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After looking through numerous profiles, reviews,...

After looking through numerous profiles, reviews, websites and pictures I decided to set up my consultation with Dr. Shrifin. I am going to see him this Friday on the 13th. Don't have any pics to share for now but I am 5'5. I used to weigh 195 in August of last year. After about 9 months of diet and exercise, I am now 138 lbs. I don't know if I should continue to lose more weight because my goal is 125. But I guess I will find all that out on Friday.

Consultation Update

I had my consultation this past Friday. My very first thought as I walked into his office was how nice and clean it looked. His staff is very friendly. I was very impressed. I filled out some forms and waited for about 20-30 min in the front area of the office. When my name was called I was escorted into a room in the back and waited for another 10 min. When he walked in he was dressed to the nines and was very clean. He had a female medical assistant that was there during the whole consultation. So before I asked any questions he explained to me the whole procedure and asked if I had any questions. Now as you know from my last post here I was really curious about my weight. I told him that I wanted a figure like Kim K and after examining me he told me that I need to stop losing weight which shocked me. Lol. I actually didn't have enough fat for the look I am going for so he told me either I get a BBL , gain weight and come back for a second or get a BBL with implants. I originally went for the first option but after sleeping on it and reading another person's review about her experience with a BBL w/ implants, (and also knowing that I do not have the patience to gain weight and drop dough for ANOTHER bbl), I have decided to go with the 2nd choice. My initial quote was $8500 but since I am going with the second option it has increased to $12,000. I will be paying my deposit this Friday and setting up my surgery for next month.

Booked and Ready!

Booked my procedure for May of next year. I am super excited and
nervous. I have been wanting this for a long time. I had an online
consulation which went pretty well. I thought I would have to lose some
weight but was told that I am good where I'm at. I am 5'6 and 189 lbs. I
seriously can't wait!!!
Key Biscayne General Surgeon

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