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Ok. I just returned from my third consultation. I...

Ok. I just returned from my third consultation. I met with Dr. Ye initially and got the same good feeling I felt while researching him online. I likes him and all his reviews online, but I decided to be thorough and meet with two other doctors who also had good reviews. I'm satisfied in my initial assessment that Dr. Ye is the best option. My appointment is September 27. I'll post before pictures soon.

One week and counting

Ok. I have a little over a week until my surgery and I'm a little nervous. But, I can't wait to see the results! I hope they are as good as some of the one I've seen posted here. I don't usually do networking sites. But, this site has helped me so much to make my decision that I felt it only fair to post my experience. Hopefully it will help someone else.

Day of Surgery

I returned home from surgery about 45 mins ago. Dr. Ye and his staff were very friendly and attentive prior to the surgery. I took the advice of another poster in her review and focused on inhaling the laughing gas to deal with the pain. Dr. Ye showed much concern throughout and kept checking to see if I were ok. I could feel the pain, but with the laughing gas it felt like I was dreaming. So, it wasn't as bad. On a scale of 1-10 maybe it was a 5. After surgery I felt nauseous while he was taking the pics. Maybe from the gas or maybe the sight of the blood. So, he had me lie back down and lowered my head so the blood could flow upward. His assistant offered me water. Then, I felt better. He showed me the after pics, and they looked GOOD. I hope it looks that good after the recovery period. I took my tylenol 3 immediately following surgery, because i was afraid of the pain setting in. My boyfriend dropped me off and picked me up and I think the Tylenol kicked in and I felt well enough to drive myself home. The Tylenol did not completely stop the pain, but it made it more tolerable. On a scale of 1-10 it went down to a 3. It kinda smarter like how it feels if you burn your arm reaching into the oven while cooking. I'm lying in bed now, and I almost feel NO pain as long as i'm not moving. I'll wait until the pain subsides after day 2 before I try to take after pics. When I got home I had to change one of my pads and my underwear and pants, as the blood had soaked thru. The sight of blood made me nauseous again. So, i'm trying not to look at my stomach until the incisions stop leaking. They said day 1 and 2 are the worst days. So, as long as this is as bad as it gets pain wise... I'm good. I'll update if anything changes before then. Btw... Removing and putting clean clothes on was quite a feat. I felt the pain more and could barely bend or lift my legs all the way without pain. But, again, it was bareable.

Day 1 Post surgery

I feel much better. Still very sore. I'm moving more and sitting up now. Yesterday, after my 3rd dose of Tylenol 3, I realized it was the medicine that was making me nauseous, hot, and dizzy. The 3rd time, I went to the bathroom I threw up (I know... tmi, right?) But, I felt relieved and not dizzy at all after. I discontinued the meds. Though, I was afraid of the pain worsening, I couldn't stand that dizzy feeling every time I stood. So, I took a shot, and the pain (which the Tylenol 3 didn't seem to be helping much anyway), didn't worsen. In fact, it's gotten even more tolerable. Feels like my muscles are sore from a serious workout. (A 2 or 3 on scale 1-10). The pads are needing fewer changes and not leaking anymore. Btw, he removed 1300 cc of fat from upper and lower abs and flanks. I'll take pics once the pads come off.

Day 2 Post Surgery

Pain is down to 2. I can bend now. I slept on my stomach last night, with very little pain. Yesterday, I changed my pads and saw how huge my stomach had swollen to. I know it's normal, but wow... tomorrow, I can take my first shower since the surgery. Yippee! I'll take pictures then. I'm sure they won't be so appealling. But, I think it will be helpful and helping people understand what to expect during the healing process. The good, bad, and ugly... so to speak.

Day 3 Post Surgery

Today was a lot better. I took a shower and realizes how numb and swollen my stomach is now. I've been drinking 8 glasses of water with lemon juice to reduce any water retention. I don't see any difference yet. But, before I replaced my compression garment I put on a form fitting tank as a shield between my skin and the garment. Hopefully, this will prevent some of the creases in my skin and the discomfort. It certainly feels a LOT better. Also, I rolled the compression garment down instead of unfastening it to ensure that it remained as tight as the surgeon made it when I put it back on. I only had three incisions and they seem to be healing well. I replaced the tape with bandaid (per Julie the assistant's instructions). She told me I could take a light shower. I don't know what that means, so I just showered with my back to the spray to be safe and protect the incisions from direct pressure.

Day 3 one last picture

10/15/15 2 1/2 weeks post

Ok. So, maybe, I'm being impatient, but I'm ready for the hardness and swelling to go away so I can get an idea of my final results. So, I've bought a living social endermologie deal for two sessions to see if that speeds up the healing. Here are my pictures to show my healing progress prior to treatment.

Two endermologie treatments in

After my first session, I did feel that the bruised areas were slightly softer. So, I bought the 6 session groupon to continue the treatments after my 2nd session, which was yesterday. Iwona at Luxe a Salon, is very professional and knowledgeable about post lipo treatments and healing progression. I'll post a separate review for her and track my progress. I am posting pictures that I took immediately following the 2nd treatment, but I will also post pictures that I will take a couple days post treatment if there are noticeable changes.

Doctor follow up

I had my post-op follow up with Dr. Ye, yesterday. I am still swollen a little past a month after surgery, but he says it's healing fine. Was concerned about the discoloration and the fact that my stretch marks are more raised and visible. He said that should get better over time, once swelling subsides. Advised me to massage and apply heat and exercise.

I know everyone heals at their own pace, but it seems I heal slower than others on this site. I am so in a hurry for my swelling to go down so I can see the results.

Another note, I showed him my waist cincher and waist trimmer I use to replace the very uncomfortable compression garment. He approved. It's much cheaper than buying the lipo foam and replacement garments and it still is tight enough to keep swelling down. I paid about $20 compared to $50 or more for the compression garment. And only $5 for the neoprene waist trimmer compared to $20 or more for one foam pad. And the good thing is that I can use these later.

Well, here are my latest pics.

Six weeks post surgery

I've had 3 endermologie treatments and I'm starting to feel a difference. My stomach is no longer one big solid hard section. Most of it is soft now, and I can feel some hard spots, which she said she will work on in today's treatment. I'm going to take Dr. Ye's advice and start doing stomach exercises. He also advised heat and massages, which are included in the endermologie treatments. My manual massages were nowhere near as effective as the endermologie treatments. I felt an immediate difference after the last treatment. I'm hoping that adding stomach exercises will pull my lower abs in some. I know they recommend tummy tuck for that purpose after you have kids. But I didn't want to undergo that surgery and couldn't afford it anyway. So I'll do what I can and we'll see.

Seven week update

I'm starting to see some progress with the lipo massage treatments (endermologie, radio frequency, and cavitation). Hopefully, the little pudgy on my lower belly disappears before I'm done. It definitely is getting softer. Though, there are still some lumps remaining. And my skin still feels tingly when I take my wrap off at night. Btw, I've just started sleeping without the wrap. Iwona, the endermologie therapist told me that blood needed to flow through the area some time during the day. So I asked Julie, from Dr. Ye's office, and she said I could switch to spanx and wear it only during the day. I still wear the wrap because it holds it in better and my skin doesn't feel like it's being stretched or tingly with it on. But, I now take it off at night. And the color of my skin is improving. So are my stretch marks becoming less noticeable.

3 month check up (1 month late)

Ok... so, 2 days ago, I finally made it in for my 3 month follow up appointment. It had, actually, been 4 months. But, Dr. Ye was glad to see me. Btw, Julie, his assistant is very responsive. I text her and she gets right back to me on a few mins. Whether it's a question, request for appointment, whatever. Anyway, I told Dr. Ye that there was still a little bit of fat in the front, that I'd like removed, and he told Julie to fit me in the next day for touch up! He really wants his patients to be completely satisfied with his work, and I believe, he takes personal pride in ensuring the outcome is good.

Initially, at my first consult, he did mention that there may be extra skin after the lipo, given my 2 pregnancies. But, he assured me that if there were, he'd fix it. That was months ago. But, I think it's commendable that he stands by his word. Yesterday, after my touch up, which took 30 minutes total, he said that if when I'm done healing, there is extra skin, he'll do a mini tummy tuck, which he says will make it look MUCH better. All of these services have been at no extra cost.

I'll post pictures as I progress. I won't lie, tho... the touch up was just as painful as the first surgery. Just shorter. Nothing close to any real pains we women experience. Just enough to make you moan, here and there during the procedure.

I learned a lot from the first time, so I was ducking that gas like a mad woman, and I didn't take the Tylenol 3, which I figured out was making me nauseous last time. I DID take 2 extra strength tylenol thirty mins prior, but I don't think it made a difference. But then, I don't think the Tylenol 3 did much for pain either. I felt much better without it. So, that should give you an idea of the pain. No real meds, and I drove myself home, and took my son to piano class the same night. I'm just a big baby. So, I don't like ANY discomfort or pain. The pain is far less this time, post surgery. I don’t even feel it anymore unless I twist or stretch my waist, and even then, it's much less noticeable.

Ok, any questions... just ask! I know that was LONG. I'm just trying to give as much information to help others like this site has helped me.

2/8/16 day before touch up

Here are pics I took the day before my touch up. Looking at my photos, I wonder if I actually DID gain some weight. The pics previous seem to be smaller. Ah... well... either way, Dr. Ye gave me a touch up. And I'll show the progression. This time, I'll be extra careful about what I eat.

2/11/16 2 days after touch up

2 days after my touch up, I am still swollen, but the recovery is much easier. I don't feel ANY pain. Just a little tenderness when I massage it.

2/11/16 2 days after touch up

Not sure why my pics posted without the update. But, I've posted 2 days post touch up pics, which can be seen in my collection above. I have NO pain, unlike the original surgery. I only feel some tenderness when I massage my stomach. I expect a faster recovery this time.

2/14/16 5 days after touch up

I took my waist cincher off (which I use, because it's more comfortable than the compression garment), and fell asleep. When I awoke I looked in the mirror and massaged my stomach with lotion. Even with some swelling, I could see a difference from the last pictures.
Dr. Zhong Ye

Dr. Ye was preparing for surgery but took the time to sit and talk to me about my goals and to discuss my best options. I requested body jet on abs, flanks, and back. He told me that I didn't need any work on the back. I appreciate that he didn't just agree to give me additional work that I didn't need just to run up a bigger bill. From my research, he is less expensive than other surgeons and just as (if not more) skilled. I'll keep you posted. Here's hoping for good results!

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