22 Years Old, No Kids, BBL Here I Come ;-) - Chicago, IL

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I am going to Dr. Shifrin on July 27, 2015 for my...

I am going to Dr. Shifrin on July 27, 2015 for my bbl. I had my consultation on May 29, 2015 and the doctor was so nice. He answered all of my questions. Since I live out of state I have been calling their office everyday to get everything in order. Adrian is wonderful each time I call she answers all my questions and is very polite. I was going to go to Dr. Jimmerson but I didn't like the communication. If I am paying thousands of dollars for something I expect my patient coordinator to return my call/ email. Needless to say I am very excited! I am getting Lipo out of my flanks, back, & abdomen and into my buttocks. I weigh 173 and I am so happy I don't have to loose or gain any more weight :-)

Wish pictures

Almost time for the 30 day countdown!

its almost time for the 30 day countdown! I am so excited but nervous about the healing process. I haven't booked my hotel and flight yet because it's expensive lbs I am trying to stay close to the surgery center so downtown Chicago and it's like $1500 for hotel & flight for 2 people. So I will book those on Friday I've been trying to wait for a good deal. Doesn't look like that's going to happen lol I have my prescriptions and The next step is to get my blood work done within 30 days of my surgery (hence the 30 day count down) I took off 2 weeks from work I hope that is enough time. I work at a computer lol day but my desk rises up where I can stand! Yay! Be back for the countdown

Getting everything I need

So I am trying to get all the supplies I need for my aftercare. I ordered a booty buddy it is on its way it ended up being $89 with shipping but it's especially made for bbl procedures. Www.thebootybuddy.com Dr. Shifting is going to provide me with 2 garments which is cool because all the ones I found were in the $100-$200 range. I may still buy a waist clincher as well. So I have a list of things to get but is there anything special for those of you that has had a bbl that you recommend for me to get?

It's starting to feel so real!!

Surgery a total of $9000 is paid off!
Hotel & flight for 2 is booked for 5 nights (trip protection added in case I can't leave Chicago as planned) I found a really good deal for $862.54 the hotel is 15 minutes away from the surgery center and its complimentary parking which was a must! It started to get really expensive with parking alone. Inbox me if you would like the hotel info it is a 3 star which isn't bad but again I found it through Priceline.com. Now thanks to one of my rs sisters I can start to buy supplies some things I will have to get in Chicago which is cool because it's my home town. So Dr. S will be providing 2 compression garments for me. Oh I failed to mention when I ordered my booty buddy, cushion things for the compression garment straps came with it for FREE. I'm not sure how long they will be free but I sure am grateful. I get my blood work done on Monday since it has to be done within 30 days of surgery. I am pretty confident everything will come back normal because I've never had any health issues or concerns. I am so excited! I've only told a few ppl that's not family and everyone thinks I'm crazy because I'm young and haven't had kids yet. Yes I'm young but I make my own money and take care of myself. Also my babe and I celebrate our 1 year anniversary next week and I do not plan on having children anytime soon. I want to enjoy my prime years lol not to mention the bae and I are going to Montego Bay, Jamaica in October so I had to get this body right before I go ;-)

17 days to go!!!

I'm so excited and ready! I wish it was tomorrow lol I don't think the pain pills they prescribed me will help with the pain. I've had Vicodin before for headaches and it did not help at all. So I'm just a little nervous about that. I plan on asking Dr. Shifrin for something stronger when I get there.

I made it to the other side!

I'm officially a Shifrin doll! Umm this pain ain't NO joke. While I'm lying down it doesn't hurt but when I get up or even move a little bit baby bye. Anyway I got 1000cc's to both cheeks. I'm still swollen but I believe once the swelling goes down my body is going to be right hunni. Dr Shifrin did an amazing job! I am in too much pain right now to take pictures but I will take some as soon as my mom comes back. Lol

Post 2 day pictures.. Still VERY swollen

The truth about BBL

Okay y'all let me give you the specs I got 1,000 cc's put into each cheek. My first garment they gave me 4 days after surgery and baby that thing hurt! It felt like my skin was on fire in my abdomen and hip area. My pain pills weren't working and I was on my way home on the plane! When I got home I took the garment off and that was a struggle I ended up cutting the garment off and when I did my whole vagina was swollen and bruised from the garment I could not close my legs. Let's just say it was a day full of tears yesterday I was regretting getting my bbl and it was hard but I prayed and I'm taking it one day at a time. I have on a different compression garment I had at home and I feel a lot better. Don't get me wrong this sucka is tight and I still get that burning sensation but it's tolerable I don't feel like I'm going to die. The swelling in my stomach is starting to go down. I have only sat on my butt for the 45 minute plan ride and at the most 5 minutes here or there and I have a pillow. I don't too much care for the boopy pillow it was hard to work with at the airport and on the plane I felt a pillow would have been easier. Anyway thank you all for the inspiration and prayers I am taking it one day at a time. Sorry for typos

Do not read if you have a weak stomach!!

So I have not had a bowel movement since the day before my surgery (7/26) I've been taking the prescribed stool softener twice a day like instructed and today I had pressure to have a bowel movement and it was horrible my stool was not soft at all I spent hours off and on trying to push it out and no luck. It hurt so bad I was crying! I called Dr. Shifrin and he recommended an enama (however you spell it) it made it 10 times worse. It made me cramp and applied pressure but did not help me with my bowel I still couldn't push it out. Any suggestions from you bbl vets? I need to get this out!!

2 week post photos

My stomach is still swollen in the belly button area but baby my hips are starting to look really good. I will try to post a picture later of those.

Before & after

Dent in my booty :-(

I have a dent/ flat spot on my left cheek and Dr. Shifrin said it may or may not go away depends on if my skin can hold fat in that area. I really don't want to go for round to to fix it. My left cheek is still swollen at the bottom so I'm just praying that the dent disappears once the swelling is completely gone. I wonder if squats will help get the fat moving to the right place. I read some doctors answers on here and they all say round 2 maybe needed. Ugh hope you can see it on the pictures.

Updated pictures

Im still swollen in my abdomen and back but here you go. Had to take the waist trainer & compression garment off for my boo birthday

Compliments for dr s

I went to the ER for chest pain (It turned out to be acid reflux) and of course I made the doctor aware of my surgery (so he can make sure my incisions aren't infected. Since I'm in MN & Dr. S is in Chicago) he checked me out and said there are no infections still swollen but whoever (Dr. S) did my abdomen did a GREAT job.
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Very nice and answered all of my questions!

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