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Went for consultation with Dr. Shifrin that went...

Went for consultation with Dr. Shifrin that went well. He listened to every detail of what I want to be achieved and made his suggestions on what was needed and what I could do without. In college I worked out religiously and had the body to show for it. After kids and marriage I lost that drive to stay in the gym. Dr. Shifrin made me feel at ease and his plan to achieve my desired results convinced me he was the guy to get the job done. I'm looking to have procedure down early August seeing as tho his July schedule is already booked!

Date locked in!

Surgery date is July 28th! Put half down today. So happy I had a second consult. It just confirmed that Dr. Shifrin was my guy all along. Can you believe the other doc practically ran me out his office because I said I wanted to be put to sleep for the procedure? Tsk,tsk! I happily took my money to who I felt could give me the results I want. Dr. Shifrin made me feel like I would be a masterpiece once it's done.

Before pic

Could use more volume! Certain jeans make me look as tho I'm working with something but I'm not. Can't wait to get rid of some arm and back fat and fluff this baby up!

wish pic!

I just created my own wish pic using an app on my phone!

Pre op appt!

So my pre op appointment was yesterday. Got there at noon and when I tell ya'll I walked in and it was a girl at the counter talking to Adrian with a body on 10....BABY her butt and waist was bananas! I smiled inside as I envisioned myself looking that good after I heal. Signed my consents...paid off my balance...took my photos...received my prescriptions and told Shifrin I'll see him in the operating room. When I asked the nurse if the girl I saw had a bbl(didn't want to assume) she confirmed that he did and stood back and looked at my body and said 'your results should be similiar...he's really good at this'. I'm nervous and excited! Keep you ladies posted.

Oh, I asked him about all the things you see women buying. He said the compression garment he gives will be given at the 1 week follow up..that I will be too swollen to want to wear it the 1st week. I asked about vitamins, arnica gel, etc and he shook his head no. I will still get the arnica tea to help with swelling and some cream for scars. I saw someone mention a cheap shower curtain to put over bed to help prevent blood stains...I thought that was brillant. I already have the booty buddy pillow, I may buy the travel urinal and a cheap chair to cut a hole in...other than that I'm not gonna buy a bunch of miscellaneous items. I will post pics as soon as I can after my surgery. Best wishes to you all and talk to you soon!

Less than 24 hours!

Got the confirmation this morning to arrive at 6:30 tomorrow. I am so nervous that I literally feel sick today. Send your prayers my way!

My before pics before the big day!

Here is my final before pics ladies...I am so nervous but excited at the same time for this transformation!

day 2!

I can't front ladies..this pain is unreal. I arrived at the surgery Center at 630. Got started around 730. Dr. SHIFRIN saw how nervous I was as he marked me up and gave me a hug to calm me down. I was done around noon. Couldn't bring myself to pee before I left so I promised to go to the ER if I couldn't go at home. My husband had me spread out on my stomach in the back on my way home...protecting our new investment. I drained a lot yesterday. The pain was a 20 on a scale of 1 to 10. Ladies please be prepared. The norco he prescribed didn't help at all. Feeling much better today. My mom and sis is here...I took a great hot shower and changed my dressings. I feel soooo much better. Bruising isn't too bad. I threw up at home last night but was able to hold soup down today. I've been eating lots of pineapple also to help with swelling. Here is a few pics of me...still Swollen

day 4

Today is my first pre op with Dr. Shifrin and I am dreading having to leave my bed. Pain is still unreal although the bruising has gone down a bit. My butt is very very hard and I'm praying it fluff soon so I can really see it's true size. I've included a few more pics. Please excuse my lady part. Too weak to type let alone edit pictures. Lol. Chat soon dolls!!!

one more pic

Iove love love my stomach and back

day 6

Full 1st week update tomorrow

1 week post op

Hey ladies! My surgery was one week from tomorrow but I'm going to share this update today! I personally want to thank all of you ladies who followed my process always giving words of encouragement, sharing helpful tips, advice, etc. From the bottom of my heart I'm thankful. Realself has become my new fb! Lol

This week was pretty rough. I had round the clock support from my mom, cousin and hubby. This is not something we can do alone. Please have your support system lined up because the first week is challenging.

Every day I'm seeing the end of the rainbow. Although I'm very bruised and very swollen still...I see where my shape is going and I'm happy with it. I'm enclosing pics with this review so you guys can compare my changes. My left butt cheek is more swollen than my right. I hope this is normal. I have another appt with Shifrin on Friday and I should get my garment then. Kinda disappointed I didn't get it at the last appointment but he insisted I would be too uncomfortable due to my swelling. Some must have's ladies that came in handy were my travel p'ez! I was able to stand straight over the toilet and use it without making a big mess. So important because I go to the bathroom at least once an hour. I only drained the first day so a lot of gauze wasn't needed. A small box will suffice depending on how many areas your having done. I bought cetaphil antibacterial soap...kinda pricey but doesn't dry your skin like dial and it smells nice. I take a hot shower every night before bed to sleep better. Depending on pain I may take two. Hand gloves we're useful for showering because it's not hard like face towels and you don't have to worry about dropping them. I'm able to massage myself with them as I bath. Still no bowel movement but I am taking smooth move tea to help. I take vitamin c, b12, iron pills, stool softener twice daily. I'm done with antibiotic he prescribed. He gave norco for pain and ladies it's imperative to take it on time. I made the mistake of falling asleep and nobody wanted to wake me and disturb me but the pain when I woke up was unbearable because I didn't catch it. I'm eating broth, soups, pineapples, drinking plenty of water and juice. I may try a cesar salad today because I'm craving it. Other than that...I'm getting better daily. I walk around my house at least 20 minutes a day. I haven't sat on my butt at all and don't plan to for at least 2 more weeks. The hardest part in this is not being able to cuddle with my 9 month old at night. I can't lift her because of the arm lipo and her weight. She and i both cry for each other at bedtime. She's I'm good hands tho! Please feel free to inbox me if you have a question ladies....all the best!

2 week post op visit

So I went to Dr. Shifrin today with the hopes of getting my garment. He looked me over and said the extra swelling in my left cheek is cellulitis. He put me on an aggressive round of antibiotics and told me I'm healing beautifully and he would like to see me in a week. If the inflammation hasn't gone down he will drain it. Ladies cellulitis can be serious even deadly if untreated because the infection can get into your bloodstream. Always pay attention to those signs something isn't right. My hubby kept noticing how hot my one cheek was when he touched it ..whereas the other cheek felt fine. Anyhoo, I ran out of pain meds yesterday so my last 24 hours has been very hard. Fyi...pain meds can't be called in anymore. You have to physically take the prescription to be filled. There is a walgreens in his office building so I went there after seeing him and had my meds within 20 minutes. He made me blush saying he wants my 3 month post op photos put up on his website..him and his nurse looked thrilled at his work on my waistline. I told him he did that!!!! That's all for now ladies. Some of you are in recovery now and I'm praying for you guys. Time is creeping up on the rest of you dolls!!! Be well ladies!


Well ladies...the aggressive round of antibiotics allowed the head to come on out. By head I mean picture an abscess head. I called Dr. Shifrin yesterday to tell him about it and he had Adrian call to have me come to his Oak Lawn office to drain it. L A D I E ruptured last night and when I tell you it was thee grossest mess ever!!!! I slept with tons of gauze over it which was soaked by this morning. My 9 month old has an ear infection so I was pretty bummed last night. I went in today and he applied pressure to make sure nothing else came out but fluid. Told me it was ok to take 2 warm baths a day....that it would help. I said "what about this beautiful butt you created?"...he laughed and told me to look at him. I did and he says "I promise this won't effect it." He is the most gentle doctor ever! I feel like I'm talking to a friend when I see him.

I'm back home...had my bath (sat on my knees with water filled to the top) and in bed. Next appt next week! Will update soon!

Listen to your bodies ladies!!!!!

Finally got to see what I look like in clothes!

I have literally been in bed on my stomach all day everyday for two weeks. With the exception of my doctor visits (which I wore loose maxi dresses) I haven't really seen how my clothes fit now. I tried on 3 outfits yesterday all of which I couldn't fit 3 weeks ago. I'm happy with my results!

Dr. Shifrin is the man!

1st and foremost guys know I have a 9 well 10 month old as of yesterday. I didn't realize how bad she streaked my mirror with milk until after these pics were taken. So please forgive the dirty mirror! Lol! Moving on...I have never felt so confident in my life. My butt did lose a Lil fat after the swelling went down and Dr. Shifrin took away all of my thighs (not a bad thing for me but my hubby misses them). I can't stop trying on clothes!!!!! This man changed my life. After a month of no sitting on my butt I'm hoping these results are here to stay. I'm patiently waiting to see some of ya'll transformations. One of you guys went in today even! Just wanted to check in and let you all know all is well with me. Tonight is my 1st night back to work. 8 hours sitting ..pray for me!

4.5 months post!

Just a Lil update dolls! I deleted my pics for anonymity purposes and will likely delete these as well. Just checking in to let you all know all is well with me. I'm still keeping up with you guys and those who recently had surgery stay committed to the healing process! You all look fab! Happy Holidays dolls! *smooches*

Round 2

Don't sleep on Dr. Shifrin dolls! He snatched this waist again and gave me the projection I wanted from the start.

Round 2

another pic. surgery was 5/24.

I can't say enough great things about Dr. Shifrin. His work is brilliant! From day one consult up until my current 1 week post op mark he has been very attentive, always available to answer questions of concern. His bedside manner is like nothing I've experienced before. I'm extremely pleased with my results and can't wait to follow journeys of his new patients!

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