BBL birthday gift to myself

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I have a pre-op appointment and the procedure...

I have a pre-op appointment and the procedure scheduled for the next couple weeks. I'm hoping that actually liking what I see in the mirror will help to improve my self confidence overall. The doctor has excellent reviews but I'm super nervous because the dr is on the pricey side and I've never had surgery. Wish me luck

Pre-op Appointment

I had my pre-op appt on 4/1 (BBL scheduled for 4/18). Everything was about an hour behind, waiting room had an odd number of small children for a Friday at 11am...and a plastic surgeon's office Lol. My biggest issue is that I had ZERO reception and they don't offer free WiFi, also, I think one of the receptionists pick and chose who she'd inform about the delay, amenities in the building and who she would tell about parking validation-I wasn't one lbvs

They took before photos, collected the payment ($9000 total), gave me prescriptions to have the lab work done (Blood Counts, CMP, CBC, PTT & INR), one for iron (I had already began taking them) along with the scripts for after the procedure: pain meds, stool softener and Duricef antibiotics.

I didn't meet with Dr. Shifrin, instead I met with his "co-surgeon" whose name I can't recall but he was nice, funny and I relaxed a little bit. He didn't even rush me out when I pulled out my list of questions!

My advice: prepare all of your questions ahead of time, print out photos that show what you're looking for, contact your bank ahead of time to inform them that you will be making a large purchase (if you're using a checking/debit card), prepare to spend more time than planned if your consult is on a Friday, bring a book, headphones or something that doesn't require internet, water (the waiting room was warm) and put baby oil and or lotion on to be ready for your before pics :)


Since I'm very anxious about my first ever surgical procedure, I have been trying to get everything in order ahead of time.

Other supplies

I'm not recommending anything to anyone; I just chose these supplements after I did my own research but talk to your doctor ahead of time.

5 Days Away (Sorry another long post)

In a nutshell-I'm nervous as hell:
1.) I have never had surgery or been under anesthesia.
2.) I am spending a lot of money and really cannot afford a revision, if needed, anytime soon.
3.) I am only able to take off from work for 14 days.
4.) I really have no clue what kind of pain I am in store for.
5.) I am worried if my expectations are realistic for Dr. Shifrin and his team.

I just wanted to share what's going through my head right now because I know a lot of people either feel the same or will at this stage.

I'm trying to keep calm by preparing as much as possible: I booked my hotel (literally walking distance from the surgery center), I have my sister (a CNA) going and staying with me, I've bought all of my post-op supplied (but I plan to also get a BBL pillow before going back to work), I've picked up my prescriptions and I've even bought a programmable pet feeder for my kitten :).

Along with the 325mg of Ferrous Sulfate (Iron 65mg) three times a day that the dr prescribed, I began taking Arnica Montana today-(he did NOT recommend this fyi) and this week I am making sure to tie up any lose ends at my office, deep cleaning my house, grocery shopping and setting up a "nursing station" with all of my supplies next to my bed. I am going to replace my nice bedding with some I wouldn't mind getting gross and I will also cover it with chucks pads in case of any wound leakage.

I am still on the fence about Lymphatic Massages but that is not something that I would need to set up for a couple of weeks anyway and there is a spa close to my office that actually does them.

My cousin that's an RN also has a spare key and passcode for my security system in case of an emergency.

Another recommendation: I have body measuring tape and I will keep record of my dimensions beginning right before the the procedure and update it weekly. The lipo areas will be my stomach, back and flanks; injections to hips and butt.


To give an idea of my expectations....

So, I still haven't gotten my before photos from the office. I've tried to take them in a full length mirror but they're way out of focus :(

Anyway, this is one of the photos I took to my pre-op appointment and was told by the co-surgeon is doable because my body type now is most similar to this before, except I have bigger thighs-which he said is to my benefit if I want to look realistic. I got the pic off Real Self.

Today's the day!

I just checked in to same day surgery center in Chicago and completed my paperwork. The receptionist is nice and the waiting room is very pretty.

I emailed Dr. Shifrin and his assistant Donna yesterday with my last questions (Is it ok that I got my period, do they provide the compression garment and when do I start taking the antibiotics) and I reiterated what I am hoping for an outcome. They both got back to me quickly and although Dr. Shifrin said that he cannot make any promises, he would make sure to do his best.

*I measured my waist, hips and butt this morning as well.

Hours later...

Thank you guys for your prayers! I truly appreciate it :-) Dr. Shifrin, the Anesthesiologist and the nursing staff had AMAZING bedside manner. I was a nervous wreck and they did everything possible to calm me, including holding my hand.

When I came to, I was confused and started crying, lol. I spent extra time in recovery because my breathing was not where it needed to be for discharge. I still have a sore throat from the breathing tube, the main sources of pain are the lipo spots and the area beneath my butt. I would rate the pain between 5-7 with the pain meds and 7-10 when they wear off. Dr. Shifrin knew how important volume is for me and told me that he was able to graft 1000 cc's on both sides (that includes the hips).

The fluid retention is uncomfortable as hell, I don't have any drains so really I have been peeing nonstop to release it. The fluid in the lower part of my stomach feels and looks like I'm wearing a memory foam fanny pouch, lbvs. The injection areas are pretty stiff, haven't fully "shifted down" and I have a lot of bruising too. The good news is that all of this is normal per Dr. Shifrin.

Ok so a few tips:
Do NOT wear nails or an overlay-it complicates things when they take your vitals.

If you're on your period, they will remove your tampon or diva cup (that's what I use) when you're under...gross

You can't wear any metal hair clips, bobby pins, metal body jewelry, etc.

Wear a loose fitting dress that you don't mind getting messy.

Fill all of your meds ahead of time and bring them.

*I'll include more photos soon


Today I feel like I got hit by a truck :-( I've been laying on my stomach but getting up from that position is excruciating.

3 days post

Met with Dr. West (Dr. Shifrin's co-surgeon) yesterday. Was told that the brusising an fluid retention as well as the hardness in the injection areas was all normal. I returned home yesterday afternoon, pain level still very high, I still haven't found a comfortable sleeping or resting position. Still taking my norco, antibiotics and a probiotic. Today I began taking some supplements that are supposed to help with pain, bruising and fluid retention (arnica, b-complex, vitamin c , fish oil, etc.). I also started lightly massaging sore areas where they performed lipo.

Update Day 4 Overall Pain=8

Firstly, my pain may not be like what other women express because I have never had children or surgery; many of you who have might not be suffering as i am.

The most pain is in my back which is probably due to the lipo and the way I try to sleep. The hardest part about laying on my stomach is when I lift up-it's a struggle each time.

My butt and hips feel hard and I still have a lot of fluid retention in front. I still have bruising and the pain meds have me sleepy as well. I believe that these are normal side effects.

Also, I admit that I haven't taken the stool softeners out of fear of just sitting on the toilet.

Advice: before the procedure, buy extra large reusable ice packs for your back and stomach

Day 5...not looking good for me :-(

My bruising isnt as dark as it was yesterday and I can tell that swelling has decreased a bit.

However, based on these pics, I see almost no change to how I looked prior to surgery. I know I need to compare my actual before pics and be patient and allow the swelling to go down but as of right now, I'm very disappointed.

And, of course I'm still in pain and uncomfortable...:-( I'm hoping for a turnaround, but only time will tell

On the bright side...

My Booty Buddy arrived yesterday, much sooner than expected. I chose this over the BBL pillow because it is much thicker and from the reviews on the Bbl's site, its thinness was the main issue.

Cost + shipping ~$96

Wear your compression garment!

I wasn't immediately put in my garment last week due to the pain and swelling. Today, I managed to get myself into my own Faja and although it was a little uncomfortable pulling up, I am feeling a lot less pain and discomfort, even just compared to earlier this morning. I also put in the abdominal flattening board.

Talk to Your MD About Compression Stockings

I was getting very winded today going up and down the stairs and ready to be driven to an urgent care. Then I realized it's probably because I took off my compression sock. I can definitely tell a difference almost as soon as I put them back

7 Day Update

I feel much better today :) My breathing is good and pain level was at 6 in my sides when I first woke up. I emailed Dr. Shifrin who said it was ok for me to take aleve and that took care of it.

The swelling has decreased significantly everywhere except my groin/pubic area.

The bruising has improved about 90%

My only standing problem is trying to sleep or laying down comfortably.

Overall, I'm happy :-)

Before and after pics

I really wanted to use the pics that were taken at the doctor's office because they are better quality and angles. The one that has the Black and White HDR filter was way too blurry originally.

Taking a backwards selfie is super hard lbvs


I'm still swollen in my stomach but I had a great massage today that helped resolve a lot of pain in other areas.

Last pic for a while

Unless I have an issue, I won't be posting anymore until the 1 month and 3 month marks.

In this pic, you can see I still have a little swelling in my lower abdomen and some knotting on my sides of lymphatic buildup. I actually slept in my waist trainer last night as well.

Overall, I am happy with the contouring of my body. I have a much better shape, one that no amount of exercise and dieting could produce lbvs. My butt is no longer flat but I admit I wish I had more projection, especially from the side view.

If you are debating who to go to, I just want to say that you will definitely see a nice and natural improvement with Dr. Shifrin. If you are a woman, like many of us Black and Latina women, and you want a big, video vixen bubble butt, then I don't think he will be the best fit for you.

Good luck and be safe dolls :-)

One month update

Hey guys, I was in a pretty bad accident a few weeks ago and hadn't been able to see Dr. Shifrin or post anything. I'm fine but it definitely did not help the soreness in my back. When I wear my garment, I can last about 8 hours before I start feeling the soreness and swelling. I don't usually sleep in it but I will wear a girdle or waist trainer. I bumped my butt and have a bruise on it and I feel like that spot is flatter because of fat cell death. I really wish that I consistently measured myself, but I do think my butt has gotten smaller, which is expected with absorption. Overall, I'm still happy with the contouring of my body. I will post some more pics soon. I'm planning to start exercising and doing my squats again this week *Tip: don't forget to work on your arms so the overall new contoured look of your body will be more believable.

2+ Months Later

Hey ladies, I'm sorry I've been MIA but I wanted to give a quick update:
-I never did go in for another follow up because I wasn't having complications but I would if something arose
-I don't think my butt has not gotten smaller nor bigger (I REALLY wish I had been consistent with photos and measuring)
-I have put on a couple pounds in my midsection which I'm working on getting rid of now
- The lymphatic fluid buildup was completely gone about a month ago
- No residual pain in the injection or lipo spots
-I still wear the garment every now and again (please don't be like me, wear it immediately and ALL the time!)
-The lipo spots did leave marks but I am working on getting rid of them with bio oil and mederma
- My overall opinion hasn't changed, I am definitely happy with the overall contouring BUT I wish I had gone bigger

Would I get the procedure again? Yes
Would I go back to Dr. Shifrin? Only if his price was lower
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

I chose Dr. Shifrin because he is a board certified plastic surgeon with nothing but positive reviews and is also highly regarded here in the Midwest. His staff is sweet, helpful and always respond quickly to my questions.

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