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Okay you guys, I am so excited! To start this...

Okay you guys, I am so excited! To start this blog! I will try my best to keep it simple. I am getting a BBL and hoping Shifrin removes as most fat as its remotely possible. I originally just wanted liposuction to my upperbody, but the price to add the fat to my butt was only $1500 more, so why not? LET'S GET IT!!! I went and got my wish pictures developed from a photo center. I have no time to play games! I have three copies of each photo. One for my preop, one for surgery day, and another copy for me. I do not know if I will post any bra and pants pictures... My confidence is high, but not that HIGH!! If I do, there will be a big emoji covering my face! I will definitely keep you guys updated!

Got my pillow ladies!!

So after searching and reading different people's profile, I found the BBL Bum Booster! Getting a pillow was non-negotiable, but I was dragging my feet on it because it was $100! Thank God, I found this! It's perfect ladies and was a good $35 cheaper than the BBL PILLOW. 28 more dayssssss!

Wish Pics

You guys, I got my wish pictures DEVELOPED and bringing it to my surgeon on Wednesday! I got three copies of each picture. One pre-op, one for surgery day, and one for my own reference. I have waist to hop ratio. Waist to but ratio and projection!

Pre-Op today

I am currently at my pre-op appointment! I am totally about to regret posting these pictures!
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