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So, I finally decided to take the plunge and go...

So, I finally decided to take the plunge and go for "it" I mean get my BBL. I was approved for care credit four years ago when I first started searching, and I have used it once to get braces and have since paid it off. I told myself I am just going to lose some weight and forget about my BBL dreams. However I have like 3 or 4 friends who have gotten it done and the desire has crept back, with a vengeance. I have to get this done!! I currently live in Chicago, I am 5'11 about 223lbs. I have no kids. I am currently exploring three doctors: Dr Shifrin in Chicago....Dr. Cortes in Houston...and Dr DelVecchio in Boston. One of my friends went to Shifrin and the other Cortes, both got amazing results. Me? I am looking for a big, crazy booty ala' Deelishis or Sultry simone(shes on ig). I want it to be as big as it can get due to the fact that I am tall, and I have major curves and I know a lot of the fat will get re-absorbed so If i go big I shouldnt lose as much. I really want to go to a doctor that specializes in volume and big butts as well as sucking the soul out my waist, cause lets face it a big booty aint nothing if the waist doesnt match!! I have been exploring real self for a while and I am still torn. I am also determined to lose at least 30 pounds before surgery to get better results. I want to get this done early next year to set off my 30s correctly. If you ladies have any other doctor suggestions please let me know as I am still exploring. My chicago sistahs lets talk!! I will post my before pics and wish pics when I get home. And I plan on detailing every step of this process!!

Talking to the boo...

Well after speaking with my boo last night and discussing options we have decided to have a consult with Shifrin and see how it goes. Honey would like me to stay in Chicago because he is not sure if he could get off work to go travel with me, and if I stay home he could help me and so can my mom. I've seen some reviews on Shifrin here, however my concern is will he give me a huge butt?! Yes I want the ridiculous stripper booty. I want you to see that thang from the front! All this money being spent I better be able to get the biggest booty I can get. I was getting frustrated because I wasnt seeing a lot of pics of big butts, then honey reminded me maybe the girls we saw didnt want a big ole badonkadonk like you want. He's very correct. Many ladies have their own ideas or opinions on how big they want their butts so my best bet is to do a consult and see what he says. I know he only does consults on fridays so I am waiting to book it when I know I can take a Friday off. I'm aiming for a Feb 2016 surgery date. Wonder if he would fill out FMLA paperwork for me.....hmmmmm I want to lost like 30 pounds before surgery so at work I am walking at least 3 miles on breaks and lunches, drinking water, and eating salads and fruit. I also, as hard as it is, am giving up smoking weed. I am a big pot head but I know the weed gives me the munchies and then I eat all types of BS. But for this booty I can give it up for a while. Lord!!! I just want my ass already LOL

Pause....Im changing my mind again!!

Lord why did you have to put some more Delvecchio reviews on real self, my meter is turning back to him now. I know he will give me the super big booty I so desire!! LOL but them hotels are so super expensive. Ladies if you been to boston to see the fab doc where did you stay and were you able to come alone? I might have to go by myself which would suck!!


Finally got a response from Dr Delvecchio. I had been waiting for weeks. I am now waiting on my quote. Once he tells me I am putting my deposit down. As cost efficient as it would be to stay in Chicago for my surgery I wanna go to my first choice. And Dr D does awesome lipo. I really want a big booty but I also want my waist sculpted and to be lipo'd to the Gods. And he does aggressive lipo so I know he will suck all of it out of me and give me the bootay of my dreams LOL. Once he gives me a price I will be putting my deposit down asap. My mom told me she would go all I had to do was give her the dates. I love my support team!! My man is kinda on the fence, he thinks I will leave him when I get a bugger butt. He so silly. If I get a chance this evening I will post some of my before pics. Im dreading that LOL

Change of plans and before pics

Ok so Dr D is playing around with sending me my quote. I can't deal with the unprofessionalism. Every time I email him about it it takes him a week to respond and then all he says is "my assistant didn't send the quote yet?" Uh no she didn't!! Anywho I have decided to go with Dr perry in Miami. He can give me what I want, and it only took him one day to respond. I'm also going to go alone. Dr perry has a nurse you can hire for after care. I'm so excited. I finally got the balls to post my pre op pics. Don't laugh to hard ladies. It's gonna get better lol

Wish pics

Here's my goal look. Yes. I want the exaggerated hourglass shape, with the Shapely hips and the super donk in the back lol. I want people to notice the difference! And I won't be lying about being in the gym or gaining weight. I have no shame in my game. Especially if my body is on fleek. I don't care who knows what I did. No shame in my game ladies!!

It's becoming real!

Spoke with Dr perry. He is sooooo nice and funny. He called me and discussed the procedure, and told me I can keep losing weight if I want but with my body shape I didn't really need too. All I have to do is put my deposit down!!! Mom has already said she is going. He does surgery Monday, Wednesday's, and Friday's. I'm going to try to schedule a Wednesday surgery and then my mom will only have to take three days off from work and stay with me during the weekend and fly back and I would stay an additional 3 days by myself. I'm going to pay my deposit of $1k next week when I get paid. I already found a nice apartment on Airbnb for $991 for 8 days. It's coming together ladies. I can't wait!!!

Major moves today!!

So after researching recovery houses in Miami and all the luxurious options I have put down a deposit at belladonna villas for an open ended January date. I called dr perry to pay my deposit but got no answer. I'll shoot him an email tomorrow and let him know. I'm crossing my fingers for a January date. And now that I'm booking a recovery house I don't have to bring anyone. I kinda don't want anyone close to me there anyway. Don't want them to see me all bloody and in pain. Rather go through the mess with a nurse and come home somewhat normal. I plan on booking a first class ticket back home so I can be nice and comfy and I'm buying a booty buddy once she restocks the site. Things are coming together I can't wait. It's really happening y'all!!

I'm booked!

well I put my deposit down for Dr perry. I'm on the books for 1/8/16!!!! I'm confirmed for Bella Donna as well. It's really real! The countdown begins!!!

Get them while you can!!

The booty buddy is back in stock. I just ordered mine today. Get you guys one for sitting after bbl.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

I know it's been a minute since I updated but really nothing has happened so I didn't have much to add. Today however, I submitted my leave request for work. I am looking to take the whole month of January off. Keeping my fingers crossed as my job can be petty as hell and may deny it. I'm hoping I won't have to go a plan b route. Pray for me chicas my day is so close I see booty all in my dreams lmao!!!!

Little over 30 days

Well ladies I know it's been a minute. I'm still on schedule for 1/8/16. I have bought my pee funnel, some nike flip flops, sweat pants, booty buddy. Still need some maxi dresses which I'm having a hard time finding due to it not being maxi dress season. I had been waiting to hear back from my job about my time off. I decided not to use fmla only due to the doctor saying he will indicate that I am having cosmetic surgery on the paperwork which will get me automatically denied. So I am taking a weeks vacation and two weeks unpaid leave of absence. Tax season is coming so the two weeks unpaid won't be a big hit to me. I haven't got my time approved yet but my manager said I'm cool she is gonna work it out for me. So I will book my plane ticket going tomorrow. I'm so excited but I'm nervous. My boyfriend is acting like I'm not going to go through with it but it's already a done deal! I'm ready and I can't take it. I bought some dresses and jeans that hopefully fit right once I'm done.

Anybody staying at belladonnas the first and second week of January? I would love to make a bbl friend!! Counting down ladies.....

Flight is booked!

Ok so I took the plunge and booked my one way flight to Miami for 1/7/16!!! I was even able to use my miles for the ticket so nothing out of pocket for that! I will book my return flight later on this month. I will be booking a first class ticket back so I am as comfortable as possible. Still need to get maxi dresses and a few other things. But booking the ticket makes it real. I love my mom so much. She supports me doing this and bought me some cute booty shorts to wear when I'm healed. I don't think I would actually wear them outside cause if my booty is big them shorts not gonna contain it!! Lmao!! 36 days to go and counting. Now to try and loose some weight and stop smoking weed!!!! It's sooo hard but here goes nothing....

So let me tell y'all what happened yesterday!

Ok, so I finally purchased my plane ticket and I emailed Bella donna and let them know my arrival info. They email me back like 10 at night saying that they sold the recovery house to a private practice and can no longer accommodate me! Like really?! How long have y'all known this and didn't reach out to me? What if I waited to the last minute to get my flight would they have waited until then to tell me!! I was so pissed because this is cutting it close and it gets more difficult to secure a recovery house so close to my date. I sent a couple of emails to some places and was able to secure a spot at keylas recovery house. Her reviews were acceptable and the deposit was only $50 bucks. Plus her price was 500 bucks cheaper (Bella was charging me $1400 keyla charged $780) I swear my heart can't take any more surprises. Just let me get to January and get my booty fluffed up without anymore issues please!!!!

Quick update!!

I'm sitting here at work and my manager emails me. My time off is approved!!! I have a week and two days paid vacation and two weeks unpaid leave of absence!!! I will be off from 1/7-1/30/16. That way I can stay off my butt for three weeks and get better instead of rushing back to work. I work an office job where I sit 90% of the day. This amount of time off was definitely needed. Things are becoming so real. I'm so excited about my new body I can't even get scared about the surgery!! Miami here I come!!

Surgery blues

Ever since things started coming together im starting to doubt if I should even do this. If the money and pain is worth it. I struggle with my decision daily. Then I look at all the cute stuff I will be able to wear and the boost of confidence I will have and I get excited again. Me and the boo are going to Vegas in March and I wanna look like bomb arm candy for him. Just get me to surgery already! I'm thirsty as hell!!!!

22 days to go...

Sitting at work looking at the calendar. 22 days left. I'm going next week for my labs. I called a local urgent care and they said they do blood work and ekg so hopefully they can knock these test out for me. I still haven't placed my Amazon order for my clothes and supplies. I keep feeling like I'm going to forget something. I feel like I don't have enough clothes!! I can't really find and don't wanna wear maxi dresses the whole time I'm there. My vets out there did you all wear leggings during recovery? I'm a leggings girl so if I can wear them I'll bring a whole suitcase full lol. I also hope I can meet some of you gals out there. I'm there 1/7/16-1/13/16. Let's link up ladies!!

Quick update

Hey ladies today I'm going to try to get my labs done at a local urgent care. They said they can take blood and do the ekg so I'm crossing my fingers they are able to. So that's where I'm headed after work. Hope these last three months of taking iron was worth it cause I'm anemic as hell. *crosses fingers*


Went to urgent care tonight they took urine, gave me a wellness exam, took blood and did an ekg. The urgent care was empty so I was in pretty quickly. The nurse practitioner was a young black chick and once I told her I needed clearance for cosmetic surgery she started asking 100 million questions. The prescription had dr Perrys Miami address too. She asked me what I'm getting done I told her nosey ass a boob job. It wasn't her business. Then she says you going far for your boobs. My friend she got her boobs done and her fat sucked out and put in her butt. Then she looks at me like tell the truth. I'm like damn that's nice. She tried it! Lol the ekg was interesting. I'll have my results Monday due to the holiday. It took like 30 minutes. I hope everything is ok.

As we proceed...

Yesterday I paid the balance of my surgery off!!! Spoke with my coordinator and she wanted to be sure about my after surgery arrangements and that I had a nurse looking after me since a lot of their patients have had bad experiences with recovery houses. I told her I was staying with keyla and I would relay her concerns to Keyla. I haven't heard from keyla since I paid my deposit so I shot her a text just to make sure I'm still good to stay with her. I can't have another recovery house fiasco. Waiting to here back now. Keeping my fingers crossed that my labs don't come back all crazy. Also ladies merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas my real self sisters!! I've been making booty strides today as my Christmas gift. I confirmed my stay with Keyla and paid my balance with her which was $730. I also bought my return ticket home for Jan 13th. I booked with delta and I booked a first class ticket it was only $227! I have a delta Amex so I also get bonus miles and free bags too. I could bring as many three bags free if I needed too! I'm at my boyfriend house now but when I go home later I will take a pic of the supplies I have so far. I only have to buy a carry on bag and some white tanks and some button up pajama tops. Any other things I'll buy in Miami. Im also about to order this deep tissue massager on Amazon. The nurse at dr perrys office said that we should be getting deep tissue massages instead of lymphatic right after surgery to avoid getting seromas. I'm buying this massager to massage myself after surgery and save some coins on having massages done. Maybe once a month I'll go have a real one. Once this Christmas stuff does down I'll go make a final Walmart run for the rest of my things. I'll also buy my faja in Miami so I can get the correct size. I'll take my waist trainer for a back up. I can't wait to get there so I can experience it and tell you ladies about it. Especially with pictures I know how much that's needed when making a decision about this surgery so I want to show it all. Good bad and ugly!! Anybody staying with Keyla the first week of January? I'll be there!!


As promised, here is a photo of my supplies that I have. I also bought a zip up travel robe, anti bacterial soap today at Walmart. I'm gonna order some front snap sport bras tomorrow. I'm also including a pic of the deep tissue massager I got in the mail today and a screen shot of the compression leggings I'm waiting on from Amazon. I figure I can wear them on the airplane coming back for added compression. Me and my boyfriend had a serious discussion and he finally understands I'm going to do this and he is starting to warm up to the idea. It's getting closer ladies!!! 10 more days!!


I have started a surgery page on IG. I find it simpler to update there sometimes. Especially since real self was down this whole weekend. So follow me ladies. It's private so just shoot me a request and I'll accept. I only have one pic up but I will update more. The ig name is: prettyperrydoll16


Ok so quest just sent me an email with my blood test results. My hemo is 10.8!!! I have always had low iron and been anemic. Nothing new. I have been taking iron supplements since September and this what I got!! Now my question is does my period effect hemo because I had just gotten off my period the same day I took the test. I bleed very heavy during my cycle. I emailed the results to Dr perry waiting to hear back. On the flip side I have my dad going to get me these really effective iron supplements from vitamin shoppe. I hope this doesn't effect my surgery. I have everything in place and now this. *says a little prayer*

Yeah baby!!

We are on and popping!! The office called me today and said my labs are cool. My iron is still low due to anemia but as long as I take iron pills before and after I should be good. I leave Thursday!! I can't wait to get this over with cause this has dragged me through so much. When I tell you all the physical and emotional and medical stuff you go through is tough it is sooo tough. At this point I can't even be scared. I'm just ready for it to be next week. Tomorrow is my last day of work until February. Let's get it!!! Time to pack. I'm not taking much just dresses, leggings, flip flops, and some supplies. Not a lot cause whatever I need I'll get there.

Blood update

I had another blood test done yesterday and I got the results back today. My hemo has increased to 12.2 so I'm good for surgery. My other levels still show I have low iron but I can control this with my iron pills. I started packing last night. Still have a million and one things to do when I get off work tonight. Flight leaves tomorrow at 10am. Oh. My. God?! Is this really about to happen!!!! Yikes!! Stay tuned for more pics and updates!!

Nerves setting in

It's 5:08am. I'm laying in bed with my boo. He's snoring his lil heart out. I leave for the airport at 7:30am and I can't sleep. Nerves are setting in. I'm mostly nervous about the pain and the outcome. I hope I get what I want. I saw my mom today and she prayed over me. Next update from me I'll be at the airport or on the plane. I'm so excited and nervous I may explode!!

Guess where I'm at!!

Is it possible to be nervous and excited at the same time?!


So I'm sitting on the plane in Atl waiting for everybody to board so we can head to Miami and I see two girls in the aisle and one is holding a huge boppy pillow. I'm looking like I know what you bout to do. Don't nobody need no boppy like that going to Miami unless they getting they butt done lol ok I'm taking off. Next stop Miami!!

I'm here!

In Miami. Literally in the car with Keyla as I type and she is a doll! Headed to my pre-op now. More updates to come.

Dr perrys office

Here are some pics from the waiting room of dr perrys office. I don't know who the kid is lol

Surgery in three hours

Well I'm lying here can't sleep extremely nervous about surgery. Dr perry is such a sweetie and when I had my pre op yesterday he pointed out all the issues I had and I was happy we were on the same page without me telling him what areas I had issues with. He told me I will be snatched and I hope he is right. Keyla is a doll. My first night here I had to sleep on a couch because she had a full house. But three ladies are leaving today so when I get back she said she would have the private bedroom ready for me. I went to cvs last night got my meds and sum supplies. My boyfriend prayed with me on FaceTime and then my bestie prayed with me over the phone. I'll be in surgery before any of them wake up. Ladies at this point I want it done now so I can start in this pain. I see the ladies shuffling around the house and I'm like do I really want this? Then I look at the young lady who went to salama that's staying here and when I tell you she got a donk! Boy! So big n curvy. I'm like yep. I'm doing this lol. Anywho, I'll try to post after if I can. If I can't I will definitely update tomorrow with pics. Ok I'm out. Love n light ladies!

Recovery is hell

Ladies this is no joke. I have pain every where. I feel tight and uncomfortable I don't know how I'm gonna fly home tomorrow. I can hear the fluid moving in my arms. Creeps me out. Had two massages and they were both hell but I got a lot fluid out. This tape perry uses is hell! So this tape perry uses is hell!! It's so tight and uncomfortable. I'll post pics soon and full review I promise. I feel like death.

So sorry ladies

I know it's been a minute. Surgery was rough and it took me almost two months to heal. I had lipo to my back, inner thighs, knees, stomach and arms. The pain was crazy. And the flight home was a mess!! All and all I'm having round two and my boobs done next year with a different Doc. Now almost 10 months later my stomach is flat and my booty is poppin! My life changed completely!! I'm having a ball y'all!! I won't be posting any updated photos on here. However if you wanna see my updated pics message me and I'll give you my ig name so you can check out my page. Love and light ladies.
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