Chi-Town Love, 52 Year Old Mom of Five Girls Nana of Three - Chicago, IL

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After several consultations in the Chicago area, I...

After several consultations in the Chicago area, I decided to go with Dr.Shifrin, to give me some of my curves back my girls took from me, I will be having lipo of my stomach, flanks, and full back, with fat transfered to the hips and some to my butt, I am a realistic person Im not expecting to look like my daughters and their youthfulness but, I am expecting some improvements to my body type, Im 4"11, 165 lbs, muscular build, but my set back is I am type 2 diabetic although I do not have any problems with healing at all (usually comes with type 2) I'm trying my best to keep my numbers down I'm scheduled for June 16th, I had a tt in 2004 with another Dr. which is still pretty much holding up despite my weight gain of 30 lbs since then, I will update as much as possible and I will dare to post my pre op pics, please bare with the many rolls.

Chi-Town Love 51 years old

I am getting and nervous and excited my date 6/16/16 7 am, is rapidly approaching with Dr. Shifrin in Chicago, I will be getting lipo and a bbl, I have my meds and the supplies I think I will need for recovery, soft pillows, plastic shower curtain, bed pads (for the ride home), lipo board for my second stage garment (may be to painful for first few weeks), arnica gel, bromelain pills, arnica pills (for bruising and swelling), will get plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, I will post pics before and after, best wishes to all..

Chi Town Love 51 years old

Well In Two Days June 16 th With Dr. Shifrin, I'll Be Headed To The Flat Side And Plump Side I'm A Little Nervous But Excited And Ready To Get On With My Healing Process For Most Of The Summer, Any Tips For Lipo And A Bbl Would Be Most Appreciated And Helpful, Will Post Before And After Pics As Soon As I Can

51 years old to the flat side

51 years old and a little slimmer

I'm three weeks p o, one month July 16th healing is going great I have not sat down on my butt or sides, I've gotten used to kneeling and being on my stomach, my back is still a little swollen as well as my lower abs, Dr. Shifrin had a lot of work to do on those two areas, so Im satisfied, my butt and hips are taking great form, I will look into massages after my four weeks, I took my garment in, it will get looser by the day and it needs to be snug for good compression, be patient with your results 3-6 months, watch your diet and salt intake it makes a big difference, ice your lipoed areas often. Here are some pics hopefully I do it correctly.


Hey dolls, I am 10 weeks + a few days p o I am doing great, except for the shooting pains in my back area and the itching, I wore my compression garment for 6 weeks, I didn't sit directly on my butt for 6 weeks but I used very soft pillows for driving and I still I have not waist trained yet because of the itching and shooting pain, but I did but a maiden form camisole at Penneys it cinches me in really good w/o the painful steel bonding or wires, at month 3 I will try to waist train and work out more somedays Im satisfied some I wish to be a lot more rounder at the hips but once I start working out like I should hopefully it will tone better.Hope everyonr has a safe Labor Day


Hi dolls I am 3 months p o recovery for my back is slowIm still icing it daily, my waist is shrinking slowly, my butt is coming along I have great projection, but wish my lateral indentations were rounder, the area below my hips, but over all I love the way my clothes fit which was my main goal. I had to up my size with pants n panties. and go down a couple of sizes on my tops :) I have a small lump inside my waist still I have been massaging it daily as instructed by Dr Shifrin but its still there hopefully I won't have to have it drained, but dolls patience is key as well as realistic views, never compare yourself to anyone else who has had the same procedure as you no two people heal the same, or turnout the same, I will be getting a tt next year to enhance my waistline, I still have doubtful days and satisfying days about my results but I think its I have not worn a waisttrainer it hurts..


Im four mpo and coming along pretty good, I still have swelling in my back, but it's still coming down as well as my stomach and waist. I am starting to wear my compression garments again not sure if they work or not but I couldn't wear it too much early on because my back was too sore and itchy, my advice is to give yourself time to heal and have realistic goals, a round 2 does not mean a bad job, but you want fine everyone is different, overall I am satisfied, I will be getting at tt with Dr.Shifrin next spring to fine tune everything hats off to those who can do it all at once.

52 year old mom of 5 and Nana of 3

I am 11 p o from a bbl, lipo of back, flanks and Tummy I am satisfied with the work done by Dr.Shifrin I will be getting my finished work done in the near future, a tt w/ mr and touch up lipo if full back, flanks and Tummy and fat transferred to hips only to round my butt out some more one thing I can advise is to practice clean eating and exercise before and after surgery and wear the right garments for your procedure for best results, I believe I will be satisfied with my final results once my round 2 is done I'm working on toning up and losing a few pounds before I do the round 2 and plus recovery in Chicago summers is agonizing with the heat and humidity so Im waiting until the fall or winter time. Remember no two people even done by the same doctor will have the same results and there are quite of few support groups on social media concerning plastic surgery that may help you btw please excuse bathroom pics
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Shifrin is very personable and attentive, the office was clean, the staff was good and knowledgeable.

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