34 Yr Old Woman .. Chicago, IL

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Never had a butt forreal .. Always had hips .....

Never had a butt forreal .. Always had hips .. Thighs .. But never a butt .. Always been teased about it .. I'm 5'4 175 with no buns .. And I have a muffin top that don't matter how much weight I lose will not go away .. Over the yrs I have lost 90 pounds .. Yet I still don't feel that I'm where I want to be .. This is where I need the help .. I have stalked this site for yrs now .. Now I'm at the point of being ready for the next step :-)

A few wish pics :-)

Here's a few wish pics ..I promise every night .. Every nap .. My new body to come is on my mind lol

Oh I forgot to show my "no bun pics " lol

Like I said my buns has always been a problem ... Wearing pants makes me mad because my but is wide and flat in the back .. I just want to be able to full the back of a pair of pants out .

First meeting

Wednesday I go to see dr shrinin I can't wait to get rid of the kangaroo pouch.. I'm excited and nervous at the same damn time lol


So I went to my Who lets him a consultation Today with dr shrinin and I left out with a surgery date "Tuesday" omg 5 days away I can't wait .. He is very Handsum and very nice .. He listened and knew what I wanted soon as I said it .. I am nervous and excited at the sametime :-)


Did my bloodwork .. Got my pills .. Had to start taking iron pills 3 times a day right away since such short notice .. Went back today to make full payment .. Nervous .. Excited and scared at the same time .. I will pray over dr shrinin hands all weekend and until Tuesday and after he is a wonderful man .. Not to mention Handsum as well .. I have to get my nerves rite lol


Tomorrow is my day 11:30 am .. Nerves are all over the place but I'm so ready .. Can't eat after 12 .. That's fine with me because i plan on being rested anyway .. Pray for me and the doc hands .. I will update y'all tomorrow once I am home :-)


Today is the day .. Yayyyy .. Lastnite I got my test results and my hemo was close to 14 mind u yet doc had me taking 325 mg of iron 3 times a day just to make sure so I am sure I am way over that now .. Lol I better not bored that much lol with all this iron in me lol .. I want to thank the ladies for the prayers I swear I need it .. I will try and post pics when surgery is over .. I have to be there at 11:30 .. Nephew woke me up .. About to lay back down till 8 .. Ttyl beautiful ladies .. I'm so geeked :-)

I'm here

They say my potassium is a lil low so they had to draw more blood to see what that is looking like now .. If it's ok i will be good to go :-) .. Praying over the doc and nurses hands :-)

Hello from the other side :-)

I made it .. Thanks for the prayrerd ladies .. So sleepy I will update y'all in the A.m .. The nurses and staff was great so was doctor with his Handsum self :-) talk y'all tomorrow


But I see booty .. I have on some waist garnet he put on me and it makes my stomach look huge but I promise y'all my stomach is 100% snatched .. Y'all they did me rite .. To be honest .. When u had no ass " any ass is better " I can't complain about anything .. I'm happy :-)

Went to my check up

I just seen one of the real self sister .. She is super beautiful :-) .. Just wanted to update some pics before I stiff up again lol .. This swelling Is hella real lol

More pics

The itch was so real lastnite lol.. And I'm numb around my back and stomach so scratching Did me no good lol... I'm still loving my results and recommend dr shifrin to anyone that don't have the time nor patience to go out of town .. He gives u what u want and ask for .. Me love that Handsum man lol :-) remember I had no ass At all lol.. Oh I measured Myself today .. I was a 44 before in the hip and butt area .. Today I am a 48 .. Do u hear me lol "48" Yayyyy

More pics

Lovely was rite I'm going to need bigger panties lol

I know tmi butt

I had my first bowel movement today .. Didn't need the pills he gave me to have one ..it was so needed ...I know he is going to drain me next Wednesday because I have hella fluid on me .. I'm still loving my results ... I'm happy I picked him :-)

Pants lol

Big booty problems .. I never thought I would be able to say that .. Dr shifrin hooked me up .. Inlove with my body .. I do need to get this fluid off me .. It's killing me .. I can feel it when I move


I have sooooo much fluid on my stomach , Back and sides .. It's so uncomfortable , I can't wait to get drained ... It burns and is on my nerves

Almost a week

Since my surgery and it haven't been that bad .. I'm getting use to laying on my stomach .. And the pain pills are life rite now lol .. I have sooooo much fluid on my back ... Sides and stomach and he burns like hell .. I can't wait to get this drained cause it make me want to cry when trying to get up .. And I'm so ready for my garmet .. I need the tightness I swear .. I still love my results .. I'm still at a 48 hips /butt and before surgery I was a 43/44 .. Can't complain .. I do have a question dolls .. How long was it before y'all decided to set on the new booty .. I think I will be scared for a while :-)

7 pounds of swell lol

I'm soooo swollen .. I know y'all tired of me saying that but I am ..I felt like totally shit yesterday to the point of tears .. Wasn't feeling hot at all.. Much better today :-)

Dr shifrin is the shit loln

I love my booty more and more everyday .. I just seen him again Wednesday and he had me laughing and smiling ...I got my garmet which is like a waist trainer .. So happy cause he gave me hips and was scared that the long garmet will make them go away .. Was told I can wear the Kim Kardashian waist trainer now .. Yesss small waist here we come .. He sucked the life out my back .. Rip to that back fat lol .. It wont be missed lol.. U in Chicago forsure go to dr shifrin fine ass lol

I will be two weeks in Tuesday ...

You really have to have to be mentally prepared to go throw this process Fr .. It's not a easy on ( worth it ) but not easy .. Some may heal better and faster then others .. Please make sure u have a huge and great support system because u will forsure need it .. Not being able to sit and do much is going to drive u nuts lol but it will be ok.. I'm learning it gets better day by day ..


I was already a online shopaholic But now it's worst lol .. I have to buy Alooooot of new clothes that fits this lil back of mine lol he snatched life from my back and I'm soooo happy .. Round two will be tummy tuck and beast implants... I don't think I will have him add more to bottom ,, I love my new boogie loln.. Plastic surgery is like tatts to me lol soooo damn addictive Lol dr shifrin gone end up getting all my lil money .. Love that mAn ... :-)

Just posting

I wake up at 5am every morning no matter what ... Not being able to sit and lay on butt is driving me nuts lol but it's almost over the 28th I will be on this lil butt of mine lol

Just posting ..

Question how long did y'all wait to sit ..my third week start Tuesday and i really want to take a sit for my daughter bday gigs coming weekend that is only a few days shy of my fourth week


You can tell where it's still hard at cause of the dark color .. I love my booty lol

Since I got my new

Booty I can't get this weight off lol the day of I was 182 I can't seem to get back there or under lol .. So my measurement as of today is 34-29-49 yep went up a half a inch lol. .. I sit now .. I don't like the way it feel sitting directly on my butt so I use my boppy .. I will be doing a revision to get the big dents I have in the middle .. But I will wait a yr .. This is not something I want to do again in 6 months lol

Working on this waist

I'm a 29 inch waist . Before I was a 32 .. Waist training and corset training .. 3hrs now because I'm still very sore in my back ( very very sore ) but I want to be a 26/27 inch waist .. Not new to waist training .. Kinda a way of life to me but I have to start clean eating .. Watch me do me lol I will make it happen

It's been awhile

Hey yall.. My bad on not being on for a hot minute .. Been going thru so much ... But I'm still loving my body .. Have to really start clean eating so that I can get down to this 26" waist lol I'm at 28 now .. Measurements 32/28/49 .. I got this lump in my left butt cheek that is very hard and it hurt when l sit or lay on my side .. It's so uncomfortable .. I am going to ask my doc about it and I swear my itch In my back is getting worse .. Can't wait for that to end .. Just wanted to post a update :-)

Yep time for a update

Hey ladies I missed y'all ... I'm still loving my body and my inches are the same still between 34/27-28/49 my weight be up and down I'm working on it .. I have hard fat in my left butt cheek that hurts and is very uncomfortable when I lay .. I have to make a appointment to talk to him about to see if he can fix it ... I still love my doc he the best .. :-)
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