BBL For a Petite Frame - Chicago, IL

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I recently met with Dr. Shifrin for a consultation...

I recently met with Dr. Shifrin for a consultation for a BBL. The office is beautiful, and the staff is extremely cordial and accommodating. Dr. Shifrin himself is personable, even-tempered, and attentive. It was important for me to have a doctor that listens to my wants rather than one who dictates how he or she feels I should look, and that is precisely the type of doctor Dr. Shifrin is. Although his office was quite busy this day, and my wait time was longer than expected, I felt completely comfortable with Dr. Shifrin and confident in his skills after my consultation. I will be paying my deposit tomorrow as well as scheduling my surgery date. I look forward to sharing my BBL experience with you all.

Booked For June 29th!

Surgery is booked for June 29, 2015. Waiting is going to drive me insane! Any tips or info I should know about the surgery and recovery? From what I've read, the first few days are rough.

Wish Pics

Because I'm utterly obsessed (and a bit neurotic lol), I have my wish pics on deck, neatly collaged and categorized by profile view, front view, and back view. I'm not looking for anything huge because my frame is small. I just want, as Dr. Shifrin called it in my consultation, a "bubble butt." LOL.

Free Nursing Pillow

Although I'm not sure how you're supposed to sit in or on this thing, you can get a nursing pillow (aka Boppy pillow) on for free (sort of...must pay shipping) using this code: 1CC5FEDE6. Thought i should pass along the saving. :)


Just had my pre-op appointment today and paid the rest of my balance. It's becoming all to real now! Can't wait!

Pre-op Body


Surgery is on Monday!

For those who have already made it to the other side, how hard is it to walk right after surgery?

I'm staying at a hotel and a little concerned about walking from valet to my room. Hope it won't be an issue.

Pray for me, y'all! :)

Day of Surgery

Made it to the other side!!! I was Shifrin's first patient at 6:30am...thank goodness. I'm about 12 hours post and just now shaking off the anesthesia but still dizzy.

So, I arrived at 6:30, filled out my paperwork and was called back about 10 minutes later. The nurse put my IV in and let me get a full bag of fluids before getting escorted to the surgery room. The wonderful anesthesiologist gave me a sedative which burned! About a few seconds later it was lights out!

I woke up shivering thinking I was still in surgery. Lol. Nope, I was in recovery. The nurse forced me to eat cookies but I was just not hungry whatsoever. Plus, I had cotton mouth so eating dry cookies didn't help.

Shortly after, I was wheeled out and on my way to my hotel, where I am now. Ina scale of 1-10, my pain level is a 2. My discomfort from laying on my stomach is an 8. I hate it because my breasts get in the way and my arms go numb. Whatever is pain!!!

I've been up and walking since getting back in from surgery. Haven't had much pain to prevent me from doing so. I can pee on my own by squatting over the toilet with the P-EZ. I'm super swollen but it seems to be going down after each pee. Lol.

So far, I love my shape!!! I will post pics in a few days. :)


How do you take this dang garment off?!

It just won't go down from my hips...partly cause I end up screaming bloody murder from the pain. I've only had it on for a day but I need to use the restroom for a BM! I don't think I can wait a few days till the garment is more forgiving. Lol.

Not Happy

While Dr. Shifrin is an amazing surgeon who gave me a better overall shape, I feel I simply paid for liposuction and not a Brazilian butt lift. My unhappiness with my BBL result, or lack thereof, is the reason I haven't posted a picture. I started with 39 inch hips and ended up with 39 inch hips. It is advised I wait till my 3 month mark to see the final results but I knew when I woke up from surgery and saw my results that I wasn't happy, and is still the same feeling 2 months later. Unfortunately, I spent $8,500 with the expectation of a big butt but received only a better shape, and am forced to seriously consider a round 2. For the smaller girls that expect a booty with projection, I advise you make that very clear because in retrospect, that's what I should have done.
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Shifrin is a complete professional with a special eye for detail. I would recommend Dr. Shifrin to everyone.

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