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I used to have a nice round ass but after my son...

i used to have a nice round ass but after my son and weight going up n dwn ive lost the roundness...im not sure if i wanna get the bbl bc i dnt have a big stomach. i more bottom heavy then anything...im very confused and stuck bc..i dnt kno the process which id b doing alone (besides u guys), ive gotten quotes for like 8000^ which i dnt mind paying but only if its really worth it..i want the most for my money. and also how do payment options go im hearing alot of different things i just want to b able to have my bbl done without all the bs. im thinkin i want 1000,1200ccs i dnt want to much, im 5'2 180, which sounds big i know but i swear im smaller then my friend who is 160 at 5'5 i dnt know where im holding it. but my measurements r 38 34.5 44. i want to b 34-36, 30, 48...what r somethings u ladies recommend i do, see, use as a dr. im so new to the board i want all the info so i can have the best procedure possible. i am in chicago but i dnt seem to c many hear. ive been debating this surgery for 5yrs its about that time...thank u ladies in advance

I'm so excited after stalking this website for...

I'm so excited after stalking this website for reviews n Dr's. I've finally decided to go to Dr.salama. I'm scheduled for june 27th and will have a traveling n sx buddy thanks to realself. Sweetface has been a doll. :-) I'm doing my procedure alone. My family n friends Dont agree with it so I'm talking to myself 24/7 bc I've become obsessed with it. If any of u ladies are going n june around my time I'd love to meet u. I'm happy ive found this site it offers Support which all of us need. I will b updating about it all to help with my obsession. All I for is look at booties live and on photos. I can't wait I'm very estatic about it!!! Good luck to all u new bbl booties !

I just sent my pics to nancy, I had to redo my...

I just sent my pics to nancy, I had to redo my measurements I'm 38, 33,42. Thinking about loosing 10lbs went to the gym and I have 157.6 lbs of muscle on my 5'2 frame. So I with t be going under 160-165. If I loose the 10lbs I'll b right n that range I want to b. I have always been curvy and thick.ive danced and did cheer my whole school career. So I guess that's y I weigh more then I look. Any way waiting on my update about wat Dr. S suggests for me.

Ok soooo, ive been doing so much reading and...

ok soooo, ive been doing so much reading and researching ive really become obsessed!! please excuse any grammer or punctuation typing on my phone and its touch screen so bare with me, lol. ok so i have a travel buddy Sweetface64, she is a sweeteart. ok down to business..When i first started reading reviews i saw alot about mmh why am i not seeing women using that as much? does it not work?? i was thinkin of getting the recovery kit. if any of the ladies who have already reached the other side has a list of things to take, and use to help better our trip and healing im more then happy to use ur advice. im nervous and happy all at the same time. ive been shopping for wish pics forever, but nini fernandez is my wish pic, we have very similar shapes she even has the same war scars as me (stretchmarks). I am paying everymonth on my procedure so that i dnt spend the money and i keep that this is real in my head. I have never bought a car a house or anything that requires me to commit long term so this is a first...im excited!!! ive been spoiled all my life so my mom bough my car i pay my own bills so that was never an issue but im handing over several thousands of dollas and i have a shopping problem...smh..but hey, i havent been shopping since i made my first payment and im planning not to besides buying neccessities...any ladies recommend on when to start buyinplane tickets and housing?? anyone have info on a nurse i can use while im there please let me kno!! thanks ttyl!

Ok, so im getting impatient..and i wanna speed the...

Ok, so im getting impatient..and i wanna speed the process up..so i decided to post pics and start buying things i will need for recovery..i kno i have over 6 months to orepare but i hate waiting last minute...i really want my bags packed by march! im packing light, only bringing maxi dresses and sleeping shirts...I have been doing so mmuch research, but i would like to know what do you ladies who have already recieved BBL suggest for skin stretching. I keep having this dream my skin wont stretch n i end up with a very little booty..;(. I also would like to know why do sum prefer butt out? what are sum of the pros and cons of butt out and butt in?? my current weight is 175, 5"1, 38,33,44 are my current measurements..(see pics) i plan to try and get down to about 165. Dr. Salama didnt suggest i lose weight he said i was a good size but i really wanna tone up my arms and legs. i have always had big legs and a smaller top. my baby ruined my booty and midsection. but Dr. Salama is going to fix that ;). I was looking at my boobs today and im noticing they are leavn me :( those will b next to do!! I am really concerned about my post op gamrents bc, i have a larger bottom im sure it wont fit into anything smaller then a large, what am i to do when my waist is shrinking and and i am not getting the compression needed bc of the garment being to big n my midsection. i also have posted a pic of me 2 months after having my son all belly gone!!!! but eating and depo brought it back lol!! i went from 160 to 203 pregnant and in my naked pic 2mos after my son i was 170 in that pic with no tummy! All advice is recommended, if u want to be rude my review isnt the place for it, i have zero tolerance for bulshit!:)

This morning I spoke to Nancy and we went over how...

This morning I spoke to Nancy and we went over how many days I should stay after surgery and my pictures. When salama saw my pics he didn't suggest weightlloss and something told me to call n make sure so we went over them. N she said I dnt have enough fat for the ass I want . Said I should gain more weight which wouldnt b good cuz I gain n the bottom before my top. I'm so upset with our conversation..I'm just venting.:(

I have been having a very hard time, when i first...

I have been having a very hard time, when i first picked salama i was wowed, i mean totally flored i chose him because i like how he keeps a woman looking proportionate even if her inches r crazy, but im getting very discouraged, nancty told me to gain weight which i will not b doing because i carry my weight in the lower portion of my body. so im reallly gonna try n lose a few pounds. i have nothing but time, 9 months is a long time to be waiting, rather have a bun in the oven that time fly by. Another thing that discourages me is how emotionally challenged some of the women r after surgery, i know there is the depression stage, but when u write, i wish i wouldnt have done it or dont waste ur time, and talk about how un hanppy you are with your results, it makes me feel like, Wow should i do this?? i dont like questioning myserlf. i know this site is for us to help each other, but speaking negatively about your body and referencing towards the dr, especially when we have the same dr, its kind of upsetting, a person should state in there opinion and not just outwardly stating its a waste. Alot of women have been getting Seromas lately, im doing all the research possible to find out ways to prevent as well as how to help your body heal so you dont get one, i have a couple theories,1. the drains are taken out before they are ready causing the body to retain the fluid, for it to b a 4-6 week healing process i wouldnt really think 7 days of draining is enough IMO, speaking from the google geek lol, but 2. the massages i have googles somethings and they say seromas cum from bruised vessels due to aggressive lipo, ok but i would think if you are irritating (massaging) the areas that have had ag.lipo before they have had time to mend themselves that could cause a rupture, which would bring on the seroma. Not saying i am right its just my theory on the seroma, i plan to master this thing hoping to never get it. ..Me and my BBL buddy are losing our minds over the updates and how women arent happy, we r scared shitless!!! Considering i saw about 4 reviews with women trying to sale sx dates and ruben commenting on a couple stating it wasnt being allowed, i think it made a stir, But it should have, I hope Dr. Salama office and staff understand this is our life,body, and money. we dont want to b rushed, not to be felt like another number, and when u r butchering at our bodies you should try to be a little bit more personal, makes ppl feel better about themselves and the procedure, again this is my opinion.

Ok i ended my review early my phone doesnt type...

ok i ended my review early my phone doesnt type well and the autocorrects get really annoying. but to continue where i left off, the garments, i think we need better garments i know there are garments that have massive compression on the abdomen and has this special material on the but that keeps its shape helps lifts and lets it breath, if i can find garments like that now i know they make them in post op garments if not, they are crazy, that would make lots of money and sense. i think that garments makes the booty misshape, some look boxy,squarish or plain smushed in. i dnt want either of the 3 with my 8000 booty. i have become so consumed with this BBL that it consumes my mind like all day. im either thinkin of the plane ride home or the seroma or the right garment. I have another Theory about the garment. maybe some of the upcoming women can try it out. i thought about after the drains are removed to get a squeem vest or cincher put the board n foams if u like with a good compression spanx garment for the bottom the ones that doesnt put alot on the booty i think wearing that would help keep shape,size and volume. the reason i say this is because i buy lots of shapewear even when i was smaller i just love looking smooth and im sure the right compression spanx and squeem would do just as good as the garment, now im not saying dont wear the garment im just suggesting that for women who cant find the right garment and those who r tired of wearing the garment. Lipoexpress is good but they ruin the booty. im not doing booty out garments because they cause health issues. im already risking enuf with the sx i refuse toget an infected misshaped or lopsided booty. today i seen a lady with a butt aug she used booty out she told me she got two infections on the cheeks that were exposed due ton the compression surrounding the outer cheek are and bc she was stuffed to capacity, it was just to much she said it was the most painful and longest recovery ever she ios going for a round two with a dr. n chicago she says he is phenomenal, wish i met him before booking with salama i wouldnt have to leave the state or city.Also butt out garments makes the booty hard longer and kills alot of fat cells certain butt out garments. Be aware. I am trying to be as helpful as possible to my bbl sisters as we embark on this journey to the other side, if any of u ladies lnow something i dont know please inform me, we r all hear to help. Another thing is Pineapples Eat them, drink the juice and your body will feel alot better verses takeing the bromelin with the extract of pineappl in it. had a csection, i know alittle about recovering from surgery. Also i think what will help in our recovery is our eating diet before sx, i read sumwhere what we eat fuels our body, so if we eat protein fiber etc, about a month prior keeping the greens and juices flowing threw our bodies with our iron n vitamin c our vessels and skin will recover a little faster!
Drains, my sx is june 27 nancy said ill get my drains removed on the 3rd but considering my theory i am thinking of having them in 8-9 days depending on how im draining, if im still gathering fluid they r staying in, again i read in black med mag after surgery and having drains when removed we shouldnt have anything coming from the site, im not doubting salama he chooses to do 7 days based of patients being out of town i understand that. but considering it says 7-10 for drains, eveyr women is different sum might not drain past 6-7 sum may go the whole 10. i suggest you look and monitor your body so if u r draining n ur getting it removed u may wanna keep it in for various reasons. i would like to know where salama puts the drains exactly? bc i have watch 7 different drs do bbl n everybody did it different 0_o. Technique is everything but damn how many techniques are there...Can someone please tell me what is the final process with drains,im reading mixed reviews on them? thanks
OAN: My inbox, my review is to inform and be informed, if you dont like it y r u reading n then taking time to inbox me ur feelings. if u want to be rude b rude on my comments so the other bbl sisters can no who u lowkey haters are. idk why women feel the need to bring drama to a site where we r helping each other, wtf happend to girl power??!?!!?! I am going to go into detail about how i feel i am going to go into detail about my experience my friends experience in whatever else i wannaa talk about, you dont have to read it! i dont like negativity, i will not be chased away, cyber space bullies! As for the ladies msging i will b repkying shortly, updating from my phone still!!!

This is more of a vent then a review. I'm getting...

This is more of a vent then a review. I'm getting sad now, idk if this is part of the roller coaster or what, but I am getting impatient. I want my sx like yesterday. I'm saving and saving, n all I can think about is spend spend and spend. I can't keep these thousands of dollars in my account without using them, well that's how I feel at least. I'm getting discouraged feeling that June is to far. I could lose about 30 lbs have no stomach not a lot of butt and still b fabulous this is what I start thinking when I get tired of seeing his money just sitting in my savings. I have a lot going on in my life at the moment and retail therapy would make me feel great, but to b honest it's the last thing I need. My closet collapsed Saturday because I have to many clothes, I shop and eat out of how I feel. Not good I kno. But I really want my sx just don't wanna wait til June. School is tearing me to shreads with my work schedule and my toddler. If I don't pass this semesters classes that will have a huge effect on if I can get my sx in June or not, another thing that when I think of it I get upset. I guess I'm really upset at myself about not having that 780 credit score I wanted, so I could just finance instead of paying out of pocket. If I have to pay for my classes next semester out of pocket, it'll b a decision between school and my sx , when I really ultimately want both. This sx is supposed to b a gift to myself for everything I have accomplished this year , so I feel I deserve it. I'm also considering staying two weeks n Miami after my sx, my son father is being a tool fucking jerk and doesn't want to keep him at all. My mom is flying out with me I don't want to have to bring my son, but what do I doooo. I'm a wreck at the moment, I know it's months away but I feel like everything is crashing down on me at the moment. I like to plan everything out before hand and it isn't working so I'm unmotivated at the moment. Part of me feels like I shouldn't get it (I'm very impatient) then another part of me feels that I want the sx and I'm gonna get it. Idk, I'm just all over the place. Ill update another time maybe in 2013 I'm getting impatient and upset with my wait time :(

Hey ladies, I task to take a break. I was...

Hey ladies, I task to take a break. I was obsessed. I'm good now I often forget I'm even having sx. Just came to update I have 4 months to go yaaaayyyy!!!!! I havent spoken with My bbl buddy n a while hope she's doing good. But an update on My weight measurements in such. I am now 170 measurements 36.5' 33'45 . I have also noticed a change n My butt since exercising.. My school will b a success.. hopefully.. but good luck ladies!!! B back another day!!

Totally Bummed...NEED MARCH DATE FOR SALAMA (heartbroken)

I switched to Dr.G bc Dr.salama was being over booked and I didn't want to be rushed, that seemed to be the case with certain BBL sisters I keep in touch with, anyway after the whole vanity fiasco I was totally over Dr.G, not because of his work because hes good at his job but bc I didn't wanna spemd my money and not get what I intended due to the drama. so I had a march,4th date with Dr.G I had to cancel bc I have court on the 6th of march, now im out of a date and Dr. bc Dr.G only does bbls on Tuesdays now and Salama is booked until OCTOBER, im bummed like totally freaking out bc im paid in full with salama and I really don't wanna wait til oct. if that was the plan I would have never paid, my school is sending me to Italy for 6 months so I leave in june, how the hell is this suppose to work im so angry and said, it seems the closer I get the more things fall apart. I started a light diet and my vitamins with working out to prep for surgery and to be honest I just wanna say fuck this shit, go eating drinking and partying with my friends somethings I stopped doing to prepare mentally and physically for this surgery. WTH do I do now!

May 6th booked and paid in full!!!

finally I have the dr I will be going thru. since my last post ive been thru so much and I finally think now is the time. I have the date booked , half of my suitcase packed ( so anxious I don't wanna forget anything). I originally was going with salama I still am a big fan of his work but after 2 people who are close to me have recently went to him one is dec and in feb and have been burned so badly. I just was turned off. that's my personal preference some ppl might not mind it, but im yellow with sensitive skin and I cant risk that. im also going out of the country for 6 months so I wanted it done before hand I had two other doctors I was interested in salzhaur and fisher. salszhaur is booked when I wanted to fly down so I am going with fisher. Money was never the issue I just felt I had 3 top doctors and id be satisfied regardless. my timing for leaving the country also had some doing. Any who ill be flying out by myself and ill be staying in the recovery house. im going 4 days earlier so I can hang out with sum family and friends. I have a couple of questions tho, am I suppose to buy a stage 2 before I goo into sx? bc I don't know what size ill be or should I wait till I come home? I also am having anxiety about leaving my son for so long ill b gone 13 days...omg im freaking out, what did mothers with toddlers do?? I need any type of advice right now. Also I am unclear on why im not suppose to take any vitamins or anything before surgery, I want my blood levels high enough bc I am not making a trip#2 which I know vanity will do that. so I want my ducks in a row, I know fisher is a good doctor sometimes the staff doesn't display that so it can be hard on patients. any advice on things to take pre op to make sure my blood count it high im open ears!!! I also have started purchasing the after care please list things that are essential for sx?? thank u ladies

Side bar...im going to upload a screenshot of a message from sisterless her sister was a victim of malpractice and died. it really is sad how these dr's in the DR want the money so bad they go way past there limit on what should be done on a patients body I understand that everybody is different but lets be honest here no body wants to die on a plastic surgeons table because of a vain decision we made. so we have to educate ourselves on the drs we choose just because they have hundreds of pics of bodies they done we have to know also its hundreds we haven't seen either. for ex. 1 of the ppl I spoke of earlier in my post she has a rs page and doesn't post anymore after her sx bc of how bad she looks. I kno salama does great work but being honest this girl doesmt look good at all. I almost didn't believe he did her surgery until I seen the pics of her sx with him in it. I was so shocked that very second I realized this sx is a hit or miss u never know what the out come is going to be. that's just one ex. I just want us women to love ourselves and body enough that we wont go to drastic measures to look "perfect". the young lady that died has children and wasn't in the hands of cabral but yily!! the infamous yily. after googling somethings yily has a couple bodies under her belt. this situation is hittin hime because my cousin is set for sx with yily and she has 4 gorgeous children id hate for anything to happen to her. she is Dominican and Puerto rican so she speaks there language very well she spoke with yily telling her she heard about the death, n yily denied any of that ever happening o_O ...I don't know how I feel about that...I just want us all to have small waists fat asses and wonderful lives...im getting sleepy been up 48 hrs with a sick baby ttyl!!

ITS No Turning Back Now!!! 15days till im in Miami

A couple of days ago I purchased my airline tickets I was so hesitant, I don't know why considering this is wat ive wanted for so long...I have started to pack my bag and im unpacking it I never know what I want to bring because im so picky. Well anyway I bought a chair for my recovery I seen on a fellow RS girl page I don't remember her name she bought the chair in NY. Its called a sling drive cane chair...name sounds crazy I know...but I am awaiting the delivery NOW..i will post pics when it arrives. I also just purchased a recovery kit from makemeheal vitamedica bromelin and sinnecch Arnica tablets and some arnica gel. I don't want to buy a lot of things I wont use. so im only packing the NEEDS if something comes up ill get it down there. I really don't know what to say or think its almost like I cant believe its coming up maybe it will hit me a little late. Today is my Last day eating whatever I want and drinking alcohol....pop..sugary bull crap...IM only eating protein and veggies until after surgery...I cant have the bloat wight I need my actual weight to appear...also biiigg bummer My period is set to come the same day as surgery how is that suppose to work????

Airport bound

Hey ladies. I'm omw to the airport and I hope I didn't forget anything I needed. I have an appt for labs at 9am Monday. I just kissed my son and mom goodbye. I'm scared as shit. I can't stop crying it just seems surreal because I'm finally getting it done after wanting it for So long. I started my period today which I'm happy about bc that means I won't be bleeding while recovering. I'm putting it all in God's hand I pray I have chosen the right Dr. I know Fisher is good, I'm just nervous. All I keep thinking about is my son and those that didnt make it who had children. It's to late for cold feet So I'm putting on my Big girl draws and do this I will update as much as possible I am traveling alone. I'm also staying in the recovery home which is a hotel. So I'll let you ladies know all about it

labs set for 9am monday morning

I'm laying out on the beach enjoying the Last few days with this booty. I've been hanging out on south beach enjoying the weather my throat is a little itchy and I'm sneezing??? What do I do seriously? As u ladies know we have to be OK for surgery. I need my test results to be fantastic. I'm getting picked up at 630am. I'm ecstatic!!!

it's 5am I'm awake packed and Waiting

I'm anxiously awaiting to see what Need Fisher and Vanity are about. Someone called me asking if I could get labs done at home as if they didn't know I was in town. Hope everything goes smoothly. I haven't had any problems with them to tough and I don't want to start now. I talked to my mom my son won't sleep since I'm not home: -( . She has an interview at 9am and hasn't been to sleep in two days I feel So selfish. She is being very supportive and I need all the Support I can get. I'm so emotional!!!!

10am May6th it all STARTS

I go in tomorrow at 10 am my bloodwork was good. I love Dr. Fisher meeting him before my sx made me feel at ease I'm excited!! He is very humorous i feel like ive knowb him forever we made a fee booty jokes. Which he told me when he seen my weight and height he didnt think i was a goid fit until he seen me naked he said "I apologize you carry your weight extremely Well " (thick legs and thighs) then I turned around he enthusiastically said I can do alot with this. We cracked up. He's very easy going ladies. I showed him wish pics and i was shocked he said my wish pics werent all that lol he said ur gonna look way better then that n went on expaining the butt i have and how he will place the fat. He is very knowledgeable on this. TRUST HIM! I'm hungry and sleepy haven't been to sleep. Going to eat before love and hip hop comes on update y'all when I'm on the other side.

weight and height

183 5"2 37.5-34-46 all currently taken.

going in NOW

I'm actually crying I'm excited but I miss my son and my mom all my friends and family are being So supportive I'm blessed to have that just wish I had a friendly face when I wake up

day of surgery.

In dizzy and weak feeling didn't wanna leave y'all hanging. I'm snatched to the gawds hunny swollen n all my waist is tiny my bottom is huge. Oan my sons father called to tell me everyone knows I had surgery I didn't even tell him. A friend if mine jealous I actually got it done blasts it on Facebook what kind of Shit is that. I'm hurt but whatever. I'm going back to sleep. Message at 7am. I live my nurse She is great

recovery 1wk post op

Hey ladies. It's been a while recovery has been hard. I'm having mixed feelings about. mY results because if the swelling in my stomach and sides. My butt is dropping everyday but it's still very high. I didn't want a shelfie butt so I'm waiting to see what happens. It looks like the same butt just bigger: -( any advice would really help. My sides and lower stomach is swollen and hard. I've already bought my vedette 136 I feel it's to soon to wear even tho I love the compression. How doing after surgery can I wear the vedette 136? I was in a 42 which on my butt fits the same as surgery but the top is getting big the 38 fits good I can put foam in it so it makes me feel good about that. I haven't done any measuring bc I'm up n down. I'll post some pics not many right now bc I'm not to Happy with the results: -(

few pics after massage

Here are a few pics. I don't want anyone to think I am nit happy with Fisher. That is not the case. I just don't like how I look thats my problem to deal with. He is Good. I do wish I could have seen him a few more times then maybe I would feel a little different about recovery. Here are a few pics

things are looking up

Hey ladies. I'm liking my body overall... this booty is getting smaller every damn day my booty is getting smaller n smaller..... like wth how much is going ringing away. I'm fitting back into my old clothes. Overall I like the way he sculted my waist... but this booty is so small I need sum miracle to happen in let it just pop out n play heres a few photos for u ladies

12 days post op

Still waiting on fluff to happen... here are so photos so far. I love the shape of my body just waiting on the booty Gawds to come and bless me with fluff

:-( seroma

Hey ladies. I am going back to Dr.fisher June 2 because I have a very big seroma on my right side. :-(. It really hurts I just hope to get this over with ASAP! Update y'all later

3week pics ladies

Hey. I havent been on Here bc I want to focus on my recovery but I am keeping u guys posted on anything important. I still have seroma with lots of compression it disappears... super confused about that. Still going to get it drained. Measurements are 35.5-29-almost 47. I haven't weighed myself. I am loving my body ladies

4 week photos

Recovery is still coming along.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I am no longer considering salama ...I am now with Dr.Fisher

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