Preop for 700Ccs my 2nd BA , 1st BA 300cc's- Chicago, IL

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I am getting breast augmentation my Doctor...

I am getting breast augmentation my Doctor recommend 800Cc Hp Silicone. I decided to get 700Cc I Figure I can always buy a push up bra to give a bigger boob look. I am now 300Cc Hp Silicone my surgery was done in another country. I now want the "Sofia Vergara" Look:) but I'm little scared going big because I don't want to look fat either... Or more like a porn star. I just a nice big full natural look , I'm 5'6 tall and weight 150lbs.

Calling out girls with 700cc hp silicone

Anyone please post pics.., please any good or bad comments of your 700's ???

Me before 700 cc's

This is me before :( i now have 300cc's and you can tell one of my implants did not drop. I dont knw why, and i really hope that after my New 700cc's i can really get Some nice looking boobies.

My wish look!

Tomorrow is The BiG Day!!!! 5/29 @9am

I'm nervouse but I'm also very excited!! I will be picking up my prescription from the pharmacy pretty soon, and the doctor have me an antibiotic to take with dinner tonight. He also told me not to to eat or drink anything after midnight. I'm nervouse! See how this goes tomorrow after 9am I will be in pain,, I took of work 2 days , so I see how I do when I go back to work with 700 omg!!!

Im 2 days post op, in a few im going to my Appt

Yesterday i came home fine but then i notice That i was bleeding and i filled The whole tape around The incisión and a extra cloth i put on ..... I dont have paín i just feel a lil concern because Of the bleeding.... I have 700cc but at the moment they don't look like 700s they look small I hope they fluff, because I really wanted them to look big

1 day post op, they look small


I knw it's too early , but I'm disappointed my breast didn't get swollen at all I'm not in pain. Only a little discomfort because of the incision. My breast look very small & I have a big gap... I just hope that with time they change for better. Is not exactly the look I was expecting.

3 Day Post Op

I'm 3 Day post up no pain. Only discomfort because of incision. I think my breast are " dropping & fluffing" they look a little bigger.. I have also been bloated since surgery. I think This is all related with the surgery. Well no pain on chest and I'm feeling good now that they are changing for the better...

6 Day Post Op 700cc's

This is my look after 6 Days post op with 700cc's.... I think my right boob drop but not the left... But no pain what so ever since surgery or tighting on chest, nor swollen..

6 Day Post Op 700cc's

My New bobbies!!

After preop i went thru The boobs blues,, now im feeling much better and i learn to Love my New girls :-) feeling sexy!!

2 yrs Post Op with 700CCs

This is how I look after 2 yrs. I dont understand the big gap in between my boobs they are so seperated.
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

My girlfriends reference me... They all have their work done with Dr.Pensler. My consultation- He was very nice , polite and down to earth explained the procedure, he measured me. He took pictures and then He provided me with images of my self and how would I look in different sizes, which I thought it was pretty awesome. He and his receptionist gave me a lot of information. They made me comfortable.

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