5'1" 110 Lbs 11 BWD 450cc HP Silicone - Symmastia/Tenting at 3 months PO. Repair using strattice

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Decided to start my review since I find that...

Decided to start my review since I find that reviews here have been helping me tremendously. I thought I should try to help out others as well as get some guidance/support since I need all the help and info I can get.

First some much needed stats :)

Age: 37
Band/Cup Size : 30A (might update after pre-op)
Weight : 110 lbs
Height: 5'1"
Activity level: Moderate (sits all day at work but does HIIT exercise 5 to 6 days a week)
Wish post op size: full D or E
Considering Implant: To be determined at pre-op
Placement: Under the muscle
Pre Op Date: 01/04/2017
Date of surgery: 01/23/2017

I will add some pics later :)

Wish Pics!

Attached are the boobsI am going for. I want them to look big and natural but still perky. With that thought maybe moderate plus would be best for me but then I have a small frame so maybe high profile would be better. Can't wait for my pre op!

More Wish Pics and Thoughts

So I have been reading the "Not Worth It" reviews for Breast Aug and Breast Implants. I'd like to stay informed as possible so I try to look at both sides of the fence. I learned quite a few things:

-Research your doctor. Make sure he/she speaks with you in person and takes his/her time with you.
-Don't get an implant wider than your breast width. (Good surgeons know this anyhow).
-Plan for the worst case scenario. I told my husband the risks and he said that he will support me with whatever I need if things don't go well.
-Know your surgeon's revision policy.

is there anything else I need to keep in mind?

Reading the botched cases made me scared but speaking with a friend who also went through BA and still love it after a few years made me feel better. I still want to do it because I want to look and feel more feminine with or without clothes. I am also in my late 30s so I feel that I've lived with small breasts long enough (not necessarily a bad thing) and I want to know how it feels to be on the 'other side'. I am so lucky to have a supportive and loving husband.

I have been trying to get in shape and while the rest of me is looking good, my boobs are shrinking and I hate how lingerie looks on me around the chest area lol.

I love my small perky breasts but I am getting ready to say goodbye to them. I still think I will miss them so that's the only thread that makes me a tiny bit reluctant. One thing I need to keep in mind is that my breasts will never look the same again if I do decide for explant/revision later on and I think I am okay with that.

Also another thing, I won't worry about the cup size, as long as they look like my wish pics in proportion with my (petite) body, I'd be super happy!

Surgery Date Moved!

It's now Jan 16th! So excited! I also asked about Ideal Implants if the surgeon is going to offer them soon. Anyone heard of them?

Pre op!

Sorry been so slow with the updates. Had my pre-op. Doctor suggested HP implants (was hoping for mod plus). I chose 450cc - the highest he gave me. Well, actually 425 was the highest but before I left, the assistant asked me to try 450cc and it looked more like the shape that I was going for. I told the assistant that if the Dr thinks it's still the safe size, I prefer 450 .

I am scared that I might've gone too big but Dr said that they are going to review my size at surgery date. My BWD is 11 cm (I think). I trust in my Doctor's skill . He's got very good reviews all over and I researched many sites using his name. His office was super crowded when I arrived for the pre op. I guess that's a good sign.

Had a bit of a sore throat lately but getting better. I just need to do my shopping. I am scared of the recovery time because I have a toddler and I love putting her to bed and holding her. I won't be able to do that for at least a month =/ . Plus I will miss the gym for 6 weeks.

I am still shy about posting pics though but I will post before and after pics after surgery.

Also one word of advice, bring tight fitting clothes for pre-op. I thought my shirt was tight enough, and it wasn't. I looked top heavy hah! All I could think of is how I should lose more weight and wasn't concentrating on the sizers as much. The sizers don't look that big in the pictures though. I'd put the pictures in but I lose track of which sizers I had >_< .

It's Done!

Waited quite awhile to get my surgery done (I was the last patient) but I am glad that it's done. I couldn't eat or drink from 9 AM and had my BA at 9:00 PM. That was rough! I woke up with 7 out of 10 pain. They gave me something for the pain before I left with my hubby.

Next day, I was sleepy most of the time but towards the end of the day I am feeling more like my normal self. I still get sleepy from meds a little. I make it a point to take them on time which is a huge help. I also find that if I keep my arms near my body whenever I do things, I don't feel the pain at all. Of course, I don't lift heavy stuff and try to be as careful as possible. I just had my meds so right now it just feels like I have a couple of bricks on me lol.

Pain level 0 atm since I just took my painkillers.

The Frankenboob is real! I posted some pics (finally!) and I am not sure what else I need to add here but feel free to ask some questions.

I really hope it'll be smooth sailing from now on because I had a rough week. I had cough and cold the whole two weeks leading to my BA and I am lucky to feel so much better by the day of my DA (lots of orange juice).

The Waiting Game

Pain is minimal unless I take too long before I take pain meds (e.g. when I wake up in the morning). Boobs still has weird shape to them and bruised but everything went well with my post op. They asked me to come back in 4 weeks.

I did speak with my PS over the phone last night because of some reddish discharge from my steri strips (nothing alarming but I just want to make sure). He said it's normal and if I want I can come back next week since he wasn't able to see me at all after the surgery (his assistant saw me earlier).

I wasn't given a band or instructions to massage. I guess every PS is different. I just can't wait for mine to soften and look more like normal boobs (and of course for the pain to go away). How long did things become more normal for you?

One Week PO

Still bruised and sore but can move much better.

Two Weeks

I can pretty much move without any pain except when I lift heavy stuff or accidentally lean using my arm/s. Bruises are fading maybe. Left feels more sore than the right. I haven't really enjoyed the new breasts yet because they are so high and not soft. At least it's winter and I can easily cover them up. Steri strips are still on and they itch once in awhile which is normal according to my PS.

No boob greed atm. I am pretty happy with the size :)

3 Weeks PO

Feeling great. Still sore but I have regained my range of arm movement. I just can't lift/push heavy stuff still. The underside of my left breast is still sore to the touch though. I ice my breasts whenever I can.

Since I can move my arms better now, I had a little fun with my pics and tried on lingeries I have that use to fit like I put them on a flat cardboard.

I need to get sport bras. Any recommendations? I am only looking for cheap but comfy ones as of this time. I miss working out. I am losing my muscle tone esp on the butt :( I'll see what my PS has to say on my appointment next week!

One Month PO

Doing great. Nothing much to report except that I have removed my steri strips and got no more restrictions from my doctor (except underwire bras).

Still need to drop and fluff lots but it's getting softer now and the bruises are fading.

Six Weeks!

Finally looking like normal breasts. Very happy so far :)

Tenting and Symmastia

Love the size and the shape but unfortunately, my sternum tenting isn't getting better. Surgeon is going to fix it free of charge (thankfully) and my surgery is this Thursday. He is going to use strattice to keep the implants apart.

We will not be changing the implant size although I am willing to downsize if needed. Is this going to make the tenting/symmastia more likely to come back? Has anyone been successful with symmastia repair using strattice without downsizing?

Symmastia repair done

I am doing well. Much less pain than the original BA but there are drains. I will post pictures next time. Boobs still look freaky but I kinda expected that. PS said that everything went well. Here's hoping!

Cautiously Optimistic

My doctor has been wonderful. I've heard of horror stories of surgeons denying their patient's concerns but my surgeon admitted to it when he sees it and repaired my symmastia at no cost. He also apologized about it. I remember he said he stands by his work during my consultation and he really does. Of course it would've been way better if the complication never happened but nobody's perfect. My anatomy and weak muscles may have exasperated the condition as well.

I am being cautiously optimistic but I am doing well so far. Posting pic of before repair and one week PO. I am already off pain meds at 5 days PO but really the only part that was painful and uncomfortable were the drains (I am wearing thong bra 24/7). I am so glad they're gone at my 1 week PO visit. It hurt though when they pulled it out.

I don't plan on working out until 3 months PO to let everything heal in its place. I remember working out at 1 month PO during my first surgery. I just want to put this all behind me and enjoy the new boobies.

Two Weeks

Still sore and my nipples are super sensitive in a painful way. I suppose that's the nerves waking up. Still got the morning boob feeling. Left is bigger than the other but as long as they're not too different I will be happy as long as there are no complications.

7 Weeks!

No more restrictions though I am still not going to work out extensively and wear my thong bra at night until 3 months PO. There is some assymetry but doctor said that I just need to massage the right breast more as it is still very high. I am really hoping they even out. I don't mind slight assymetry as long as it's not obvious but I am happy that the symmastia is gone (for now?).

Numbness and sensitivity are getting better. I stopped by VS to get measured and was told that I am 32DD but when I tried things on, only the Dream Angels 32DDD bra fit perfectly.
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