Brazilian Butt Lift and Tummy Tuck... So Far... Not Worth It... yet - Chicago, IL

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I got a BBL and TT from what I thought was an...

I got a BBL and TT from what I thought was an experienced doctor. He showed me a lot of before and after pictures and was very thorough at the consultation and let me ask all of my questions. I had the procedures scheduled for the week after. He told me what to eat, what not to eat, what to wear, everything I had to know.

After surgery, I was in so much pain after the TT that I couldn't really think of anything else to ask. He just said he wanted me to come back the next day. Anyways, being so bruised up from all of the lipo (from my belly, back, flanks) he said he was only able to use 350cc's in each cheek.

I was able to take a peak at my TT when he was changing the sutures yesterday and it looks good so far... but today. IT HITS ME... WAS I SUPPOSED TO BE SITTING ON MY BUTT?

I called him immediately and asked him, and he told me to try to sit and lay on my sides as much as possible. What the heck? Why didn't he tell me this before? I haven't been sitting directly on my butt, but I basically have because I've been sleeping with my back propped up and on my butt. Not sideways. I was inferiorated after he just now told me to sit on my sides.

I'm afraid that the fat transfered to my butt won't survive now or something because I've put so much pressure on it the past 2 days. I'll be sitting on my sides for the next 2 weeks and pray that the fat stays. Does anyone know from experience what I should do or if the fat might survive after having sat on it for the past 2 days? :(

So it's day 11. I got the drains taken out...

So it's day 11. I got the drains taken out exactly 1 week after surgery. I'm getting around much better now... I still feel a little weak. Probably from losing so much blood, so the dr prescribed me some iron pills. My stomach is flat, most of the fat is gone, I haven't been this small in about 5 years. I'll say this much... I look good... with clothes on.
Let me just say now that I'm a little bit horrified. My belly button isn't centered... it's a little bit to the left. My husband says you can't really tell, but I CAN because it's on MY body. The fat he lipo'd from my sides are NOT even. I can't even see a difference in my butt from the fat transfer so that is $6000+ wasted for the BBL. I should have chosen my doctor more wisely so I blame myself. I don't want to put his name out on a public website like this so I'm not going to list his name, but I will tell you that he is in the Chicago area. I was very much fooled by his credentials. He is a "board certified cosmetic surgeon"... O Lord. The word 'cosmetic' really threw me off. I really should have been looking for a board certified plastic surgeon. I really wish I could somehow get a refund but we all know that I can't after the stack of forms I filled out before the surgery. I'm very disappointed :( I can't believe I chose this doctor over other more qualified plastic surgeons here in Chicago. Please feel free to PM me if you'd like to know exactly who the doctor is. Like I said, I don't want to post his name on a public website. I will add pictures soon.
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