30 yr old looking to get new boobies!

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Im 28 yrs old.. Mother of 2.. 5' 2 about 124...

Im 28 yrs old.. Mother of 2.. 5' 2 about 124 pounds.. Looking to get a BA I am about a b cup (I call them my pancake boobs cus they are wide but kinda flat especially when i lay down) Not sure what size to get don't want to go to big but don't want to wish i went bigger in the end.. looking for some advice..

Going to see Dr Seaburg

I go for my 1st consolation tomorrow! Im so excited and a lil nervous too ( i don't know why ) Not looking forward to the 2 hour drive there and back! Ugghh.. But hey its all for a good cause right!?

Cant pick a size!!!!! : /

I made my own rice sizers at home and thought 450 looked too big! But went for a consult yesterday and tried on all kinds of sizes (in tear drop shape) and actually liked the way the 500's looked.. But I'm worried that they will look too big on my frame after surgery.. And I don't know if I fully like the tear drop shape.. I want a little more volume on my upper boob..

Dr. Geldner

Well I had my consultation today with Dr. Geldner and was sad when he told me that if I were to get implants due to having a slight curve in my chest that my nipples would go towards my arms pits rather then straight.. So I'm feeling a little sad and disappointed! But his staff is so nice! They are great people make you feel very comfortable!

?? :/

and I also hate that gap in between my boobs in the simulated picture! Thats one thing I think looks gross! So now I am having second thoughts on what to do!

Dr. Kerr at Synergy plastic surgery

500 & 550 ccs not much of a difference. Never thought I would pick a size this big but.. hey go big or go home? Going to check out more dr.'s didn't feel like they were personable enough for me. Felt like the nurse agreed with anything I tried on.. Dr. Kerr went over the procedures and measured me and that was it felt kind of rushed.
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