26 Years Old, 5'8", 130 Lbs, 425 Cc High Profile - Chicago, IL

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A week from today I will be getting breast...

A week from today I will be getting breast augmentation! I go in for my final appointment tomorrow and I picked up all of my meds at the pharmacy yesterday. I'm so nervous but excited! Right now my size is a Victoria Secret 32B. I am getting 425cc silicone, high profile, under the muscle implants with incisions under the breast. I have found Realself to be such an awesome tool in helping me decide what size/type of implant and also helping me find women with similar body types who have undergone augmentation to give me an idea of what I'm looking for! I can't wait to share the rest of my journey with you guys.

Full body view (26 Y/O, 5'8", 130 lbs)

I thought this might be helpful for someone with similar body type. This will be my last "before" photo. I go in next Tuesday (less than a week away!) for surgery, 425cc high profile implants.

Day 1 (Post Op)

Hello lovely ladies! I am about five hours out of surgery and so far so good! Everyone in the surgery center today said I handled it like a champ and was so calm afterwards. I have realself to thank for that, as I had a pretty good idea what to expect pain/soreness wise thanks to everyone's posts and words. I wouldn't say I am in any pain at all, although it does feel tight and sore (as was expected). I'm going to post a photo for you all. One of my nipples is "dimpled" as my OB gyn likes to say (more appropriately inverted but that's a polite way to word it) so it shows a lot more now that my breasts are sticking out more. For those of you who haven't seen my previous post, I got 425 cc high profile under the muscle breast implants. I am 26 years old, no children. I will post to keep you all updated on how I'm feeling (which so far is amazing!) but I'll probably wait a week from today to post a progress picture. I am so happy and excited and can't wait to see how they continue to transform! Also I am wearing a breast band, this is the only piece my doctor put on me so I'm definitely thinking to order a zip front sports bra to wear in case I'm feeling really good after a week or so if I end up outdoors so my nipples aren't poking through my sweatshirt! Recommendations on what ones you ladies purchased will be greatly appreciated!
Thanks for reading :)

Day 2 (post op)

Ohhhh day 2!
Today I have felt a decent amount of soreness and tightness in my chest, back and arms. I am trying to move around and move my shoulders and arms (minimally) but I was told to not start rotating my arms around until day 3 so I am not doing too much right now. I am planning to shower tomorrow for the first time since the surgery which will mean removing my breast band and I can't wait to see what they look like under there! I've been keeping up with my meds regularly and they are helping a lot. I feel like my skin is SO stretched out and heavy and this is the first day my body is really trying to adjust and accept this new addition. I have an antiseptic which is sort of painted onto my body in yellow and keeping the surgery site clean, which is a little sticky but may end up coming off in the shower tomorrow or the next day. I'm hoping by day 4 to get outside and do some light walking, already getting antsy from sitting around, I'm used to being really busy, I've always worked multiple jobs and remained very active in my downtime so although this break is nice it's been weird just sitting around not being able to go do my normal stuff and not even be able to help much around the house. I will post an update and maybe a picture tomorrow. Thanks for reading and hope everyone is doing well! For those who haven't seen my other updates yet I got 425 cc high profile silicone implants and I am 5'8" 130 lbs, no children.

Day 3

I woke up today feeling like my normal self! My energy levels have increased significantly and my pain is a lot more bearable than yesterday. I was able to walk around the house, move my arms and shoulders around, I even took a short walk outside which was SO nice. I took my first post-op shower and got to see what my breasts look like without the breast band and, as expected, they look a little weird with a lot of extra boobage up near my collarbone. I can't wait for them to settle down and get comfortable in the right spot! My upper body is kind of a mess because of the antiseptic they put on me, which has a yellow sticky consistency and doesn't seem to want to come off my skin quite yet (which is fine with me, the less risk of infection the better) but I was able to get off some of the markings for the incision site. Overall today went really well, much better than yesterday. I'm weening myself off of the codeine pain meds and using more ibuprofen. Tomorrow I'm going to try to do a short, safe trip to Marshalls in hopes of finding some zip front sports bras. I will post another picture update of the boobs soon! In the mean time I'm going to show you all the type of sports bra I'm searching for, hopefully I can find something like it. Im also posting a "before surgery" and a photo from yesterday as a comparison. Hope you all are doing well :)

I have the best doctor! (Day 4)

Today I had a little scare. I was doing my daily check of my incisions and I noticed that my right side seemed to have a lot more blood on the tape and looked a little raised so I got a little concerned because the left side looked so clean. I messaged my PS and sent some photos and he asked me if I could pull down the tape to send a photo of the incision site. When I started to pull the tape I started to bleed a little and it REALLY freaked me out. I called back and explained that I was nervous about pulling down the tape because it seemed there was some bleeding and he asked if I was home and within 20 minutes he CAME OVER to check it out, take off the tape, retape and assure me everything was okay! He said it might have been a small blood vessel pop but that they were healing really nicely and it's all good. I am in awe of how awesome
It was of him to stop by and check it out. This is what makes me know I chose the right person to perform this surgery on my body. If you live in Chicago area and are setting up consultations I highly reccomend you check out Dr. Gutowski.

Day 5 Post Op

Hello lovely ladies! Today is 5 days after my day of surgery and I am feeling very good! I am still a little tired (probably from sitting around so much over the last 5 days) but I am able to be out and about and no pain meds! I am still taking ibuprofen sporadically just to help with inflammation. Yesterday I went shopping for zip front sports bras which I've mostly been wearing when I am outside and then just sticking to my breast band by itself when I am at home. I wear my breast band at all times unless I am showering, as per my doctors instructions. I am definitely feeling weird nerve twitches with certain movements or sometimes no movements at all, and I find that the sports bras do help with that when I'm walking around. Tomorrow is my first post op appointment so I will let you all know how it goes!

Day 7 post op

Today is a week since my surgery! I went in yesterday for my 1 week post op appointment and got permission to lift my arms above my head (thank goodness) so I've been doing a lot of arm lifts sporadically throughout the day. I was advised to continue wearing my breast band at least 12 hours a day (as you can see from the photos they are still sitting very high) and I've begun sleeping on my side again which has felt so amazing. My back was starting to hurt from that elevated position of sleeping on my back. My doctor doesn't believe in massaging but I'm going to start massaging for 10 minutes a day anyways and see if it helps them drop (now that I have free range of motion) and I got my paper tape replaced and am now able to start using my silicone tape (Doctor reccomended using that or paper tape for three months to help with scar healing) and I'm instructed to change it out once a week. I may need help with that because the idea of ripping the tape off my incisions freaks me out! Maybe it won't so much when they aren't so sensitive. I am occasionally experiencing uncomfortavle muscle spasms (usually when walking around, holding something, or right before bed) but with my arm lifting stretches they are becoming less frequent. As with most women my left implant seems to be sitting higher than my right and they are both still very boxy! I am so jealous of you ladies who's set right so quickly! I think it's going to be a longer process for me but I'm trying to relax my shoulders and arms (I am naturally kind of tense which probably is not helping). Everything is going really well! I'm down to only taking ibuprofen and singulair (which I will be taking for three months) and besides that no meds. Hope all of you ladies are doing amazingly! Love checking in and seeing your updates! <3

10 days and healing well

Sitting high but getting lower and feeling more comfortable every day. 425 cc HP under muscle silicone implants :)

Some before and current comparisons!

Random Bruise

I noticed that one of the front zip sports bras I bought, that is kind of a snug fit and is "compression" was agitating the skin to the side of and below my left breast. I wore it for several hours for two days and then noticed a very straight line of bruising. At first I thought it was marker that never came off of me because of how straight the line of bruising is but it's definitely achy and a little yellow around it and I decided today to send over a photo to my PS to ask about it (started reading about hematomas and got spooked) and he said that it's probably just an agitation from the bra or even some post op bruising that took a few weeks to surface and that it doesn't look alarming and I shouldn't be concerned but if it starts to grow or look worse to let him know and I can come get checked out. Fingers crossed that after stopping wearing that bra it will heal up quick and not be a future issue! Hope all of you ladies are doing wonderfully. I'll post tomorrow with some two week photos!

Two weeks post op!

I'm finally at the two week marker! Today was the first time I had to change my incision tape on my own (not at doctors office) and I put on some silicone sheets! I also did a little stationary bike/incline walking treadmill work out today and it felt so good. Everything is going very well! Do you ladies recommend massaging? My doctor doesn't think it helps but I feel like I should anyways just to get some movement and hopefully some dropping! I'm still wearing my breast band for a minimum 12 hours a day. Stats: 26 years old,5'8" 130 lbs, no kids, 425 cc HP silicone under the muscle implants!

Day 16

Went shopping for some cozy sports bras today...found one at gap that is so soft and comfortable! I love the way my boobs are starting to fill things out. Can't wait for a few months from now when they are dropped and squishy :):) still wearing breast band 12+ hours a day and trying to sleep on my back as much as possible. Left one is stubborn (as is the norm it seems)!

Officially 3 weeks post op!

Hello beautiful ladies! Today I am 3 weeks post op and just had an appointment with my PS. It was quick and to the point! I am released from wearing the breast band...still sitting high and firm but I guess now it's up to gravity to handle the rest! I have also been told it's okay to get back to working out and getting my heart rate up again! I will start with some speed walking/elliptical/biking and throughout the course of this week slowly increase the intensity of my work outs. I am also taking singulair every day until 3 months after my surgery and wearing silicone tape until 3 months after my surgery changing it out every week. After my appointment I did a little bikini top shopping (Old Navy) for a trip that I'm taking this weekend because none of my old bandeau bathing suit tops fit me anymore! I always wore bandeaus before because they hid my lack of boobs the best. Now I get to experiment with different types of bathing suit styles! I stuck with cheap ones for now because I have no idea how much they will change over the course of the next few months. I hope you all are doing well! Stats: 26 year old, 130 lbs, no kids, 5'8", 424cc high profile silicone under muscle implants

5 weeks!

Five weeks and doing great! Am pretty much back to my normal self and normal work load! Really like the way they are settling in and getting softer. Hope all of you ladies are doing great!! Stats: 425 cc HP under muscle implants on a 26 year old 130 lb 5'8" woman

Comparison Chart

Five weeks post op vs. two weeks post op. SUCH a significant difference and really starting to see the tear drop formation. I love my implants more and more each day and they are really starting to feel apart of me. Anyone on the fence about whether or not they should get breast augmentation...I think you absolutely should do it! I didn't do this for anyone but myself and I feel so happy and content with my results. I could not have asked for more. I love being able to wear new and exciting styles and also not having to wear a bra at all and still fill out my clothing! I love putting on a bathing suit and liking my proportions in the mirror. It was one of the best decisions I've made for myself!

10 weeks post op

Hi ladies! I am about 10 weeks post op and everything is going wonderfully! I am able to lift almost back to my normal amounts without any pain or weirdness and they are getting squishier every day. I used to run a lot before surgery and today was my first day back. I did a mellow 2 mile run at a slow pace but holy mother of boobs! They are flapping around so much! I have an under armor compression sports bra on and it's pretty thick and tight so I thought it would do the trick but it seems I need a little more support. I'd love to hear about all of your stories of getting back into fitness and any tips and recommendations on brands etc. I promise to post some photos this week as well to show my progress!
Stats: 425cc HP under muscle silicone 26 years old 5'8" no kids

3.5 months!

Hello ladies! I have not been on here in a LONG time but I wanted to post an update to show my new boobies now that they are mostly out of the shifting stage and starting to soften and settle. I am 26 years old, 5'8" 130 lbs no children, 425 cc under muscle HP silicone implants. I feel like they have a bit more settling to do, but the sizing seems like it's here to stay (which btw I LOVE my size...around 2 months I had serious boob greed and thought I went too small but it's because the swelling had gone away and they hadn't fluffed at all so they felt a LOT smaller) but now they feel full and bigger again and I am very happy with them. I think I will FINALLY try to buy some real bras. Kind of got used to this whole cozy sports bra thing! Hope all is well with you my loves!

Almost 4 months!

And I just bought my first new underwire bra! I was measured officially at 32 DD. I am so pleased with my implants and my size. Could not be happier with the results. Here are my stats!
5'8" 130 lbs no kids, 26 years old 425 cc HP silicone under the muscle implants with under the breast incisions!
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

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