Artefill Lumps/redness in NL Folds After 5 Years - Chicago, IL

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This post if petty much to show my progress with...

This post if petty much to show my progress with anyone going through a similar experience. I had Artefill performed by a board certified dr 5 years ago. I have had no other procedures/ fillers of any kind. I did the skin test- and had perfect results for 5 years! It was amazing! A few months ago I noticed lumpiness/redness in my folds. It's horrifying to read all the stories on here and how dr's still push this filler. My dr stopped using Artefill years ago and refuses to push Bellafill- he says there will be tons of complications in the future with this product. Anyway- these pics are 3 days out of my 1st procedure to help my situation. The same dr is helping me - free of charge. He took out a hard nodule (hence the stitches - they come out on Thursday). Then he injected saline and massaged my NL folds to break up the smaller lumps. They are much better after 3 days. I'm still purple/red from the numbing/saline injections- I'm usually not quite this red. After another saline treatment in a few weeks- we will try and laser any remaining redness. We choose not to do any steroids- atrophy would be worse and saline seemed like a good place to start.
Th only positive thing I can say is that my wrinkles have not returned. I had very pronounced NL folds and a crinkly wrinkle where the nodule was removed. Still too much to go through-Please stick to temporary fillers. They may take more time,$$ - but save you in the long run.
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