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After years of dreaming finally I'm getting my BA....

After years of dreaming finally I'm getting my BA. I'm so excited and nervous. I'm 30 years old mother of two amazing boys with no boobies so its about time to change that. I went to Dr. Szczerba last week for my first consultation and I'm in ..my surgery is May 2 2015 in 2 weeks yupppiii...... cant wait. So I decide to get a saline 500cc . Now I'm 34- 36 A and wish for D or DD. I will put some pictures from my pre-op and after surgery when I'm done with it. Wish me luck :-)

2 more days !!!!!

Two more days and im getting my BA. So excited and nervous. .. one day im happy and other unsure....... I decide to get saline 500cc hope i wont regret...... any suggestions. ..?????? Thx ....


OMG i got boobs .... just het home from my BA and still little bit dizy and i feel like someone put 1000 lb potato bag on my chest hehehehe ....besides that im good and happy and im waiting for amazing results! !! Soon as i get better i will post my before and after pictures!

12h later

Pre op and 12 h later

3 day

Better and better but still in pain

day 4

They are still high but i love them already no bruises ..and scar looks so little. .... Still feel a big pressure on my chest but thats normal ... so far happy

May 9 - 7 days

May 10 -8 days

Sooo excited today finally my dream came true ... and i got my first bralette bra.... ?

2 weeks

Ok so now is 2 weeks and feeling great! They still not drop that much but getting there slowly. I just update with one picture soon as i get some better one i will upload!

3 weeks

Already 3 weeks . :-)

3 weeks (25 days)

Every day for me better and better .My surgery was May 2 ...3 weeks ago .. yesterday i had my stiches out and my scar looks fabulous! !!! On a picture its even hard to see cause in real its almost invisible! !! Soo happy... my right breast is dropping little slower than left but doctor told me what to do ...They getting more natural looking and more softer! !!!!! So far i dont regret it.... and happy with my decision! !! and really happy that i trust the doctor about cc'' he told me which will be the best for me and fits me best and he was right !!!!!!

weird sound

Im 3 weeks after my Ba and today while I was massage my breast i heard slushy wird sound sound like they moving they broke.. OMG soo scared !!! Girls does any of you got that? I have saline ..

some new pics

Just posting some new pics to show how they changing.... they dont look to me like 500 cc .. o well well see in a bit ... but love the natural look ...

Happy !!!!

Tomorrow is 4 weeks..!!!!

So far happy with my results ... first pic is before BA second day of the surgery and 3 th is 4 weeks... couldn't be happier .


Today is a 4 weeks (month) !!!! With my new breasts.. love love love them and thats the incision of the right breast !! You cant even see.. looks wonderful! !!!!! Love my PS !!!!!!

4 weeks

Update !

I love the shape .... they getting softer but still can hear that slushy sound whem im massage them.. but my PS told me will go away hope so ...cause honestly i dont like that and feels weird !! Besides that feeling great! Happy Happy Happy :-)


Still high.. but happy... top is size L and i think its too small....

Almost 6 weeks!!!

Tomorrow will be 6 weeks !! They didn't drop in full yet but they start looking more natural! Im 5.6 145 p -148p and i have 456 cc filled to 500cc but dlthey dont look to me too big.. i love them but thought they will look bigger! !! Last few days i feel sore and tight in my chest area... heels like i just had a baby (hehe) ... hope that feeling will go away!
The other thing is i cant buy the right bra for me .. maybe because my breast still not droped yet... keep waiting. .. besides that im happy with my BA

Almost 6 weeks !!

Anoter picture


Just few pics to see how they change since my BA

6 weeks

Finally got super comfortable bra ..Now my size is 36 dd or 38 d

More pictures

53 days !!!

7 weeks

8 weeks already

So it's been 2 months already! Still feel some stiffness . But ibuprofen works for me very well ;-) ! I dont hear any slushy sound anymore looks like the air goes away like the doctor said it will go away . Tomorrow is my another visit with my PS will see what hes gonna say about them. So far love them and enjoying them every minute!!
Ps. Finaly got a boudoir photoshoot for my hubby. .;-) which i couldn't do it before ... i was to ashamed of my boobies!!!

More pics!!!!

So i went today for my visit everything is going well!!! So happy !!!! Doc said they will drop more ... but i love them already soo much..!!!!

8 weeks !!! So happy with my new breasts !!!!

Today i went shoping for new bikinis and tops dresses. ... cause im taking my girls to Miami Fl finally i will enjoy my vacation and wont be peeking at other girls breast heheh silly me ...

2 months !

I love how they changing. .. and i love the shape ... looks so natural thats what i wish for... just the gap between them is bigger than i though i will have it but doctor told me thats how god made me heheh to prevent that i can wear push up bras and squeeze them together. .. besides that love them !!!!


Almost 4 months

They still haven't drop much but every day its better and better. Love them !!! I was 36 A now 38 dd or 36ddd

4 months

So its been 4 months im 5.6 154p 465cc filled up to 500cc. i feel ok sometimes got some numbness and pain but its go away next or 2 days. Like my new beasts but im little mad inside of me that i didn't go bigger .. i mean i do like them i love how i look but if the doctor will let me go bigger i would .. he said that i can't go bigger than 500cc bull crap... now on last visit he said if i want now i can go bigger with cc ..now?Wtf will pay for that hehehe iam happy with my ps but little pissed off on him... cause i dont have money for 2nd surgery that was my only money i was raised that money for so long and now hes telling me ...go bigger !! Ahhhh :-( ......besides that happy that hot my BA !!!


Ok I'll be 5 months on october 2 th .. feeling a much better!!!! As of today im wearing 36 DDD at Victorias Secret .Im 5.6 154 pound (gain some weight :-( ) and i got 465 cc filled to 500 cc saline .They dont look that huge cause of my weight need to loose some ... but im happy with my size and breasts !!!!! Got some thinking sometimes that i should go bigger but now i know that good i didnt 36 DDD is big enough! !! They do feel pretty heavy !!

Cant find comfortable bra!

Cant find comfortable bra. I went Vs and i hate them they are so uncomfortable. So i weny Pink hope they will be more comfortable. Ilike Kohls and target brat but cant find styles and my size ! Got those today from Pink love the red one ..so far is sooo comfortable! !! Still got some discomfort in my breasts hope that will go away love my size and everything about it (so is my hubby) but just worry about that little pain. But so far dont regret my BA . MY size in Vs is 36ddd or 38dd but in PINK my size is 36DD

Any difference between?

Hi girls can you tell me if there's a difference between them ? Last picture at 5 months is not straight (my fault ) I'm 5'6 140
I got 465cc filled to 500 cc saline hp... love the shape but feels small ... when im bend Over my Breasts on the Bottom feels empty is that mean they Didn't drop yet ? ....Need honest answers and advice !!! Thank you xoxo

6 months !!!

Im 6 months after my Ba ... love the results !!! Still droping but love the natural look.... 465cc filled to 500 cc hp undet muscle. Bra size 36 ddd or xl .They are Not straight on picture cause i was holding my phone.

For the first time showing my before BA picture and 6 months after !!!! What a difference! !!

Before BA and 6 months after!!!! ?

Scars at 6 months

My scars are beautiful! ! Almost invisible.


Ok so im updating some pics with my new swimsuits that i bought this summer for my vacation and it feels like they are too small???? O well need to get ready to buy some new swimsuits.... Love my results ... at first i was .... aren't they too small ...? Im 5.6 145 p (gain some weight after BA grrrr) and 500cc saline bit now im happy that i didn't go bigger ! Now i start to excercise and honestly i can feel them they are heavy...and couldn't imagine how will they feel if ill go bigger. ..Anyway onestill didn't drop fully but almost there...... so far no pain and i feel great..... ...theres just one thing bothers me i need do wear bandeau top for the night cause without its so uncomfortable probably because they are heavy !!!!!

2months vs 6 months .. what a difference! !!

Upper pictures -2 months
Lower -6 months
They got fuller- bigger and closer. ..:-)

7 months!


7 months

Happy with my results!!! My scars are invisible! !! There is nothing !

7 months

One more picture in clothes

8 months

VS swim size L i wish they do have XL. Feels little small but besides that love it and love my new boobies not to big not to small .Reminder i got 465cc filled to 500cc saline

8 months

8 months... One still didn't drop fully..cant see on pictures but when im excercises it bothers me a little ,doesnt hurt me or anything just that i can feel and see my implant higher than other ... Any of you had same as me ?

8 months-XL

Just got XL VS bikini top feels small but love it.Now i can see my boobies are big!!! Was thinking go bigger but happy that i didn't sohard to buy VS swimwear they got small sizes...

9 months today

Today is 9 months since my BA .Still happy just need to loose some weight!!All tops are Xl

9 months

Another swim suit:-) 36dd VS should get 36ddd but trying to loose some weight..so should fit ok

9 months

Walmart swim top love it ... Fits better than any other....


So i will me,10 months may 5 ... And still love them.?. On pictures they dont look straight cause i was holding my phone... But they are perfectly straight! That was my best decision i ever made !!!!! Xoxo for all happy girls!

10 months

Almost 11 months and feeling great .Scars are invisible if i wont have any paperwork i wouldn't even know i had BA. :-D .Last week had some thinking that i should go bigger but happy that i didnt .. I have 500cc saline. And measure 36ddd or 38dd ... My dream was having big but in real life having bigger than 500 will be a little too much for me ! Now sleeping is so uncomfortable which i dont regret them but i know having bigger implants is bigger issues...


Just got that cute lingerie xl from XXI cute but wish be little bigger ...

Full body shot

Thats how my breast look in me im 5.6 154 p ????.. I love how they look natural what you guys think not too small for my frame?

11 months today!!!

Today is 11 months since my Ba . Still in love and happy with my results ! Just not happy about gainig weight not because of Ba but of my. Injured back and my medications!!!! Soo happy that i didnt go bigger with my injury wasnt be able to cary that big boobies! Specialy when im not walking ..... Anyway so happy and feel amazing even with those few pounds ! Xoxo to all beautiful and happy girls!

Almost a year !!!!!!

Xl VS i got 465 cc filled to 500cc saline

Scars? What scars !!!!! Amazing job by my PS !!!! ?

Almost a year and no scars !!

Happy birthday to my girls !!! 1 year!!!!!!

Today is a year since my BA love my results...

Some pics

Not so good to take pictures myslef in reallife they look perfectly straight !

12 months

Wow what a difference i heard if they drop they getting smaller not for me syarts with 36d now 36ddd

Love shopping lace !

Nothing change just adding a pic.... I. Love shoping lace lingerie.... Got tha in L in XXI wish they got bigger sizes but their lingerie is soo cute and inexpensive....

Side profile pictures

I never put side profile pictures.... I just want to show ..in real life looks,much bigger ... But they did drop beautifully!!!!

1 year

That how they look when im on my back and no scars.....

Finally i can wear straples bras !!!!

VS strapless bre 36dd wish i can get same bra in 36ddd but i should be ok. ....

13 months

Update with few pics.... Question does any of you after BA wish can have one more comfy night? I love my boobies they are perfect (thank to God And my PS hehe) but some of my night are soo terrible i can sleep like i did before .... My boobies feels too big that not every night but most of it i need to wear comfy sport bra or aomthing to hold them.... Im worry that they will fall apart. And will need revision in future .... Any advice or its just in my head and i should stop worry... Xoxo to you all !!

13 months

Few new pics ... Question does any one of you wish fore one more comfy night after your BA ... I wish... I love my new boobies but some of my nights are nightmares..... Needs to wear sports bra or. Else. To get good night sleep.... Any advice....
Ps. Breasts are perfectly straight nothing is wrong with them... Hope will stay like that for years....xoxo to all of you

13 months

So im 13 months .Still love them nothing change .

13 months

So I'm 13 months. Love shoping lace bras!!

15 months

Hi beautiful ladies... Just an update ..im 15 months after BA and still love my girls ! Nothing change
465 cc filled to 500cc saline under muscle.

What a difference !!!!

Just add one more pic so everyone can see difference... I love how i look today so natural... People who dont know me cant even say that those beautiful girls are not mine !!!! Wishing all of you to be happy with your BA as i am ...every single women deserves to be happy and beautiful xoxox to u all !

17 months !

Hi beautiful ladies ! So im 17 months after my BA.... Still love my breasts ! Got 500 cc saline im 5.6 145 p and now im 36dd or 36ddd. Sometime i feel discomfort but nothing what you can complain about it.... I can say one thing soo happy that i didnt go bigger ! 500cc are preety big and heavy !!!

No bra!

Pictures without bra
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Wonderful experience with Dr. SZCZERBA .Could not be happier !!! He takes time to explain the process and all procedure what is going to be done and what to expect! !! Easy to talk and he is not pushy .He gives you a time to make a right decision . Dr.Szczerba is very professional smart and intelligent! !! Best doctor i have ever seen !!! Highly recommend anybody to this true professional! !!! Thank you Dr.Szczerba i can feel beautiful again!!!!!!

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