Tummy Tuck and Bbl at the Same Time. Chicago, IL

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Ive wanted a tummy tuck since my 2nd child. Now...

Ive wanted a tummy tuck since my 2nd child. Now ive had my 3rd more than 10yrs ago and is not having anymore and this is a great time to go ahead and do something for me. Ive been on here for many months now and have decided to go with Dr. Shifrin from here in Chicago. I have gone to a consult and feel like I wont be disappointed. When I get my sx date ill post before pics. I'm really ashamed of how I look but I see the ladies on here have guts!!!! Ill gather some courage from somewhere. Thank you all for your stories, you just do not know how helpful they are.

Stalking pages

Ive realized by stalking anothers page you'll find out a lot. I've been looking for some of Dr. Shifrins other patients and found out that all I have to do is look at the comments and youll see other patients of his comment, then you go and stalk their pages (like ive been doing). Lol. Some of them were momofmanykids, littlebootyjane, msnicky715, nume hunni, and honeycut. They look freaking fantastic. So just a lil idea if you're trying to find pics of your docs patients.

21 days to go

Ok, its almost time. I've gotten the clear for the surgery and I've gotten almost (I'm a procrastinator) everything for after. Whew!!!!! I'm a lil nervous, not too much, because I have faith in the doctor I chose. I'm not looking to be like I was at 19, maybe kinda close! lol!!! But seriously, I pray that I come out healthy first, then I pray that I get what I ask for. A nice bubble butt and small waist. Ive never put on a bathing suit, I want to start going swimming, I want to put on a nice summer dress and I just want to feel damn good about me!! I'm not doing this for a man, not to impress or out do anyone. Its all for me!!!!! But I promise ladies I will have plenty of pics soon!!!

Getting close

I cant believe my sx is only 7 days away!! I'm ready though. I have my support, my family! Ill be getting both at the same time. I think the only thing I'm worried about is getting in and out of the car. That's it, not pain or sleep. I'm not saying I think its gonna be a walk in the park, I know its going to be hard, very hard. I guess I'm just trying hard to not think of everything after the sx as painful. Playing mind games with myself!! But I will have before pics before the 24th. I know everyone is dying to see them, especially the after. Ill take plenty in the hotel that Dr. Shifrin is putting me in to keep an eye out for a night because of the 2 in 1 surgery.

Cant sleep

My sx is tomorrow and I cant think, sleep or eat! Its 3:53am, I've been up since 2. The nervousness is real ladies!! My husband has been so supportive and calming. We talk about it everyday. I had to show him a video of a tt so he could fully understand what that was. lol. Men!! But in all he says whatever you want to do baby I'm here to take care of you. Have to get some last min things and ill be ok. I'm sure ill be back on here later with pic(s). Have a wonderful day ladies!!

Today is the day!!!

Good morning ladies. This is it, this is where my life change for the better. I have to be there super early. I'm up, packed and ready to go. Why is it when they tell you that you cant eat after a certain hour is when you're starving, lol. I'm very excited, anxious and hungry! So here's a b4 pic and hopefully ill be up to taking after's but after reading a whole lot of after's, it might not happen RIGHT after.


Good afternoon darlings. Surgery went well. All i want to do is sleep right now. Heres a pic of what I look like one day post. I arrived at Mokena at 5:30 a.m. I was his first patient. I watched a couple of I Love Lucy's and they took me in the operating room about 7:45 ish. I don't remember anything but waking up I think I woke up at about 12 ish. I don't know why I thought that I could do this by myself there was no way!!! I've got my post-op appointment today and I will come home and try to take more pictures for you guys but right now all I want to do is sleep. I think the only thing that's bothering me are the drains. Other than that it's been okay well with the pills it's been okay

waiste is gone.

I have no more love handles, no more back fat and my bottom is fuller. So far so good and the fat seems to be holding well. he snatched the mess outta me. I'm too happy about that.


ok so here's my update. Its been 20 days since my tt and bbl surgery and I have to say I did not get what I wanted. My tt was a success but unfortunately my bbl wasn't. I wanted rounder hips and more projection. When I came from surgery I had a 53 inch butt and now its down to a 47, I was initially at a 42 pre. I know that really cant be predicted if fat stays or goes so I know that's not his fault. But I never had the roundness. Its like he put the fat all around my butt except the seat part. When I got out of surgery I had the shape of a green pepper and I waited and still is waiting . But since the swelling has subsided some there is no evidence that there's going to be any roundness. I think the only thing I'm really disappointed about is the price. It cost so much so you think that its gotta be the bomb. I'm not sure if ill do a round 2, I don't have any more fat anyway except in my thighs and I need them to make the bbl work. But.... if I do then I am willing to fly out for the next one. Maybe not the DR but defiantly not Illinois!!! Dr. Shifrin is a great doc but bbl.'s (in my opinion) is not his specialty. I think another rs said it best. "Sometimes its a hit or miss with him" and I wasn't a hit. But I do have to say that the top of my hips look great just not the sides where I wanted more roundness. I will


I had my surgery 7 months ago. I wasn't very happy with the results. I guess because of all the swelling i couldn't see the potential. Well it has been a journey and i could not be happier with my results. The compliments i get are endless. You know how you have some clothes that you don't wanna wear cus it don't look right, well everything looks great on me. I love putting on clothes and shopping. I have to put on long shirts cus i can get too much attention (if that's even possible). Dr. Shifrin is amazing. His work, his staff, him as a person is absolutely marvelous.
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