33, 2 Young Children, Very Active Lifestyle, 5'10 138lbs 375cc Unders - Chicago, IL

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I have been reading stories for a while now and...

I have been reading stories for a while now and thought it fair to post a bit of my story.

Even as an athlete I always had a proportionate chest size with my 5'10 frame-I was a 34D all of my adult life - then I had 2 children- nursed both for a year (and wouldn't change that for the WORLD). I was then a deflated 34B (32C same cup size) and when we decided we were done having children I knew I'd want to hopefully restore what I once had. I decided just after Christmas would be the best time- and so glad I did- because I was obsessed with choosing a size- having nightmares about something going wrong- feeling guilt over not being able to hold my children (ages 4 and 6) - ect ect - and with the busy holidays I think it might have helped me not go completely nuts. ;)
Also my husband went from totally supporting me to seeing me in the sizers and changing his mind - thinking I would become objectified if I got them done- but my mind was made and NOW he LOVES the new girls!! I knew he would all along and in regular clothes he laughs because you cannot tell.

I am two weeks post and starting to feel normal. I was most surprised by how hard simple things were the first week- Driving for instance- or reaching for my coffee mug- bending down to get anything (because of my incisions) felt strange. I passed a basketball yesterday with my 4 year old for a while and that went surprisingly well- I think I've learned how to isolate my biceps more since surgery???

I didn't tell very many people so its a little awkward at times when someone tries to hand me their baby or I run into acquaintances that are used to seeing me at the Yoga several times a week-and they ask where I've been... but it is going fine and I'm not too worried about it. (although I do miss working out)

I decided to wait on reviewing and rating my surgeon until a few months go by- I am very happy with my results so far!!

Question about size changes

I keep trying to upload more pics---- think it should work now

Agent Provocateur is having a huge sale and my hubs got me a very generous gift certificate before my BA and just got a bunch of beautiful new lace bras- question is how much did your cup size change from about 2 weeks? I fit great in a 34DD lace only bra- hoping the girls don't shrink too much so I can keep all of the bras- because I got sets. (booby problems;)

16 days!!!

Every day is better.
My Dr said I could give my daughter a piggy back ride if needed at this point and I did with no pain- had my hubs help get her off of me but it helped with her being needy for me (and me too). He's some more pics- someone asked for a side shot - and thought I'd put these work/out clothes pics in too- cannot see much with the front view as far as breast size- but side they just look nice and perky! Like I've been wanting- I will say I'm a bit nervous about going back to yoga in a few months- hope I don't get too many stares!

workout top- side pic

Lace Bras

Gorgeous bras from Agent Provaceteur - so lucky to be spoiled by hubs after my BA.

3 weeks!

Was shockingly sore today- think I try too do too much! But super happy still- I don't have that "oh my gosh do I really have boobs'" feeling as much.
Went on about a mile walk today (kids got tired) and did a some squats at home- cannot wait to work out again!

4 Weeks!

4 weeks today! Have been having aches in my breasts then I realized that I had feeling in the bottom portion of my breast finally- still a bit numb but not as bad before so really hoping that its just the aches of having nerves or something? Massaging a couple times a day- I'm so afraid of capsular contraction! This aching I'm having isn't helping any relieve that fear. I feel like they've shrunk a lot in the past few weeks - but not sure if I'm just more used to them- and/or if the swelling has just gone down? Few bra pictures. The pink one is from when I was nursing - 36DD but the band is too big- the cups seem to fill out nicely.

Laughing at myself

I was just thinking over the weekend that I went too conservative - however- wanted to flirt with the look of 'did she' or 'didn't she' - and wore an oversize sweater yesterday that you could barely see any boobs at all- then today threw on an old workout top and leggings to go ride the stationary bike - and laughed at how large the girls look! (I think the higher neckline actually make my boobs look bigger) Granted I'm still wearing it because lets face it- I feel great! I'll throw on a vest maybe but either way- laughing at the ups and downs of this whole process. I have had mostly ups but every once in a while negativity sneaks in- maybe its because I've been a bit anti-social lately (wearing a sports bra everyday/all day inhibits what I can wear- and I LOVE clothes!) Anyhow, thought I'd share my laugh I had at myself. Happy Monday all!

5 weeks

Everything is going great! I notice that every day they feel more like mine- definitely more squishy. I cannot not wait to wear an actual bra daily - even though I know I'll be a bit scared- because sometimes when I wear a sports bra that feels tight against my incision I have to pad it with some gauze. When I was massaging the other day my hubs thought - oh I can do that.... NO! I KNOW when and what my body can take at the moment... ha! Felt a bit bad but don't want to damage the new girls. We'll get there. At the moment they're more of a museum- look but don't touch (much).

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!
XX Chrissy

6 weeks since my BA- I can wear bras!

So here's a million bra/bikini top pictures (and a few in some dresses/tops) - I just received my package from ASOS.com and ordered several sizes - the 32E fits the best - which is a sister size (same cup) as a 34 DD - so i don't feel as freaked out by that letter. However after trying on some old swim suits (I've always liked teeny tiny bikini's) I feel like I have balloons on my chest- OMG! I don't know how comfortable I'll be with my kids at the pool this summer...I feel great and they normally don't look huge but these pictures messed with my head a bit. Maybe I need to get larger top sizes and I won't feel like my boobs are so enormous in them.
Had my 6 week check yesterday - waited an hour and 15 minutes with my 4 year old little one- - and spent all of 5 minutes with Dr. but he said they look great and my scars look amazing. I can lift whatever I want as long as I listen to my body- if it hurts don't do it.... Makes since - NO Yoga (planks push-ups) for a total of 9 months- yikes!

8 weeks tomorrow- comparison pictures from 2 weeks

I will be 8 weeks post op tomorrow - I feel great- still get twinges of discomfort after doing too much- definitely cannot do jumping jacks for instance--- too much bounce is uncomfortable.
I have been sleeping in all kinds of different positions comfortably for the last 10 days or so - even on my stomach. I am so happy I can sleep - and funny enough on my stomach it doesn't feel like I'm on two silicone bags... hehe it feels normal (which surprised me for sure). Wearing a bra with a wire for too long bothers me most- at my incision- I can feel it after a few hours- so really loving bralettes and comfy sports bras. Attached are a few updated pictures and comparison pictures from 2 weeks post op to now. *Reminder - 375 silicone moderate plus profile - under muscle - crease incision - I'm super happy with size and shape!

Loving my boobies!

I told my husband recently that I don't care if anyone, including him likes my new boobs because they are freaking awesome and I love them. Not that he said anything to provoke that but - It was a realization- at the beginning I kept wondering- does he like them? Now I'm like, I look freaking awesome and cannot wait to rock a bikini this summer! It's refreshing! Headed out to see family for Easter out of town and grateful I can lift my kids/suitcases ect now.

Quick update

I've been traveling a lot lately- so haven't been on here much- All is still great. I still get an occasional twing of uncomfortable feeling (but not really pain). I can honestly say I really don't think about my boobs much on a daily basis- sometimes though I wake up in the morning and I look at the them like 'Do I really have these awesome boobs? phew yes, I do.' They feel SO incredibly natural - firm yet natural- you can't feel where the fake and real tissues meet- my husband says this all the time.
I wore a bikini recently and the only concern I had the whole time was if my itty bitty bikini covered my scars- so I was tugging a bit on the top- other than that I felt awesome. Its nice to not worry about my sad deflated boobies in tops- and when I lie down they do go to this side - mimicking natural boobs- but I don't feel like they totally disappear when I lay down like before my BA. I LOVE my boobs. My girlfriend and my sister recently saw them/ felt them and were so shocked at how awesome/perfect they are. I really don't need their reassurance but it sure doesn't hurt.

Hope everyone is happy healthy and feeling great!
Chrissy Prissy

forgot one pic

Not great quality because I zoomed and cropped - but a bikini picture

New Pictures- 4 months post

Seriously SO happy I went through with this surgery. It was worth every penny and any discomfort I had. The way I fill out my sports bra- I don't feel like a 12 year old boy anymore- SO grateful that I held my ground and did this for myself. Anyone considering having this done- in order to look in the mirror and be happy with what you see- I say go for it! My husband laughs because I wear my towel around my waist after the shower now (again - I used to when we first met too) I don't try to hide them from him;) That's because they look AWESOME!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Been too long since update...

Hello all,
Haven't updated in forever- I find myself obsessing less and less over my breasts- thank goodness. I still love them- just don't obsess.
Workouts are almost back to normal- just started a bit more yoga again- was so careful not to do planks or pushups per my doctors directions as to not cause an displacement or muscle deformity - have done NO upper-body specific exercises (but ride bicycles daily, play soccer 3 times a weeks) since my doctor told me I couldn't do any for 9 months.

I still have some nerve pain - just think its from underwire bras or just being so active. I do find that I like having sports bras on and sometimes sleep in them to alleviate any aches. (Which is funny because the first months I couldn't wait to wear a sexy bra- now I find I look for comfort more than super sexy bras).

I've told most people in my life about surgery and not embarrassed at all - kind of thought that people would ask me after seeing me in bikini tops ect- but NO ONE did- so I told people- they 'said' they thought I looked more voluptuous on top but didn't know for sure if I got boobs! Which is funny because that's exactly what I was hoping for. I didn't want to be in your face all boobs and super happy with my size.
For reference I got 375 cc mod plus - and wear a 32DDD or a 34DD (they don't look like that to me- everyone thinks I'm a big C which is fine with me).

Hope everyone is happy and healthy!

Over a year!!!

Seems like I've always had these awesome boobs! So happy I did this for me. I can totally conceal them- very grateful for that. I do get aches every now and then still and think that's just the way it goes... I do still massage every few days at least -as I have read it helps with cc to massage for as long as you have implants.
Hope all are well!!

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