IN NEED of a Full Rounded/Lifted Butt - Chicago, IL

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I've currently had consultations with 6 doctors in...

I've currently had consultations with 6 doctors in Chicago and surrounding suburbs and I've chosen to have my Brazilian Butt Lift with Dr. Shifrin in Chicago, IL. I feel very comfortable with him and his results look amazing. I'm in need of a FTT as well but I've decided to do the BBL first and the FTT early next year.

My Pictures.....

I couldn't quite get the back good, as I was taking my own pictures. My fiancé says that my butt looks great, but I want it a bit more fuller. I will try to take more in a different angle. Let me know what you think ladies.

My Pictures

Sorry Ladies all of my pictures are upside down :(
I tried to rotate them correctly but it just didn't work in my favor.

In route for Brazilian Butt Lift w/Dr. Shifrin Chicago, IL

Today is my day! Im in route. I will talk to you all later today or tomorrow morning with an update. Im ready for my transformation. LOL

Thank You!!!!!

Thank you ladies for all the kind words and support. I want to thank you all personally for reaching out to me, your support means a lot to me. My first day was a bit challenging but Dr. Shifrin, Eric, his team and facility was the best. I was comfortable and had a big smile on my face when I arrived. I will chat details tomorrow & have my daughter take pictures.

Update Day 1 & Day 2

Day 1
I had to arrive at the surgery center at 6:30am and my procedure was to start at 7:30am. When my fiancé and I arrived the facility looked lovely. The staff greeted me and went over my documentation to make sure everything was accurate. They then took me to the back to prep me with my gown, blood pressure, IV, and pregnancy test. Then Erica stopped by to introduce herself, she works side by side with Dr. Shifrin in the surgery room. She made sure that I was comfortable and informed me what was going to happen next and that Dr. Shifrin would be in the room with me shortly to make his markings on my body. Then they brought my finance in the back with me until it was time to go in the surgery room. Dr. Shifrin came in and greeted me also with a big smile and assured me that he was going to take good care of me and I would look great! Although as we discussed before I am a candidate for a full tummy tuck due to me having skin that hangs past my waist area, and I plan on getting this done early next year. Dr. Shifrin assured me that my waist would look good although I will have a little skin hanging and I'm ok with that. One of the staff members wheeled me into the surgery room and they helped me get onto the surgery table/bed and that's all I remember. I woke up in the recovery room and they had juice and snacks for me, my fiancé joined me until I was feeling well enough to go home. Once I got home I took my pain medication and I just wanted to sleep.

Day 2
I had all my medications laid out to take on schedule. I have to pee every 3-4 hours so it forces me to get up and walk around. It's a struggle moving around but I'm making it and it's getting better slowly, just taking baby steps. My appetite is pretty good and I'm always thirsty. The Lovely Ms. Adrian called me today to check up on me and I informed her what I was doing for myself and she informed me to keep it up and that I sound pretty good. I have an appointment this Friday and I will receive another garment to wear as I'm currently just wearing a white Velcro waistband that they provided me with yesterday. So all in all I'm doing pretty good, I've attached pictures for you all to review and I will keep updating my profile and post more pictures in 2 weeks so you can see the difference a bit more. Take care ladies and thanks for all your support.

Day 6

So ladies I'm currently still in this wrap Velcro binder around my waist I haven't received my faja from my Dr. Shifrin yet he says in a couple weeks. I had to visit the ER a couple days ago due to me being anemic my iron had gotten very low and my body had me feeling very fatigue. I've been following instructions with laying on my side or stomach and it's been crazy, I just can't get comfortable. I'm up now during the day as the early days I just slept on and off all day. My daughters are home with me and the argue to help me which I'm so thankful for but the yelling and throwing pillows at each other just gives me a headache sometimes. I can't yell at them to sit they asses down nor can I jump right up as I would usually do and ask them what's the dam problem. My fiancé says he's loving the look but he was not prepared for me to be down like this, he states that he hasn't gotten any good sleep since the day of my surgery. He has been taking good care of me cooking, cleaning, and taking care of my laundry, just seems to me that he's making it more than what it is cause I'm the one struggling here. LOL Don't get me wrong you know that I love my family dearly they just working my nerves at the moment. I would not have been able to do this procedure without them as I have no one else that would have been able to care for me.

Back to the BBL! My ass hurts like hell if I sit or lay on it the wrong way. I just started being able to sit all the way down on the toilet and the back of my butt does hurt a bit when I sit down. My bowels moved 3 times yesterday as I had not gone since the day before surgery. Had to give myself new 101 butt wiping course with my flushable wipes and squirt bottle. LOL so I've basically been watching a lot of dam tv back and forth laying on my stomach to the boppy pillow. The most daily action is my shower in the morning and I can't stand up for a long period of time so that goes pretty quick. I was walking with a baby two step rhythm for the first 3 days and I've now graduated to a more penguin walk. Yayyy for me. LOL

Round 2 Tummy Tuck

My procedure was Tuesday June 9th at 8am. Today is day 5, it's been a pain, pain, pain - I can't even explain.
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

I only have wonderful compliments to give Dr. Shifrin, as he has exceeded my expectations in every way! He's so knowledgable about his procedures and I love that about him. His work speaks for itself and once you have a consultation with him you will be very satisfied that you did. His staff is wonderful and Ms. Adrian which scheduled my consultation from the start is Phenomenal! I would say that she's the office manager/coordinator, and she has been communicating with me since my consultation, before and after my surgery and whenever I basically request or ask for anything including speaking to Dr. Shifrin.

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