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INTRO: Hi All, Let me start off by saying that I...


Hi All,
Let me start off by saying that I have been a member of REALSELF since 2011 after watching YouTube videos of Dr. Kim in action. His work with breast augmentation is simply amazing! I never wanted boobs the way I did after seeing his videos, heck I never wanted boobs period! THEY SAY THAT ALL GREAT THINGS MUST COME TO AN END and so when my boob fascination died down I proceeded on with life as if it had never happened. Deep down I always knew that I would never have the courage to undergo plastic surgery even if I had the financial means to. It became more of a fantasy and so WHEN I LOST THE DREAM I LOST THE VISION.

FAST FORWARD (1mth ago):
Losing weight for me has never been an issue in fact I lost close to 40lbs a couple of years ago that left me with loose skin in the inner thighs. I've always enjoyed working out and am confident that with dedication and exercise you can achieve great results! To stay motivated, I scrolled through pic after pic of beautiful bodies, along this weight loss journey. I ALWAYS TOLD MYSELF THAT I WOULD LOOK MY BEST WHEN I HIT 30 well 30 is next month O.o As a gift to myself I planned an 18 day vacation to Mexico. Then out of nowhere it hit me that if I DID NOT HAVE AN ASS now, I would not have an ass later. Squats gave me strong upper thigh strength, but have done nothing for my backside; my backside did not get round and it sure as hell did not get plump. I believe scrolling through those pictures did more bad than good. Somewhere along the line an ASS FACINATION developed that I'll just call THE BOOTY COMPLEX.

I blame Iggy Azalea. I also blame jlo for traumatizing me with her beautiful body at 45. Then again I blame every girl on instagram with a huge behind, even the h*** from Taz Angels, but most of all I BLAME IGGY =)

I came back to REALSELF after several years of MIA only to discover Yily dolls, Duran Dolls, and team every Dr. After observing work from all these Doctors I no longer believe in natural bodies, everyone as far as I'm concerned has had surgery even IGGY. Even Beyoncé. EVERYONE. I no longer believe in a big ass that is real even if it's real. BLESSED ARE THY HANDS!

I decided that I was going to request time off of work prior to my vacation and have a visit with Yily in the Dominican Republic. This way I would have a greater amount of recovery time. I also stopped working out with fear of losing my ASS FAT that in the meantime currently rests on my stomach. I knew that if I thought about this too long I would not follow through and thus would become just another DREAM DEFERRED as did the BA. I blocked out all negative thoughts about surgery abroad and the voices inside that said "DON'T DO IT." After I was quoted at $3,600 nothing else mattered. I headed to my PCP and requested an EKG and Radiography. My PCP said "DON'T DO IT" she basically slapped the dumb out of me with every possible health risk and advised me that if I wanted to undergo plastic surgery that I at least do it in the States; so that if anything went wrong I was at least home and able to receive adequate medical care. I knew then that this was a no go. My PCP is absolutely right. BUT I STILL GAVE HER BEEF =). I told her that the procedure I wanted was double what it would cost me in the DR. I also told her about the fabulous results and reviews of REALSELF. I think it finally hit me when she asked "WOULD YOUR LIFE BE WORTH IT?" and at that instant "I REALIZED I HAD A SECOND MOTHER." I ran out to my car and called the PS whose results had impressed me the most. I didn't call him before, but I had emailed him a few days back and had received an email confirmation notifying me that his office would be contacting me shortly. They didn't, so I called THE TOP SURGEON and was scheduled for a consultation on 10/10.

Well mind you when my PCP said: STAY IN THE STATES AND MAKE SURE THAT THE PS YOU ELECT IS BOARD CERTIFIED by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, I went over my head and chose Chicago's Top Surgeon. So CONSULTATION 2 on 10/14 NEVER HAPPENED. I called and cancelled. Not that the PS wasn't qualified, I just didn't say WOW after looking at his pictures =)

So I visited the TOP SURGEON on 10/10, Dr. David Shifrin to be exact. BOYYYYYY WAS I NERVOUS. I think star struck might be the answer. I didn't have any questions, expectations, nor did I have wish pics. I was so excited about this upcoming consultation that I didn't sleep much. I WAS ON MUTE LOL. It became my first real consultation and after having read so many questions/answers on here, I didn't have any! OF COURSE ALL THE QUESTIONS ARE COMING TO ME NOW. My first impression walking in was just like his work of art! The downtown office is located right across the lake on Lakeshore Drive. His office is BEAUTIFUL! and the staff is LOVELY! I filled out initial paperwork before I was taken inside. A female staff is present throughout the entire consultation. We spoke briefly about what I wanted to have done (Since I was star struck lol) and then the Dr. Shifrin, stepped out while I UNDRESSED into a Robe. I didn't say much in terms of what I expected him to do for me for several reasons which I'll list briefly. There was one thing, however, that has bothered me for quite sometime, and that's my PUBIC MOUND. I cannot wear a bathing suit or yoga pants because I look like I'm carrying a package! So he explained that when he performs lipo to the abs the pubic mound/mons pubis is also included THANK YOU JESUS! That mound is something else =/ So I received 2 different quotes one for a BBL with medial thigh lift and one for a BBL without the medial thigh lift. I chose the latter. My BBL will consist of Lipo to the abdomen, flanks, lower back, and arms with Brazilian buttocks augmentation, LADIES! this also includes fat transfer to the hips!!! Once the consultation with Dr. Shifrin was over, his assistant Adrienne walked me through the above quotes and the financial aspect. Being a CARECREDIT cardholder and being that they work with carecredit meant I could receive a special financing promotion of NO INTEREST IF PAID IN FULL within a 6,12, or 18mth promotional period!!!! SOLD. Now to book the date, sign consent forms, check blood pressure, and take before pics. DONE. I want to add that initially the next available date was at the end of November. I expressed concern to Adrienne in regard to my surgery date and that ideally I would have wanted it scheduled for the end of October-early November since that would allow me more time to recover before returning to work. The next date she found was a date 4 days prior to my travel and of course when she asked Dr. Shifrin that was a NO GO. I am happy to say that after little to no deliberation Dr. Shifrin scheduled me to undergo my surgery only 10 days after the date of my consultation! ALL SMILES HERE!!!!

My Expectations

EVERY BODY REACTS DIFFERENTLY. Therefore, I shall not expect too much or lose myself trying to be someone different. I've read too many disappointing posts from unsatisfied women that I simply refuse to let expectations ruin me. ALL IS WELL IF THINGS GO MY WAY AND ALL IS WELL IF THINGS DON'T GO MY WAY.





Just some Brief reasons why I don't expect too much...

BUT ON THE OTHER HAND! Boy would I love to slap my ps with a wish pic or 2 haha. I still may! just to see the possibilities. I can already picture it PANCAKE BOOTY goes viral #Shifrin ;)

This is turning into an obsession...

I can't sleep because I'm looking at butts. I also typed up some questions for my PS. I'm going to email Dr. Shifrin and attach these collages I made!- I hope I don't scare him lol. I just want him to know I love the pear shape, however, I will be content with just some roundness and a flat pubic mound! CHECK OUT MY WISH PICS! And check out IGGY! #justwishing

2 days away from my BBL!

Btw I just want to let everyone on REALSELF know that I will be posting before pics soon :) That way you guys can compare the differences and see if you as well would love to have a BODY BY SHIFRIN >.

Before Pics

Hi guys! it's almost about that time! Here are my before pics for everyone who messaged me requesting before and after pics. My surgery is on the 20th aka TOMORROW!!!! :o

I failed to mention I am 5'4" and weigh 168lbs I'm getting lipo to the lower back, flanks, arms, and abs. Lipo to the abs will include lipo to the pubic mound as well. I hope to be able to wear bathing suits and yoga pants without having to hide such a huge bulge!!! Praying it disappears completely as this has been my biggest insecurity!

Guys! I have no children and my 30th Birthday is next month! I decided to spoil myself with an ass after falling in love with IGGY. I did not plan this, it was an idea that was born from one day to the next. I've always been spontaneous just never alone-so thought I'd give it a go. My biggest concern was "What will my mother think?" TO SAY THE LEAST MY MOTHER'S PLEASED.

I called up Dr. Shifrin and scheduled a consultation to feed the booty complex. I figured it's now or never. I saw Dr. Shifrin's before and afters and thought SI SE PUEDE!!!! And YES HE CAN!!, And LETS DO IT!!! :) and now Were doing it 10 days later. :D


I forgot to mention aside from the Lipo this will obviously also be a fat transfer, fat transfer to the buttocks and hips. I emailed Dr. Shifrin with last minute questions and received a quick response. I asked him how many cc's would be inserted per side/per hips and whether there was a limit to the amount allowed. Dr. Shifrin informed that ALL fat retrieved would be used. So I sent Dr. Shifrin my 2 wish pic collages =] and he encouraged me to bring photos to surgery and that he would try and give me results with characteristics of what I like based on what my body allows. Just perfect!

DuN dUN DuN dun!

Today is the day! Not sure what I feel :/ last night was one of the hardest days of my life. I not only notified my supervisor of my leave, but I broke 11 little hearts-as a social worker... I watched my kids cry when I told them this was goodbye... Some I'll never see again, some will still be present once I return. I'm excited, but I FEEL LIKE SHIT. :(

Heading home :)

Hello everyone!

I am almost home :) I just wanted to let everybody know that all went well. On a scale of 1-10 pain level is at about a 4. I did not feel my length of stay, however, I wanted to get up from the bed as I was getting frustrated just laying on my back. I could feel my abs burning as if I had a very intense workout-not bad, but my new booty was not having it, I just needed to get up. I had the shivers from the anesthesia and my legs were a bit shaky, buy lord did I feel 10 times better on my feet! The nurses advised that I may feel nauseous, but to try to eat something. I said no I'm going to eat! I'm starving!!! Iol
The nurses were surprised that I was able to hold up, they helped me dress and out the door I went! The hardest part was getting into my truck! I didn't know what to do! Lol I had to stretch to climb in, that was horrible! The ride not so much. Well ladies, I am surely about to eat. I will update later :)


Thanks to all who commented and messaged me. As you all know I received my buns today! Well Yesterday now. For everyone familiar with Chicago-I had surgery performed at the River North location right off of Erie and State. The staff there was amazing-I enjoyed the short encounter with the anesthesiologist and her partner, what a pair of dried humor people! Absolutely loved it lol! Haha.

As soon as I got prepped up for surgery, MY DEAR MOMMA joined me to meet the wonderful Dr. Shifrin! Once more we discussed what my procedure would cover (flanks, lower back, abs+pubic mound). As Dr. Shifrin proceeded to mark my body I had to remind him to trim the mountain top lol more specifically: "A LOT FROM THERE DR." Lol Dr. says it will be flat! YAY!!! > . < Lastly, as discussed in consultation, Dr. Shifrin also threw in ARMS and what's MORE! when marking my backside he informed me that he would also try to get to the fat on my BRA LINE :o #PERFECT! #PERFECT! #PERFECT! Is this real life? I then handed Dr. Shifrin the 2 3 pic collages I have posted here, he noted where my particular interests lie, informed where he would be transferring the fat and took off pic in hand and ready to fulfill this girls wishes! :)

Next thing you know I was escorted to the operating room. I woke up a few hours later, in the recovery room, to COOKIES and COKE lol!!! I was surely in pain and on a scale of 1-10 I rated it a 7. The nurse asked me if I was sure it was a 7 because earlier I told her it was a 4 lmao! I was shocked I would even say that.

The moment I became aware, I awoke laying on my side. I don't know if I was uncomfortable or anxious, but inside I felt frustrated for no good reason-MEDS HAD ME MAD? Lol well Idk! So they placed me on my back, I drank my pop and ate my cookies and then anxiously asked if I could stand. They allowed me to stand and informed me that many people after undergoing surgery always ask WHY DID I DO THIS TO MYSELF!? The nurse reminded me that the benefit usually outweighs the pain.

As I stood up my legs became shaky. I was told it was a side effect of the anesthesia. Since I could not fully support my body, I grabbed on to the bed rails and felt 10 times better than laying on my new ass and thinking about the pain in my abs! At that moment my mind shifted to my legs. I kept glancing down wondering when they would stop trembling so I could go home and lie with my ass in the air. Well talk about FILTERING PAIN OUT! I swear our mind can do amazing things. They informed me that although I may have a lack of appetite and be nauseous that I must remember to eat. As mentioned earlier I said "Oh hells no, I'm eating, because I'm starving!" but the words that actually came out of my mouth were "No, I'm eating because I'm starving" lol! That's when they decided it was time to set me free.

The hardest part was climbing into my truck, I did not know what to do. I attempted 5-7 different body moves before finally saying, fuck this! I'm going on in. When I got in guys, I also did not know what to do lol.. I was in the back seat on my knees thinking... The nurse suggested I lay on my side, but I also didn't want to ruin my new hips so ignored her haha, at the end I ended up on my side :/ I had a huge pillow that my mom brought for me to sit on, as Dr. Shifrin had advised it would be fine for me to sit during my 20min. Drive. I never sat on it as climbing in the front seat of my SUV would've been way harder considering the height of the truck and the mode of entry, not to mention the left bun entering first, being pressured by the weight of the body, and then lifted-to accommodate the remaining right bun. NOT I HUN. ;(

So here I am. Most of my day has been great. No baby steps no penguin steps. I've been able to walk around my house with little discomfort. I've been laying on my tummy for the most part and have gotten up to use the bathroom at least 10-15 times. The first time I had my mother help me until I realized I could do it myself. The tough part has been getting in and out of bed since my bed as you can see in my pics is quite high. I mastered this with some backache and leg struggle. I simply slide off my tummy until my feet touch the wall and floor, then I use my arms to lift my body up. As of Now the ache of my body has increased some mostly just abs and back, not sure if it's because I'm entering day 2, if it's due to only taking 1 pain killer vs. 2, or If it's normal due to pressure of the tummy and posture of the back. The pain is not bad to where I need assistance, although my mom has helped to adjust my legs after I climb on.

I experienced drainage at about 10pm and had to change my surgical dressings and elastic medical bands. I was not provided a drain as my PS previously informed me that the fluid he uses leaks out during the first 72 hours after surgery regardless of having a drain or not. I was Quite content with that answer, until I turned into NIAGARA FALLS. Here I stand 4:21am waiting on my lovely mother to return from her Walgreen's run. We ran out of medical supplies. So I'm standing here butt naked letting the falls run.

BABY SURE DOES GOT A LOT OF BACK!!! I wasn't going to post pictures until 2wks from now, but seeing the situation and the opportunity-I feel compelled too. I'm definitely not expecting all this fat to remain. I know a lot of it is swelling, I'll be happy when 4mths hit. But can I say I'm loving THESE HIPS!!!


So post-op pics!!!! No drains, I am a hot mess of a waterfall. I'm also not wearing a compression garment as you can see-only elastic bands and doing what I can to control the Niagara. I will be getting a garment from Dr. Shifrin on Friday during my follow-up visit! I will post the whole back booty once my arm and camera decide to cooperate. I am getting more and more sore. Well my ass is SUPER PLUMP!! I have a Little shelf for you to put your drink on lol. ;) The picture in red facing forward is me with a waist and hips. believe it or not my waist is tiny!!! I am padded for protection due to strong currents haha I lOVE LOVE LOVE!!! The curves Shifrin gave me and cannot wait until my garment gives this new body the finishing touch!!! I definitely see Dr. Shifrin's efforts in giving me that pear shaped body :) I hope my new found hips don't go nowhere and that my waist stays little. I absolutely got more than what I expected better yet bargained! and this isn't even final!

BTW! I would like to have the honor of coining Dr. Shifrin with a TEAM NAME long deserved-45 or so reviews ago. I ALWAYS hear of Barbie's & Dolls and that's cute!.... but NOT In my hood lol This Midwest team will not only represent #bbl patients or women alone! But will be otherwise inclusive to gender and procedure lol

Ladies and Gents I now present you with a whole new revolutionary TEAM TERM known as the SHIFRINIZATION PROCESS defined as an undertaking of the physical body by Dr. David Shifrin. Such a term may also be used in conjunction with the term #SHIFRINIZED indicating positive physical body change at the hands of Shifrin.


Hello everyone!

Today feels like the first day of surgery, that's because yesterday the ab aches were NO BUENO! I am now once again able to slide off my bed on my belly with little pain like day 1. I also took my first shower and my first dump today just in case anyone was wondering lol.

I've been having light headaches here and there. But nothing a little Tylenol can't cure ;)

I've also been standing around my house all day since 11am- Just watching my mother do the most!

Also! I received a follow-up call from River North, this was yesterday, just checking up on me. Unfortunately, I was knocked out and only got their voicemail-how nice of them! :) Today I received a call from Adrian at Dr. Shifrin's office also following up on me. Told her I felt great! And asked her about removing my strips around the lipoed areas, she advised that if they were still in place to not touch them and that Dr. Shifrin would remove them Friday.

HOW MY MOTHER DID THE MOST. #eatinghealthyaftersurgery

Chef momma prepped up a couple of plates to help me on this journey. I included a few of the many health benefits, captioned on each pic. If you live in Chicago-Please contact my momma she is not CERTIFIED but she will cook, clean, and bathe you LOL #MOMMASRECOVERYHOUSE ;D


Tomorrow is my follow-up with Dr. Shifrin. Here's THE BOOTY 3 days post-op! He should be PROUD of himself! :))) I can't wait to get my compression garment tomorrow! Also can't wait to see how I'm healing and when I can start wearing normal clothes. Tired of the baggy hobo look!


Hello ladies and gents!

Here's a quick overview of my post-op recovery: DON'T LAUGH.

1st day of surgery was smooth.

2nd day I was wondering how my 1st day was so smooth and how now it was worse.

3rd day was better than the 2nd day, but not as good as the 1st day:
Day 2&3 I did more standing than laying down-because on those days getting up off of bed (to use the bathroom) was becoming a big deal-if you're going to be awake my advice is: stay on your feet as much as you can or as your body allows.

4th day I felt normal and ready to head to work if I had to!:
I saw the Dr. on this day he was very impressed with my healing and with his work of course! Dr. Shifrin checked my body and pressed down on the swollen areas LOL. I laugh because this day like the previous days the SWELLING in my pubic region was RIDICULOUS! LMAO!!! I felt like I laughed out loud when he saw MY MOUNTAIN, heck I might have and he may have too LOL!!! Anyway, I got my compression garment on this day and let's just say that MOUNT SAINT ELIAS is now just the PLATA PEAK. I have an even amount of compression throughout my body and the only thing suffering now are my newfound TREE TRUNK LEGS- I did learn to embrace these while my compression stockings dried.

5th day It's Saturday and the BODY FEELS RIGHT the BOOTY FEELS BETTER!!!:
I am kneeling, laying, and standing with the same practicality. I have not sat on my bum, nor have I laid on it, same with my sides-other than the car ride home after surgery. Post-operative instructions do allow for sitting on cushioned areas for small periods of time I have not done this nor do I plan on it! I place cloth underneath my thighs when using the bathroom so that my ASS is constantly in the air. I have yet to devise a plan where I can sit without feeling like I'm compromising my new booty. Overall, on day 5, COMPLETELY HAPPY! =)


This is a question that I forgot to ask my PS yesterday, along with; "can I wear jeans soon?" =/ I need to give in and admit that I may be a little A.D.D. sometimes. Not to worry though! I emailed Dr. Shifrin this morning and have that answer! Dr. Shifrin removed 5 LITERS OF FAT AND LIQUID from my body. SHAME ON ME. lol and re-injected around 800 CC PER SIDE (hip and buttocks)!!! HOW AMAZING!!


Hey guys!

Today marks week 1! and guess what today also marks!?! The START of my PERIOD... GREAT.

Sorry for TMI, but I felt compelled to share this given that it's natural and that I have been in a compression garment for only 3 days and now! WE MUST PART WAYS.

So, seeing that TOM'S in town (Time Of the Month). I chose to HANG UP THE GARMENT and head out on a MISSION to find the PERFECT girdle PANTIES! lol and by perfect I mean tight on the lower abs but roomy in the ASS. Because LORD knows the struggle of taking down a garment.

Anyway! it didn't take much to find my emergency high waisted panties lol only $7.99 (Burlington Coat Factory) Let me just say, THE PANTIES ARE THE BOMB!, they cover this booty beautifully and there's no tight compression on that area whatsoever. The backside material is akin to the material of the no show panties from VS. The panties go up to the bra line and consist of 92% Nylon and 8% Spandex. I bought X-L that way the fit is firm yet comfortable and not killing me while I'm bloated. I also bought a waist cincher vest for the same price that I can combine for extra control in the ab region. The waist cincher vest is a 3 row-size small.

Check out my pics! and let me know how the booty's doing! =)

I received my compression from Dr. Shifrin this past Friday and have been wearing it religiously.

SELF MASSAGE and then...

Hey All!

So I was giving myself a MASSAGE earlier today, as I do every 2 days or so, in front of my mirror-when I turned around and looked back at it. LOL I gave it my usual LIFT and GRAB just to test the surface. Well to my surprise MY BOOTY was SOFTER today than it was yesterday and any other day before that. As soon as I realized the firmness was subsiding, I LET GO OF THE BUNS, I turned sideways, glanced at my trunk in the mirror, and gave it a SHAKE! lmao! TODAY WAS A GOOD DAY BECAUSE TODAY I DISCOVERED THAT MY ASS JIGGLES!!!

1 month Results (Before & After)

Today marks 1mth. and 4 days since I embarked on the BBL journey... I do not regret it and if you ask me how I'm doing, I am doing just fine and so is MY ASS. ;)

BTW Hello everyone! I have not updated as I have been out of the country enjoying age 30. Hope everyone is doing well! I have to say I feel and look my best! Here are a couple of before and afters CHECK OUT THE TRANSFORMATION!

On another note, I have stopped wearing my garment to bed, my lower back has been bothering me since my cousin decided to slap me there, of course she did not know my sensitive state. I have had lower back pain since, worst at night, it is now almost completely gone. I also stopped wearing my garment 247 because about 10 days ago I noticed my mid-section was a different skin tone, I did not know whether or not it was due to my faja being too tight, if it was sudden bruising, or if it was simply dye from the black faja. After 2 days of changing fajas I realized I was possibly wearing it too tight!!! My poor belly came back to life after lol SMH. All is well now, I did not contact my Dr. as I was in Mexico. I am still experiencing swelling, less each day. Can I just say one thing! I LOVE MY BODY =)

More progress pics!

Hey guys so here are more pics, these were taken on Nov. 4th. I had a Dr. Follow-up on this day, I must say Dr. Shifrin did a hell of a job on me. I could tell he was amazed :) I had to high-five him in appreciation!! It was only right :) Enjoy! and I hope that you too do GET A BOOTY as well.

Please excuse the mess I was putting outfits together and packing for my trip :)
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Shifrin, what a GENIUS!!! I have read both positive/negative reviews from patients who visited other surgeons, that quite honestly I did not know what to expect or how my body would fare. Perhaps I unconsciously set my expectations low for fear of disappointment. Dr. Shifrin's work is surely amazing! I never realized my body would be capable of so much change! I am extremely impressed with my appearance and beyond satisfied with my results! Dr. Shifrin is one talented individual and a very affable person. What I find most appealing is Dr. Shifrin's honesty-you will not get the runaround! Thanks so much Dr. Shifrin! I wish you continued success! and GOD BLESS THOSE HANDS!!! Lol

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