Praying for a friend having surgery today!!

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Aaaeeeyyy!!! So I just received a quote for my BBL...

Aaaeeeyyy!!! So I just received a quote for my BBL which means time to get things in order for my surgery so everything goes smoothly. I'm nervous yet excited but I promise to post my entire journey right down til the big day. Wish me luck and congrats to everyone going through this process also :-)!!


Hey ladies, so I'm a little at odds about putting on weight for my surgery in March. So currently I’m 5’2 127lbs. The areas I plan on getting lipo are my abdomen, flanks, back, and inner thighs. Also I’ve read that gaining weight for fat transfer doesn’t work because the fat cells don’t replicate, they only get bigger and as soon as you start dieting they return back normal size. With that said, I’m still curious as to why so many girls gain weight for this surgery?? Don’t get me wrong I want a big booty, but I’m not trying to put on extra pounds only to have jello for arms, face, and neck and I see it a lot with some girls who had this done!! I don’t know, even if I did put on weight it would take a while because I’ve been petite my entire life and my body’s not used to being over a certain weight. What yall think????

Starting My Journey...Yaaayy!

So many things I need to do! Let me start with my decision to go from Duran to Yily. So I received my quote from Yily today and my surgery will cost me $3100 and possibly an extra $250 if I decide to have my thighs lipoed and I'm sticking with her! So I've been debating on whether or not to gain weight for my surgery and yes I'm doing so and have already gained 4lbs. My goal weight for surgery is too be at 135-140lbs by March. I started drinking Ensure which has been great because they taste soooo good to me!! I drink about 3.5 a day in addition to my regular meals and they're around 350 calories each!! Damn that's a lot of calories everyday but so what!! I'll probably do this until around February and then stop. F.Y.I. the chocolate shakes are the best especially right out the freezer lol! And I can't stand chocolate drinks but for some reason I'm starting to become addicted to little things lmao. And also Ensure is so much healthier than eating straight junk food because they basically have every vitamin you can think of in them. So girls if you're trying to pack on the weight for this surgery try it! Oh yea and I started taking Maca Root which is another vitamin that’s supposed to slow down your metabolism without eating unhealthy and making weight gain easier. So far so good though. Next I’ve scheduled my yearly doctor’s appointment for a full physical. After that it’s passport and plane tickets! And lastly my current measurements are 35.5”31”37”. I’m hoping to become 34”27”42”. Let’s see if my dream comes true ;-)! Til next time…

What to bring???

So I just booked my surgery and I'm almost 100% sure that I'm freaking crazy!!! OMG I'm doing this! And my whole mind just went blank. What do I need to bring?? Somebody out there with some sense tell me cuz I'm freaking out lol! March will be here in no time and I'm nervous about not being prepared. Can some body tell me exactly what I need to buy and where I can find everything????? I'm so serious, I don't even know where to begin!

What garment to buy and what size?

Hey ladies a few questions about the garments for post surgery. I'm not sure if I should size down or stick with my exact size. I want to make sure I have the right amount of compression with my garment and from my research, it seems all the garments are running small anyway. Because I'm a small should I stick with size Small or do I still need to size down to an XS???

On to my journey

Hey yall. Has anyone getting this surgery done have any backlash after telling either your friends or family about your plans to have cosmetic surgery??? So I told my mom and my sister about what I wanted to do because I hate keeping things a secret. My mom's reaction was just so discouraging it almost made cry! She starts running down the risks of cosmetic surgery and how dangerous it is as if I don't know the risks. Then she tells me to take out life insurance before getting surgery because I may not make it back. It was just not the type of support I was hoping for. I know going under knife is serious business and I'm just constantly praying that when my time comes the creator is with me because this something that I want to help me feel more confident about my body. I understand my mom's concerns because I'm her daughter and she wants me to not do anything that could potentially jeopardize my health. I have a son also and it scares me to death to leave him behind. Just speaking with her made me feel sad that I'm having a BBL. On the other hand I see so many girls coming back from having surgery when after the healing process, they're completely in love with their new bodies. I want the same feeling but I'm scared of all complications that could happen. I'll just continue to pray about this and if its not meant to be then hopefully the creator will let me know. Til next time...

Returning to Work??

Hello again. So I'm scheduled for surgery March 6th and I'm hoping to return back to work April 1st or April 6th. So roughly I'll be taking off 3 1/2 or 4 weeks off for recovery. I sit at a desk almost 90% of my day as I work on a computer and answer phones all day. Ladies who've had your BBL do you think 3 1/2 or 4 weeks off from work after surgery is enough time to return to work, sit all day, and not feel uncomfortable??

Wish Picture

Borrowed pic of supplies

Jiggle Booty!!

So I'm gaining weight nicely for my BBL, so much so its got people telling me that my booty is jiggling even more as I walk lol. My butt as flat as it is, it's so meaty it makes me laugh! My boobs are getting bigger too which I don't like and is kind of the reason why I didn't want to gain weight from the jump! I'm pretty sure I'll be a 36DD when surgery day comes because my breasts likes to gain weight with the rest of my body! Oh well til next time!!

Can't wait til this is over with!!

Ughhh I'm so sick of eating and I'm not even close to my goal weight. I'm ready to be done with this Ishh lol!


Breast Lift with Yily

Hey Real Self ladies. Just a quick question, so I need a breast lift and have been wanting one long before the BBL craze! I'm not really fond of having multiple procedures done at once because I've learned the longer you're under anesthesia the greater the risks are for complications. So I'm thinking that once I get my butt lift in March possibly going back for a breast lift by Yily. Any ladies out there have had BA other than implants done by Yily if so how did your boobs turn out???


Hey girls just an update. My nerves are getting to me and my surgery isn't even that close. I can't help but to keep thinking what if something goes wrong during my surgery. I'm beginning to become more and more pessimistic about everything but I've come all this way it would be stupid to turn back now. I've booked my date, started ordering supplies, and got my time off approved at the job...ughhh. I guess maybe I'll be more excited when March 6th comes lol. I'm also worried about what everyone else will say behind my back. Ladies you know that feeling when you think other women are gossiping about you behind your back. And for some reason people automatically think by having cosmetic surgery you're insecure, or have self-esteem issues and blah blah blah...Well if I do its my fucking business not anyone else's! I'm just a little frustrated because apparently some girls I know found out where I was going for surgery and they kind of made fun of me for wanting to improve my body. It just made me feel really low. I may be slightly insecure about my body physically but when it comes to looks I'll just say that I've never had a problem with getting attention from guys. Anyway I'm just venting because some broke busted ass girls I know was making jokes about me behind my back and it just made question my whole intentions for wanting this surgery.

Changed my date!

So I thought it would be better if I reschedule my date because my son will be on spring break in April. Unfortunately I still have no one to go with so at this point I'm just planning for myself. I plan to leave April 12th or 13th and will return April 25th.

2 months to go!

One of Yily's or Duran's patients has passed away. Please pray for her family everyone...

Her name was Treena Jackson. Rest in peace...

Recovery Houses

So I've emailed almost 5 of the most popular Recovery Houses in the Dominican Republic and so far 2 claim to be completely booked the week of my surgery, and the rest still haven't responded back to my emails. I've less than two months to decide where I'll stay and I'm just worried I may end up in a hotel with no nurse or anyone to look after me! Although I wouldn't mind being in a hotel as long as I had someone to help me. I'm hoping and praying a friend I've met through RealSelf will come through and make this trip with me. So far she's about the only person I know headed to the DR from my area in April, so I'm praying for her situation because she really wants her surgery done too. If any of you have any suggestions on reputable RHs in the DR feel free to inbox me their contact info. Til next time.

Building my blood

Officially 1 month Pre-op! The dreaded waiting game!

Hey RealSelf. So a lot has happen since my last post. First and foremost I want to thank God for my new found friend and surgery buddy who I’ll be traveling with to Santo Domingo! We’re sooooo ready for this surgery and I know my girl will have a bangin body when it’s all said and done because she has a great foundation to start with!! My only issue is securing our RH which I won’t mention their name…yet! I’m starting to become annoyed with the coordinator who still hasn’t picked up our deposit and it’s already been a week and a few days since I sent it through western union. She assured me that our room was reserved for the two of us but hasn’t responded to my last emails asking when she’ll actually pick up my money. I do not want any surprises when we make it there and it appears that most of the RH in the DR are booked up the wazoooo in April. I know because I’ve tried booking with most of them! It’s annoying me because of the stories I’ve heard about some of these RH overbooking, and if that’s the case I’ll save my complaint about this place for another post. I’m praying she’ll respond soon and ease my worrying. With that being said because of a miscommunication with Yily’s office my surgery was pushed back an extra day which is now April 15th. It’s ok with me but I definitely wish Yily’s communication was better kind of like most of the other doctors in the DR. My surgery buddy who’s having surgery with Duran have absolutely no problems with getting a hold of Elizabeth (Duran’s Assistant). Anyhow I did have a set back with my weight gain. Currently I’ve lost 2 lbs and I’m now at 132lbs. Honestly the stress of booking this surgery, along with school and on top of working full time and being a single mother has caused a lot of stress for me. So my main focus from this point on is to put on as much weight as possible until April 15th. I just might be able to put on another 5lbs in a month. We’ll see! Anyway this will officially be the last pre-op post for me until April 16th ;-)! God bless everyone going and coming. Til next time…

Last pre-op pic

For my petite dolls!

For the petite gals getting the BBL go to and locate the calorie calculator. All you need to do is input your height, current weight, and age and the calculator will tell you exactly how many calories you'll need per day in order to gain at least 2lbs per week. It'll also show those who may be wanting to loose weight how many calories they'll need to consume in order to loose lbs. per week! In 4 weeks I can put on at least 8lbs which will put me exactly at my goal weight of 140lbs for my surgery!

Stuff stuff stuff!

Staying in the U.S.

Hey Realself girls, anyone headed to Vanity the end of April? With a sad heart I'm no longer going through with leaving the country for my surgery. I know that with any surgery there are risks but if something were to happen, I'd rather be in my home country and close to my relatives. I pray my lovely surgery buddy's surgery is a success and so is mine with Dr, Fisher.



Praying for my girl in the DR having surgery!

The most high brings people in your life for a reason, and I'm praying hard for my girl who's having surgery with Duran today!!!
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