Age 56: Explant (Capsular Contracture), Anchor Breast Lift, No Implant Replacement - Chicago, IL

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Silicone implants placed 26 years ago. Developed...

Silicone implants placed 26 years ago. Developed capsular contraction, hardness in both breasts. Very uncomfortable for several years now. I'm looking forward to having the implants removed and breasts lifted. Nervous about scarring, but this site is extremely helpful, supportive and reassuring. Thanks to all that have shared their stories.

4/9/15. Day before surgery.

One Day (30 hours) Post Surgery

Day after surgery and feeling pretty darn good. Took a short walk today and was somewhat tired after. Surgeon advised I stay active, but nothing strenuous. So nice to have implants out and soft breast tissue. Will take my first shower tomorrow morning. Happy girl!

Five Days Post Op - Contact Dermatitis from Adhesive on Surgical Drape

Developed a rash from adhesive on surgical drape. No problem with breasts but upper chest to collar bone and tummy above belly button is crazy itchy. PS's office advised Benadryl and cortisone (1%) cream.

Here's the photo of Contact Dermatitis

Contact Dermatitis from adhesive on surgical drape. ITCHY!! Taking Benadryl and apply cortisone (1%) cream.

15 Days Post Surgery and Feeling Grea

I'm 15 days post surgery. Contact dermatitis went away in a couple of days, thank goodness. PS office tells me I am healing well. Left breast a little more swollen, but in general swelling has gone done a lot. I am told the redness on left breast will subside. No pain or discomfort in either breast. Left breast also still a little numb. Everything going well.

Visually, I am a b cup, not a d cup.

Just a note: Despite my photo captions, visually, I am a b cup, not a d cup. This is more in line with my pre implant size "a" cup and reality. I'm very happy and I think my breasts look pretty good at this stage, but I'm looking at them right now and there is no way I am currently a d cup, which is the bra size I purchased yesterday (and I love the fit). Again, my breasts are looking and feeling nice (they look much larger in photos). but visually, from what I see in person, they are a medium b (which is fantastic!) so far for those of you familiar with traditional bra sizing. Just wanted to let you know.

I Think They are Starting to Settle.

One month post op and I am so very happy. I think most people think I've lost weight ... and I look like I have. Still have some purple surgery markings and glue residual around nipples because, for a long time (still now), did not want to touch them much around the incision marks. I am so happy I went forward with the surgery. They are so soft and settling nicely. There is some redness ... the bright red area is where the last scab came off today. Thanks to all checking in with me!!
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