I Am in Need of a Tummy Tuck and my Big Day is January 16, 2014 (15days Until) - Chicago, IL

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I am 25 years old married with 3 girls ages 4, 2...

I am 25 years old married with 3 girls ages 4, 2 1/2, and my baby just turned 1. Reading all of the stories that I have read on here has motivated me so much to continue my journey with my tummy tuck. Although I want it so badly I at times get scared and nervous about the whole procedure. Plus I am traveling from Michigan to Chicago to have my procedure done which makes me even more nervous. My Surgeon is Dr. Irvin Wiseman from Chicago IL. I have read so many of your stories and I am so happy that you all were so motivated to reach your goals. I am thankful to have this site by my side to walk with me through my Journey. So here we go guys 15 days until my surgery date. It's so far but so close. So there are a few things that I need and have to buy especially considering that I am going out of town for surgery.. By the way I leave out of town January 12 which is 11 days away. Im so nervous.. O and im taking the Bus to and from Chicago and its 6 hours. Anyone have any suggestions on what I should buy/take on my trip? What will I need before surgery and after? Everyone is welcome to walk this journey with me. Thanks to all my RS family! O one more thing... I am dieting everyday until my big day! Nothing but water fruits and veggies and baked chicken salads and fish.. Plus exercise which I do anyway. So I will be posting pictures daily! Wish me well on my journey count down with me!

13 more days til TT surgery

I have so many sleepless nights. My brain wont let me sleep. Lol i jus b laying down and my brain been wondering. Its so close but not close enough. I am scared but happy my dream is finally coming true! I still have some shopping to do and arrangements to make, i already ordered my recliner which im renting for 2 weeks or more because all my kids are always in my bed an they climb all over me so that recliner is much needed. Part of the reason im not sleep now is because of them. So anywho, it seems like the days go by slower when im anticipating something. Ok im gona try to go to sleep now. Here is a starter pic of me an my big ole belly. No laughing!

Todays pics of my belly fat. 9 days til i leave town for surgery

Ok so i have 9 days before i leave town for surgery. Im am so excited!! Its getting closer and closer for all this fat to b dismissed. I jus pray that i love my results and that my stomach looks cute and my scar heals excellent! Most of all i pray for my safety during surgery and a good fast recovery. Uhhhhh i dont know what to do wit myself i think im goin crazy all these sleepless nights. My husband isnt much help mentally right now cuz he claims im fine how i am, which i know im not at all. My family has been very supportive and my friends. 2 of my dearest friends are going on the trip with me which im am so grateful for. My kids will stay at my moms house for the week that i will b out of town. So i have to pack their luggage and go grocery shopping for them. Im soooooo excited yall! So today i will get started on some cleaning washing and packing. Then next week do somemore shopping. I cant wait! So heres some pics from today of my belly fat. Its ugly i know, but not for long!!!! Thank God!


OMG, its getting so close!!!! I leave town headed to Chicago Sunday. That's the day after tomorrow... Im having so many mixed feelings.. Im happy but im sad and im scared and I hate to leave my kids for a week... uhhhhhhh Im just over here going crazy... Im thinking like what if this doctor doesn't give me what I want???? What if my results are weird looking or make me depressed... omg I just have so many feelings about this.. Never though I would... Because I have always wanted this and when thinking about it it always made me happy but now that it is just days away im going crazy with all these mixed emotions... Somebody help me please.. I just wish it will just hurry up and be done so I don't have to think this way or feel this way its truly driving me nuts... Okay so anyways, I did a little walmart shopping today bought some ointments, and antibacterial soap, mineral oil for my stomach, razors, and other nick nacks... Yesterday I went to Sams club and the first thing that caught my eyes when I walked in was these jogging suits. So I bought a couple.. I also bought from there some really good body cream for dry skin in case my tummy gets dry after... Im really excited!!! Of course I keep getting negative mouth activity from family... but I don't care what they say or think... They don't like the ideal of me going out of town to get surgery... But im like helloooooo it's nothing wrong with it... its not like im going by myself... There so irritating.... So anyways I will be leaving sunday night... Arriving in Chicago Monday morning around 6am.. I will check in the hotel take a bath and get some rest.. Then maybe hit up a mall for Victoria Secrets.. (I LOVE PANTIE SHOPPING) I have 4 full big drawers of painties at home and probably could use about 2 more.... Crazy Right! Maybe Lunch and some site seeing, then back to the hotel... Tuesday is my Pre-op appointment... yay!!!!!! after that maybe lunch again then back to the hotel... Wednesday is another free day with nothing to do... Maybe just chill in the room and order in some pizza.. maybe get in the Jacuzzi!!!! That sounds so relaxing... Then Guess what!!!!! Thursday morning is the big day!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! Then it will all be over with... I will go back to my room and sleep the day away and maybe go to eat or something... depending on how I feel! :( Then Friday I go to my Post - op appointment... Hope all is well! Then I can leave and go back home to my wonderful husband and kids!!!! It's so close but so far away! I pray time goes fast before I lose every piece of my mind. I hope I love my results I really do.. 12,000 is a lot of money to waste on something not worth it... But I am going to remain positive and everything should be great! Pray for me RS SISTERS! So I will be posting more pre surgery pictures up until my big day! I will also share pics of the city I will be in and the hotel! How does that Sound? Ok Tah Tah Love yall!!! Muwah!!!
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

I have not met my Doctor in person yet. I will on January 14, 2014 to days before my surgery. But I have been talking to him and his assistant almost daily for about 2 months now. They have all been so great and so helpful and so reassuring. I have sent pictures to them so they know what my body looks like and needs but of course in person is always needed. That's why I will be going down there 3 days before my surgery to meet with my surgeon and his team in person. I have read so many awesome reviews about Dr. Irvin Wiseman on so many sites including this one. So as I am nervous about this I am also extremely excited!

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