being on time with taking my pain meds. I also refused to take my narco because I was so, so constipated.

Sleeping, however, is right up there to being at par with my horrible constipation. I would cry, moan, and stress myself sleep every night. My back aches and continues to ache each night because I am just not used to sleeping on it. I am a stomach sleeper and did not see this coming. Also, my BF would have to help me up every night this past week because my chest muscles are not strong enough to get my body up from bed. I am obviously using my leg muscles a lot more and have become quite creative I doing different things, so that's been helpful :)

Today was my first full day back to work. I tried going back on day 4 PO, and boy, what a mistake that was! I was a zombie in the morning, got through giving a presentation, went to lunch and slept in my car and then got lightheaded and nauseated... So I left early, thank goodness.

I must say, it is so important to have someone who can be there for you and that person for me has been my BF. I am so grateful to have him and he has been amazing. I can't stress this enough, I couldn't have done this without him. So, I'm currently thinking of some ideas to surprise him with! I have told him everyday how much he means to me and how thankful I am but I want to do or get him something... Any ideas are welcome!

Well, that's all for now my BA friends. Be sure to take your meds on time, find what works for you, be prepared to sleep uncomfortably (maybe?), and work through the constipation... Eventually it will ALL get better, for me it took 7 days and I couldn't be happier. The girls are looking great too, btw!

Day 7 Post OP Pictures

Day 9 Post OP Update

I just thought I would say how great I feel today! It is such a relief to feel a little better with each passing day. I am amazed at how beautifully I am healing, especially my insicision sites. For the last 7 days I have only been taking ibuprofen and it's doing the trick for me. Although, I just threw out an 80 count ibuprofen bottle right now and that was a little disturbing @_@ lol! Oh well!

My chest looks great and I can feel how the tissue is healing itself a little each day as well. They are slowly feeling less and less tight and I'd say the left is dropping faster than the right. Having my ace bandage on makes me feel good, somehow the pressure feels good on my chest, so I will continue to wear it when I can.

Day 10 Post OP Pictures

Day 18 Pictures

So many things to say, where do I even begin?!

I am on week 7 of my post BA and I am so, so, so, so, so happy that I am feeling and looking normal again.

What a rough month of recovery it has been for me! I am feeling great now and have crossed this rough patch in my recovery process. In short, the larger implant put in my right side has caused me to have to deal with quite a bit of painful, weird, and uncommon issues. Here's what's happened;

To begin, my right arm became useless. At about 2 weeks post op, I noticed that I was unable to extend my arm fully. It only went to a 100 degree angle. I then began to experience awful pain on my right forearm and in the right armpit area going towards my back. Anytime someone touched my arm, I wanted cry my eyes out. My PS explained to me that due to the larger implant and having a larger incision for it, caused this to occur. He said this is usually seen with Breast CA patients who undergo reconstructive surgery and very rarely is this seen in regular BA patients. He told me not to worry and that they would help me get back to normal. He made himself available to me, which was so nice and awesome, anytime. I practically have been seeing him every week and he gave me massaging techniques and exercises to do. Since this issue came up, he has always given me the option of seeing a physical therapist but I have not wanted to go there yet. He told me, so long as I keep seeing positive progression and feeling better and being able to move it, then I really don't have to see a PT if I don't want to. But if I hit the wall or could not physically do the exercises on my own, then I need to go see them.

I would do some massaging and exercises when I could, but honestly, I did not do them as much as I should of because I was so scared and in so much pain. My lymphatic vessel in my arm felt like it was going to burst through my arm... That's how much it hurt. Every time I would do my extension exercises, you could practically see the entire vessel punch through my skin! I could run my fingers all along the vessel and feel it from my wrist to my armpit! This is quite a phenomenon, my PS has said that the lymphatic vessels are kind of like women's stockings... What happens when you tear or snag a pair? You get a run, right?! Yes, indeed you do. That's exactly what happened here, my arm looked like it had a run in it. There were weird lumps and dents along this vessel that go down my entire arm.

Anywho, to make such a long story short, I am back to feeling normal, and all these things cleared up for the most part. I still have some healing to do but the 34Ds looks great! And they feel and look so good too! I love them and love, love, love my PS for doing such an amazing and extraordinary job. They're honestly the most perfect boobies, in my opinion :-)

I decided to add a video so you can see how soft and movable they've become!

Week 9 ~ New Pix

Week 9 ~ New Pix

Week 9 ~ New Pix

They're Beautiful and Perfect!

Month 3 Update

I can't say enough how happy I am with my decision to through with my BA. The results have super exceeded my expectations, thanks to my PS.

Physically, I feel back to normal and nothing feels weird or uncomfortable. I am proud to show off my chest (in a modest way) and wish I would've done it sooner.

Honestly, I do feel I could've gone a bit bigger but either way, I am satisfied. If I ever need to get them redone, then I surely will have no qualms in going BIGGER :-)

4 Month Post Op Pictures

All I can say for an update is Wowza! They look and feel incredible! Might I add, people really like to look at them too :-)

Casual Look Pic

Almost 5 Months now

I don't have anything different to update everyone on, other than I keep loving my results! I put up some side views so you can have a sense of what 400/425cc silicone looks like. If only there was "feel-evision" so you would know that they feel so amazing and natural!

6 Month Post Update

Hi everyone! I wanted to respond to some comments and share some photos that show how my clothes look with my new chest size. I can honestly say it's not hard masking their true size ;-) I have had quite a few events to attend and I never have a problem finding a conservative outfit that isn't too revealing on my chest. As you can see, with no clothes on, it's a totally different case, my boobs are BIG and Beautiful! I love it! I will try to get a few more full body photos so you can see my various body proportions ... I do have a semi big butt ( I've lost a bit of weight this month so it's shrinking now!). Can I share with you all that I used to be referred to as "wide-load" because of it! Lol! Whatevs, that doesn't bother me!

Please let me know if thee is anything else I can share with my Realself Friends! Cheers!

7 Month Update

Hello Real Friends! It's been a while since I've updated everyone. All is well here. I still love my new implants and couldn't be more comfortable and happy than I am now. No new physical changes and I certainly don't feel they have moved/dropped very much in the last few months. I think I will be looking like this for a while, which is perfectly fine with me!

I have yet to see my MD for a check up, we both have conflicting schedules :-/ hopefully I will soon and I will give an update on what his thoughts are on my progress.

Anywho, I hope you all enjoy the new pix!

Cute Bra for 34Ds!

Happy holidays everyone! Just thought I would show everyone the cutest bra "I ever did see"! Just in time, to give a little something to yourself and make you feel warm and pretty :-) I found it at Aerie today and guess for how much?!? $15.00! Yes indeed, and it gives a great uplift and no padding. It's also super cute, as it is nicely bedazzled with light gold rhinestones and it's a pretty light pink. Get one before they sell out, I highly recommend!


Picture Request - 7 month PO

Had a request for a frontal pic without squeezing chest together.

9 Month Update

Just wanted to post a 9 month picture update. Still so incredibly happy, wouldn't change anything for the world! Please let me know if you have any questions, I'd love to share anything with you :-)

1 Year and 2 m/o Update

Still loving my size, shape, fullness and everything else. One major update is that they keep dropping slowly, and it's a good thing. They look much more natural as they drop and they really softened up even more after one year. It was a noticeable change that I love. I mean they were soft to me before but now they are super soft. I continue running and I must say they are really quite the jigglers when I run but luckily I have awesome support sports bras.

Dr. Schierle has been absolutely amazing. From the moment I met him, he made me feel so comfortable and I felt that he was truly an honest person. He gave me relatively conservative suggestions that would definitely enhance my chest in a natural way, as well as sizes that would be on the larger end of the scale for my size. Since I told him I knew I wanted to be on the larger size, he warned me that it could look unnatural but still beautiful and made sure that this would be something I could not only handle but be happy with. As far as being available to answer all of my questions and concerns, he did so in a very timely manner. I could easily email him and he would get back to me practically within the next hour. His staff was amazing and extraordinarily helpful. Dr. Schierle's bedside manners were also great. He did an excellent job explaining everything to me and made me feel quite positive and eased my mind, knowing how anxious and nervous I was. I truly believe that I found the BEST Chicago plastic surgeon (I certainly did some heavy research among many other PS's) and am so happy with the outstanding results. His work is flawless and I can easily say that Dr. Schierle is brilliant and the quality of his work is phenomenal. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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