26 years, 5'4, 140 lb, and happy with 500cc unders!

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I have wanted breast implants since I realized...

I have wanted breast implants since I realized they were not going to get any bigger. Then I became a mom at the age of 20 and breastfed for 8 months -- wish they could've just stayed that big! ^_^ Of course, they deflated. Now they are not smaller than they used to be, just less "perky". On the bright side, I feel like implants will fit in there nicely! I am 5'4, currently 140 pounds (working on lowering that number) and I will be getting 500 HP silicone implants under the muscle with an inframammary incision on Nov. 9 and I am literally counting the days. Can *not* wait!!!

Before pictures, computer imaging & wish boobs

This blue bra is a size large which I've never been but it's a comfy one that Dr. Pensler'a patient coordinator recommended from VS for after surgery. Hoping to fill this thing in nicely!! :) I posted a picture of the computer imaging done in the office. The top is me now, then 450 HP in the middle and 500 HP on the bottom, the size I'm going with. Lastly, my wish boobs -- Kaley Cucuo had a BA and her boobs are perfect. I'm hopeful to have her perkiness and cleavage!

2 More Weeks!!! Any post-op advice?

I'm counting down the days now ???? Just wanted to see if anyone has any advice on post-op necessities??? I will be driving 3.5 hours to my PS and then staying in a hotel that night as my post-op appointment is at noon the next day. I'm just wanting to make a list of essentials for the hotel!! Is there anything in particular you guys think I'll need?? I'm planning on bringing my own pillow for comfort, some Miralax, maybe some anti-nausea meds (my PS may prescribe something, not sure on that yet). Did you all find you had an appetite the night of your surgery or not so much?? Any help or advice is appreciated girls!! ????

Just learned about the rice sizers. OMG!

Okay, learned about the rice sizers after *already* picking a size with my PS!! 500 cc's = 2 1/8 cups of rice, holy crap! They just seem huge! Haha! Posted some pics.... This makes me nervous but also excited. I still think it's a good size but so big! I'm just in disbelief that they'll fill out my bra like this ???? Who else out there has around 500cc submuscular?!? And how do you feel about your size?!

Before Pics

Okay girls ... I've gathered the courage to post a few before pics. Anyone who knows me personally knows this is a huge deal for me! For instance, sitting down at my consultation with my doc looking at the computer screen of my before pictures made me want to cry. Granted, the lighting is harsher in his pictures and I was a few pounds heavier then, but I was so embarrassed to look at them. He assured me that I'm not the only one that's felt that way; he's had plenty of women cry looking at their pictures. That why we were there! I feel like my life will change tremendously after this procedure. I will finally feel proportionate; my confidence will increase so much which will translate into so many different aspects of my life. I don't expect them to be perfect (trust me, looking at my before pictures I realized they are definitely not *twins*, only sisters) but I do believe Dr. Pensler will do a wonderful job. Thank you all for helping me to gather the confidence to share these -- I just know you ladies won't judge! But I think the totally topless photos are the best for getting a true idea of the before/after. The "after" can't come soon enough!!! ????????

One week! Nervous about anesthesia...,

So my surgery is one week from today and I am working so much this week (to make up for the 8 days I'll take off) so I'm hoping it flys!!! I made the mistake of Googling "twilight anesthesia" which is what my doc uses. Is this what most of you had? I guess it scared me because it says I'll still be "awake and able to respond to stimulus" and I'm like oh hell no! I don't want to be able to respond to stimulus lol The thought of that scares me! What if I feel it :/ That is my biggest fear right now. I emailed my doc's patient coordinator, who is awesome, but I learned that there will not be an actual anesthesiologist present. Just my doc and his nurse. Is this the case for most of you? I would appreciate any feedback on the anesthesia! I don't want to remember any part of it!

I'm going to pick up my prescriptions today! Vicodin, muscle relaxers, anti-nausea meds and an antibiotic, I believe. Then I will put it in my back pack (we are spending the night in a hotel that night) which currently has ice packs, gingerale, dry shampoo, comfy clothes, smooth moves tea, Miralax... Hoping I'm not forgetting anything else important! If any of you have advice, I am all ears :) I appreciate all of you!

I added a few more photos, since I'm constantly trying out my rice sizers haha Too excited!!! One more week guys!! ??

Tomorrow is the big (boob) day!!!

This is my last update before the big day!! I've been on call for the hospital all weekend, thank goodness, which has kept me too busy to think too much about it! Otherwise I'd be going crazy I think!

I'm nervous about 2 things -- the twilight anesthesia ( I do *not* want to feel anything!) and also the recovery as I do not have a significant other to help :/ Seems like most girls on here have amazing men in their lives helping them with getting in and out of bed/helping wash hair/etc. (where can I find me one of those?? Lol) Anyway I'm a little nervous about doing it alone but I do have some family around that can help with the less personal stuff ;)

Other than that I am just so ready! And I've been sort of appreciating my boobs these last few days as I know it'll be the last time they look/feel this way! Took a few more before pictures as I'd like to take lots of comparison pics afterwards :) Anyway girls -- I'll see you on the other side! Xoxo


Okay I have boobs and admittedly, up until now (about 5 hours post op) it's been hell. I don't even think I was mentally prepared for the pain, course everyone is different but holy hell. Surgery went will they look me in, got my on the OR table, were super nice and helped to get my mind off of the nerves! Got me hooked up to a bunch of monitors and gave me some meds to keep me from salvating hence the super dry mouth after), then I was out. I had twilight anesthesia so I was just realized my fear of waking up mid surgery did not happen! However, when I did wake up, I hurt in ways that I couldn't understand and I was half out of it and I just remember whining to the nurse so much ( I will be apologizing to her tomorrow at my post op) because they did wonderful.

It was just aweful getting to the hotel and in and out of the car, the only thing that gave me relief was leaning forward and putting my hands and head by knees. Still haven't eaten anything yet but after laying in bed in pain for hours i finally got up to pee and now and feeling a bit better. Mom went to Starbucks to get my a big frappucino (decaf) the only thing that sounds appetizing.

Oh and the girls!!! I haven't seen yet but seriously, this cleavage is up under my chin!! I have a feeling I'll have frankenboobs for a while but will do my best to not panic and to trust the process. I have my pre op at noon tomorrow and will get too look then. Will try so hard not to panic!! Thanks for reading girls and any questions/suggestions are more than welcome!

One day post-op pictures

Dr cut the ace wrap off today and I felt a hair of relief but oh then gravity hit and the bad pain started again. I feel like such a shiner lol but the only thing that gives me relief seems to be the Valium surprisingly... Vicodin is not doing much for me.
Anyway I finally gathered the energy to go look in the mirror and get some pictures... They are very high still but I'm very pleased :) they look pretty symmetrical and I think with some dropping and fluffing they will be a good fit for me! (500cc HP Mentor) Can't wait for some pain and tightness to subside, but I think he did excellent. He also seemed super pleased with his work when I saw him today so that made me happy!!

Day two post op pictures

Hey girls. Feeling so much better today thankfully :) can't stop looking in the mirror and my new torpedos lol My doctor is the type that likes his patients to go without a bra for at least a week and then see him in A week and go from there so it's hard not to look at obsess. I have been rubbing them gently with bio oil every few hours cuz my skin is so tight! The girls themselves don't hurt, just the side boob area is sensitive so I'm doing some light rubbing there too ... Wondering if it is some lymphatic draining there? Oh and the sternum is tender when I run... I thought I read somewhere that someone thought they felt like bubbles when they rubbed there ... Yeah I have that as well... Odd.
Anyway today and tomorrow swelling is supposed to be at its peak and so I keep that in mind but they are pretty damn huge and *high* !! Someone please assure me that they will drop lol I know I'm told it's normal but it still makes me nervous. Some girls seem to have just perfect settled boobs right away post op and I guess I'm not one of them :/
Other than that, the right one seems more swollen and more painful. Anyone else have more problems with one side verses the other? I know my right pec muscles are much stronger than my left since I'm an ultrasound tech and scan with that arm 99% of the time -- maybe that's why it's not healing as well? Not sure. I am able to lift my arms about my head without pain! I was happy about that. I was able to wash my own hair today ;) felt pretty nice. Anyway any advice or personal experiences are appreciated girls!!! Xoxo

Day 3 Post Op, Finally some relief!

I woke up this morning with no pain and I didn't even take any meds in the middle of the night! I couldn't believe it but was very happy :) Got up and helped get my son ready for school for the first time, made some coffee, felt like a normal human again lol. I did take a muscle relaxer cuz these babies are still so high :( I know I need to be patient but I just hope they don't stay this way. After my son when to school, I took a hot shower and let the water hit them, raised my arms up and just kind of stretched. Surprisingly I've had no pain lifting my arms! So I let them stretch in the warmth, anything to help them fall! I just feel like they are super high and tight and then down by my nipple, it's just my soft normal breast tissue. That's where I'd like the implant to fall. Any other girls experience this? And how long did it take? I emailed my patient coordinator to let her know I am feeling so good today and asked if maybe I can use an ace bandage or any special massage to help the process along. Realistically they are probably going to tell me to calm the F down, it's only been three days lol. I'm just anxious.
Still no #2 for me, been drinking Miralax and smooth moves tea every day but nothing, course I haven't eaten much and I'm not having any pain but really trying to avoid anything being backed up.

Other than that, bandages still haven't fallen off even after 2 showers but curious to see what the incisions look like! There's definitely no pain associated with them.

But yeah, overall still happy, just impatient :) Have a good day girls

Anyone else post-op have one larger than the other?

Just curious if others have this problem! I have two 500 cc implants but righty seems to be either a) sitting up much higher or b) is much more swollen, making it look bigger. It is also harder to the tough than the the left, although at only 3 days post-op, they are both pretty darn tight. I decided to contact my PS office and my absolutely wonderful patient coordinator had me send pictures and made me feel a lot better. *Both* of them are sitting up very high, and righty almost touches my collar bone! She kind of giggled and said hers did the same thing as she has had a BA herself (albeit much smaller implants). I just kind of wanted to see if there was anything I could do, like use an ace wrap or start some massage to get them to drop any quicker but she said right now to just relax, get lots of movement and exercise in, and that she'd talk to my PS tomorrow (he was out of the office today), but that all of this is totally normal. Since he is 3.5 hours away from me, I will be sending my 1 week post-op pics to him Monday instead of driving down to see him as long as everything is going well so hopefully by Monday there is some change!

Just wondering if anyone else is going through this? I did relax and lighten up quite a bit after talking to her, then went to the wall for some window shopping, and I thinking even that little bit of walking around braless helped gravity take a little effect. Posted a few more pics because, even though they are not *perfect* ... I am really digging them ^_^ xoxo

Starting to really like them! 4 days post op

Okay they are dropping and although they are not dropping perfectly symmetrically I'm feeling so excited about the size. Feeling (dare I say it) Sexy for once! Lol my proportions seem so much more even. Also got my bandages off and got to see my incisions -- not pretty, just warning you. But overall, feeling good :-D Drove today with no pain and am done with heavy pain killers -- just the muscle relaxers when I know I have no where to drive. Still wanna help the girls drop :)

Incisions Day 4

Day 5 Update!

Still doing awesome! Pain is negligible -- just still lots of tightness and my poor, uber tight right pec muscle won't let righty fall into place :( Meanwhile, lefty is falling beautifully. Please girls assure me that this is normal and it all evens out eventually!!

I am still sleeping at an incline and will continue to do so just because a) sleeping on this reclining couch has actually been quite comfortable and b) anything I can do to assist with gravity!

As for meds, really only using the muscle relaxers. Also I'm still putting lots of bio oil on the girls, just feels good to use it and run lightly and kind of loosen things up.

Last thing, I'm still not allowed to wear a bra... But I put a real loose bralette on under one of my t-shirts today because I'm going out to eat with a girlfriend and omg! I have cleavage! Without any sort of push up!! And it feels *amazing* lol Pictures posted. Thanks for reading girls :):)

Day 6!!

Quick day 6 update with some pics! Feeling fabulous... Except when I made the mistake of trying to sleep on my side for a wee bit this morning with a pillow between my boobs-- felt fine til I actually got up then Yowch!!! Had to take a muscle relaxer. Other than that, I'm just enjoying them more each day, even if they are being stubborn little shits and falling at their own rates lol!!

One week and status changed to *Worth It*

Okay it's been a week and I'm feeling pretty well back to normal :) they are *almost* just part of me lol still a little getting used to .. Like when I look in a mirror and I'm like oh Hot Damn! That me?! That MY cleavage!?? Lol love it. Sent pics in to my doc in lieu of a one week post op as he is 3.5 hours away and he says everything looks great. Of course, me being overly picky I had to point out the slight asymettry and that Mrs. Right does not want to drop down like Mrs. Left but he assured me that they heal and their own pace! And no strap even though I said I'd be happy to use a strap! I think he's anti-strap lol he's also anti-bra. He'd like me to be without one as much as possible in the next three weeks which is fine with me.
Anyway, bought a few new sports bras today as he cleared me for exercising -- just no heavy weight lifting but like any cardio, even the elliptical is good he said. Any activity is encouraged. I tried on a cup bra just for shits and giggles and it seems a 36D in a Walmart bra fit me well :) I'm good with that. Now that probably puts me at a 36DD at Victoria's Secret, but at VS I was at a 34B prior to this and even that was on the big end, so I'm happy with that. Here's a few more pictures and from here on out I'll be posting probably once a week! Will be doing lots of massage, trying to work that baby down ;) happy boobies girls and I'll still be checking for questions or comments! I enjoy them! XoXo

10 days post - getting squishy ;)

These babies squish together now so it's kind of fun :):) I might post a video later today of the squish factor. Until then I have a few more pics. Everything is dropping nicely but I think (still) righty has some dropping to do. They also look like two different sizes because the left one has dropped right into its pocket and is nice and round with good side boob where as right is up higher and is more "up & down", "rectangular", not so round. I am so hopeful it catches us or id consider speaking to my PS about a revision. But seriously, overall they are great. And in close they are perfect and are *'not* even big in clothes. I'll have to post pics of that. Because they seem so big naked, but in clothes, totally natural.
Also I was given the go ahead to sleep however I'd like and now even sure how I end up sleeping but I'm not having any pain and sleeping well! Even without Valium! So all is well here :) Still minimal use of a sports bra, doc says only a couple of hours a day.

One month update! Comparison Pics

So it's been a little over a month and I am sorry if I've missed anyone's comments! I wish real self would separate comments from every single other update!! I would love to answer any questions anyone has about surgery prior to surgery. It's funny looking back at my updates because I was so drugged up those first couple days I hardly remember writing this stuff lol! But I must say it has been totally worth it and I love these things. My clothes fit inifinely better and it just boosts my confidence so much!
My doc has approved me to workout as soon as possible after surgery and also did not want me wearing a bra the first week. So I'm happy to report I've been working out since about week 2 but today was my first time running and it was totally fine! No more pain at all. And I actually, somehow, am able to sleep on my belly! Lol! Never thought I'd be able to again but somehow with my head on my pillow and my arms tucked up under my breasts it leaves enough of a hole for them to sit comfortably :)
As for size, I was a 34B (barely) at VS and went back and got sized recently -- 34DD or 32DDD! This is with 500 cc implants and actually turned out exactly the size my doc predicted. He is wonderful and I'm so glad he helped me choose this size. I feel that it is perfect for me :) I'll be posting pictures to compare to my befores as well as with my rice sizers! I'd love to answer any questions or comments.

A friend of a friend referred me to Dr. Pensler as she was beyond happy with his work. So far, I've had a consultation and have had lots of back and forth communication with his patient coordinator, whose been wonderful. I was relieved at my consultation to find that the Dr. Pensler's idea of what would look good on me was right in line with my idea of what I wanted -- definitely made me feel at ease! He took photos and used computer imaging so we could get a preview of what different sizes would look like on me. We decided to go with the 500 HP to fit my broader frame. I am so excited and trust that he will do a great job!

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