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Hello booty queens ive been searching for the...

Hello booty queens ive been searching for the right ps for a while now its been a month that ive been calling duran and yily and still no response Ive been emailing them on facebook and instagram but no reply it started seeming as if I were stalking them so I choose baez

im going to hav my sx with baez bbl,and complet and complete liposculptur

a lil bit about myself

Hello bbl sistahs I kno I forgot to post things about me but I'm 26 with 2wonderful children both 4y/o I'm 5'4 and weight 185lbs. I have been struggling with my weight since elementary and never thought there was a way to change my figure only with exercise but thanks to rs and all the wonderful women and there journeys to bootay land and updates on their reveiws helped me to notice that surgery is the best way to go nomatter how hard I workout and eat right I jus fall right back into my old body with no shape all I have are semi wide hips no ass at all jus back. Iam currently looking to get a bbl, liposculpture so that all my extra fat can be used for my bootay I would like atleast 1300cc add to each cheek I dnt reallt know looking at my picture wat yall think? I want it so when I'm walking down the street u can c my ass from the front sounds weird huh I fooled a lot if guys before bcus of my hips r wide they expect me to have a ass nonono wrong Im all back lol should I lose ant weight before surgery or should I jus maintain my 185lbs to make sure I have enough fat comment plz and can anyone help me on how long shoud I start preparing myself before sx and start taking iron folic acid and vitamins I'm scheduled for sx april30 this will be my first sx so I'm new to this help me I'm so lost

trying to book in advance

Hello bbl sistas I'm trying to figure out whats the best place to stay after surgery my fiance os going with me to dr I was wondering could he stay in a recovery hse with me and wats the best place to stay I've been looking all day now and nothing I want something that's close so the ride won't. Be long while I'm in pain I heard of angelas and healing haven but I dnt know if they allow other people to stay to or is it a charge plzplzplz help me sistas I'm in need right now and if possible can anyone send me a list of post op and pre op things I need to get I'm trying to get everything situated thanks....bootay Queens

thought I'd add some wish pics

I hope baez is able to work her magic on this weird body of mines...I'm hoping I cud get at least 1300cc or1400cc but ill be ok with just 1150cc at the least I thinking to hard maybe its possible

wondering how to stop

Hello gurlies I was wondering if any of u ladies were smokers how dI'd u quit ? Do any of the patches wrk bcus I've been a smoker for aslong as I can remember and I'm ready to knock the habit is it best jus to go cold turkey

whats up with the baez dolls

I'm tryna figure out I dnt kno if its only me but for some reason all the baez dolls stop postin pics after there surgery jus a thought but I would love to see their outcomes after sx cus I'm scheduled in april

I give up

Seriously it's been two months and still no reply from yily or duran are you fucking kidding me it's seem like they pick and choose who they want to work on like Damn I don't deserve a response I sent my pictures and every thing they asked for two months straight and still no reply so yes I'm going to stay with Baez atleast she's more responsive and thus to get back wit everyone so sad that they don't got they stuff together with how much money they make they should have a call center I'm jus sayin

plz plz help....

Okay so I jus got a response from yily at 3am wat I've been waiting on for the longest she quoted me 4400 Which isn't bad I thought it would be more but I'm happy so now I have a change of mind I wanted yily frm the getgo so now I have to set a date omg What am I to do help me

jus thinkin a lot

Ok so on my last post I got a quote from yily and I called her office to set a date and her asistant said I had to get a date from yily thru email weird huh. I also received my quote from duran which was 4800 for tt, lipo of arms flanks abdomen and back I was like ok cool now all I have to do now is set a date and send deposit so I called her office today like 5 times and I dnt have international charges on my phone so I pay like $1 every minute and I didn't get an answer not once this ish is like baseball I keep ending up on first base when I'm trying to make a homerun lol so Ive been thinking hard and long on staying with baez she's more stable then yily and duran together so sistah I will update with more info I'm finna head out to try and get my passport things started

I can't wait

Ok so last nite I had fun a lil bit brought the new year in the right way tell me y before I went outside it literally took me over three hours to find something to put on I went shoppin and everything got two nice outfits just in case but once I got home neither fit I was crying and everything and just cudnt stop thinking about how I'm going to feel once my schedule date I was so irritated that I didn't want to go outside do anyone else go thru this....

getting ready for april

I've been keeping in touch with yily thru watsapp asking all types of questions im so ready to get this over with jus not ready for all the pain I think I will be ok bcuz I have a high tolerance for pain well I sent yily my confirmation and flight number and she email me that im confirmed for april 7. I just sent her a email back asking if I were the first patient a she responded with it depends on what time I make it and have my tests done which was cool. I haven't been able to go to my pcp bcus the weather here in Chicago was terrible it was jus -14° OH HE'LL NO im not goin out in that weather but im going to try and get around to it I was also asked to try and lose at least 15lbs which isn't hard for me I pretty sure I lost 5lbs this week alone yea me. I 've been doin A lil shopping so far I have my boppy pillow my iron and multivitamins and corset for when im not wearing the garment still in search for a good rh (any suggestions welcome) happy healings to all the post op girls and and to all the pre op girls stay confident our time is coming......

pics of me

Just thought I should add

didn't load

For some reason my pics aren't uploading

don't really wanna lose weight

Ok so I decided that I don't want to lose weight because I like the size that I am I jus want more ass and a flat stomach. To me losing weight would seem like im trying to get to a different size even though I jus lost 5 pounds in a week which is not what I was planning on doing I jus wanna continue being me.I don't feel I wanna vixen body I jus want more added to me im healthy and not over weight and plus I have a big round face that would not look to good on me if I were to lose more weight what do u guy suggest...????

so ready

Ok so I had the most wonderful sx buddy but she's going in march to yily and im going in april to yily or cabral still haven't decided yet.... I still undecided their prices are 100 difference but cabral gives big asses lol and thts wat im aiming for I have a few more wish pics jus cant wait for this to be over like recently I said im a smoker (cigs) but now I m down to two a day it used to be like ten im currently weighing 180lbs now and my hemoglobin is 13.5 and bmi is 29 which isnt so bad ive been workin out quite a bit and trying to maintain bcus I like my size jus wishing I had someone to accompany me on this journey to go thru the same things as well and tlk....

mire pics

More wish pics

change of plans

Ok so I lost about 5 more lbs jus drinking hella water everyday and running on my treadmill. I now dont think I want to get a tummy tuck so far I have most of my supplies and I won a $120 box of surgery supplies on facebook yes me I glad that took alot of pressure off me well I m jus glad ive been able to stick it out for myself bcause it came to the point where I was like Im not getting this surgery but I know I really want it Im going to stay at yasmines rh shes seems very nice and responds quickly well happy healings to all the barbies who had surgery recently ....
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