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Hello BBL ladies! I am soooo happy to have found...

Hello BBL ladies!
I am soooo happy to have found this extremly informative site, your reviews are really important to me to help me chose a good plastic surgeon and to get all the info I can about BBL post operation do's and don't's.
First of all, I am a mom of 4, I am 5'9" and weigh 200 lbs.
I have always wanted to have a bigger butt and hips. I have gone up and down alot in my weight with having my kids and all the fat is has settled in to my back, belly, love handles and waist....So it makes my butt looks even more flat!
I am really not happy with my body shape.
So here I am, I decided to undergo a BBL hoping for a better body shape and an amazing round projected butt to proportion things out!

2nd consult tomorrow

Tomorrow is my 2nd consult and garment fitting. I am taking my surgical clearance and if all goes well and as planned we will schedule for January 16th! I am so nervous. Mostly about the recovery and returning to work afterwards. I will only have 2 weeks off work. (I have a desk job) The looks and questions I will probably get from co-workers. I haven't told any of my family yet besides my husband of course.
The main thing I am so nervous about is of course the results. I want it to turn out perfect and hope I am not having unrealistic expectations.

I will check back in with you guys tomorrow and let you know how it goes for sure! Say a prayer!

Wish pics

surgery scheduled!!!

I scheduled my surgery for January 16th! So excited but I have to be honest and say I'm really nervous at the same time. I think I'm more nervous for the results and I'm turning out the way I want them to than anything else. Lol! So just under 2 weeks and I will have junk in my trunk! ; )

more wish pics

hoping and wishing this is the result I get

3 days and a wake up away...... January 16th here I come!

3 days away from my procedure and I am both excited but nervous too. Did anyone else feel this way? I think I am most nervous about my results and looking the way I want to look. I can't wait for the new me!!

1 month post-op

I know its been awhile since I have been on here but I wanted to update. Its been 1 month since my surgery and I am feeling better. I did have a little complication after the surgery of abnormal swelling all over but mainly in my legs and face (which was really weird) so I had to be put on steroids for that.
Dr. Memar told me he put 1500 cc in each side (butt and hip).
There is a HUGE difference from the lipo - wow is all I can say!! Amazing difference in my ab area!!
I can see a difference in my butt of course but I expected a much bigger one with 1500 cc's than it does look but of course there is a better shape and improvement. I did have to purchase a second garment after about 2 weeks because the first one felt loose. :)
I went back to work after 2 weeks but still try not to sit directly on my butt. I use a donut pillow and a long cigar shaped memory foam pillow as well to sit on the back of my thighs.
I think most of my swelling and bruising is gone now. I do still have the numbness in my stomach from the lipo.
I am posting before and after pics.

Dr. Memar was great and very hands on. He gave us his cell number to contact him if needed. We did contact him twice the day after and he responded right away. I really appreciated how hands on and responsive and friendly both he and his staff are.
Chicago Dermatologic Surgeon

The initial interaction with Dr. Memar was awesome! First let me start by saying when I called to make my initial appointment I was put on hold and Dr. Memar picked up the phone and he talked to me for 15 minutes and scheduled my appointment himself. When I arrived at my consult, the staff was very nice and professional. Dr. Memar was very patient and clear in answering all my questions (which I can say I had an annoyingly high amount of). His nurse Lisa was a gem. She was very sweet and very understanding and took alot of time to talk to me about my concerns and questions. I felt immediately comfortable and secure with my decision right there to have Dr. Memar do my bbl surgery. I booked my second consult for next week. Hoping to book surgery for next month!

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